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Turning pages.

April 18, 2019

Haven’t been so many people racing to read hundreds of pages in DC since the last Harry Potter book came out.

Nothing is certain but death, taxes, and the fact that the Warriors probably were not going to blow two 30 point leads in two games.

Since SF Giants STILL can’t score in first inning, I have idea: When on road in NL park, “start” Madbum and hit him 3rd in first. Then remove him in bottom of inning for real starting pitcher. Giants need his bat.


When Trump fills out his golf scorecard at Mar-A-Lago is his rational that the numbers are not “founded on anything?

TC,  on Trump announcing he would award his buddy Tiger Woods with The Medal of Freedom for his comeback to win the Masters: “Tiger said he would reciprocate by giving Trump an autographed copy of the Nine Commandments.”

Who’d a thunk we’d miss Jeff Sessions?

Well, at the very least, millions of Americans now know what the word “redacted” means.

But seriously, and all this damning information comes from the REDACTED report?

AJC is reporting hours-long customs waits at Atlanta airport because some Customs and Border Patrol agents have been reassigned to “”temporary assignments to the southwest border.”
Maybe Trump doesn’t care because his biggest supporters fly private planes?

So how long until Trump pledges money to rebuild Notre Dame long as they put his name somewhere on the building?

Let’s be real,  Barr would describe Wizard of Oz story as “an immigrant woman who flew in illegally, fatally crushed a woman and then put together a gang to kill her sister too.”

Wow. From Rolling Stone – “An appendix reveals that there are still likely other shoes to drop: Mueller’s team has referred out 14 potential crimes for investigation; only two of them are public, while 12 appear in completely redacted form at the very end of the report.”

Counting those who have helped type & redact it, the number of people who have seen full Mueller report is definitely getting up there. It’s going to leak like a guy who’s had lousy prostrate surgery.

Finally, if you’re tired of politics and like sports, food, and or wine, this is worth a few minute read.