When they were good they were very very good….

Give the Warriors credit,  after blowing a 31 point lead to the Clippers last night, they may have one of the highest-rated NBA playoff first round games ever tomorrow, as NBA fans tune in to see which Golden State team shows up.


Prosecutors say they are obligated under Florida law to release video of  Robert Kraft at Orchids of Asia Day Spa. Mean bitch karma took her time, but how perfect that Patriots finally are on other side of being unknowingly videotaped.

The woman reportedly “obsessed with Columbine” who triggered a manhunt which closed schools in Colorado, has been found dead.  Finally someone who finally did a murder-suicide in the right order.


Trump said in an interview he’ll go to a Redskins game this year.  And adds this about owner Dan Snyder: “And actually the owner is – he’s really a good guy. He’s been a supporter and he’s done a very good job. You have a good team.”

“A very good job… a good team”  Anyone still not believe Donald Trump has dementia?


Since he praised Dan Snyder as a great owner of Washington Redskins now waiting for Donald Trump to praise the  Nationals bullpen.


Facebook said that it “unintentionally uploaded” email contacts of 1.5 million new Facebook users since May 2016. And they wonder why I keep refusing to add my “phone number to improve your security.”

Trump basically now plans to restrict on non-family travel to Cuba.” Okay folks, this  means no more weekend cruises to Havana, along with no more rum and cigars. Even MAGAers may turn on Donald for this one.

Adam Schiff wants to prosecute “Individual #1.” Let’s make it a family affair, can we prosecute Ivanka and Jared too?

Now it’s Donald ranting- “How many times do they need to release different versions of this report?”
Uh, once, just release the full report already.

Got an idea. Instead of covering the Barr cover up, why don’t networks try to interview Robert Mueller tomorrow morning?

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