Playing the game.

One way not to make referees the story of Buck Celtics series – have no game closer than 20 points.

And who knew the more civil Rockets-Warriors game of the two so far would be the game where Curry dislocated his finger, and Harden got his eye lacerated by Draymond Green?

And no ejections tonight,  but  NBA “officials have ejected 12 players from games this postseason, equaling a record set in 1994 and 2003.” And it’s only the 2nd round. When is the league going to start selling referee jerseys?

Donald Trump hosted NASCAR champion Joey Logano at the White House today. Just guessing he didn’t serve Joey cold hamburgers.

Meanwhile, the women’s basketball National Champions Baylor Lady Bears also visited the White House, and DID get served cold fast food, burgers and fries and pizza..  Apparently she laughingly responded “Okay, Donnie. Coooool.”

The Lady Bears were the first women’s team to visit the White House. Guessing they may also be the last.

Not sure about my bucket list, but Caracas, Venezuela, which was a great cruise shore excursion over a decade ago, probably tops my list of “Places I Have Been Where I Have No Interest Now in Going Back.”

On June 3, SFO just announced they will relocate ALL domestic terminal pickups for Uber, Lyft, and Wingz to top level of the domestic hourly parking garage.
And no doubt this change will go as smoothly as everything does these days in terms of flying.

So as first guilty pleas come in for College Admissions Scandal have to wonder, how much did their parents pay to get Jared, Ivanka, Don Jr. and Eric into college?

Another horrible thing about latest campus shooting at UNCC, we all know it will be crickets from Donald Trump unless it turns out killer is an immigrant.

Your reminder that on top of everything else,  Senator Susan Collins voted to confirm Attorney General Barr.

Look, I’ll . But there’s still something a little sad that with 20 interesting and diverse Democratic candidates running in 2020, poll leaders are white men who are almost 80.

Also, anyone who doesn’t already think Trump should rot in hell for his “executing babies” lie, should take a few minutes to read this.  Seriously.

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4 Comments on “Playing the game.”

  1. Lisa hogeland Says:

    The Rich Hill piece was beautiful, but you might warn your readers that it’s a four-Kleenex event. And DJT is a monster, but we knew that.

  2. Donald Sherman Says:

    What about the forgotten Trump?

    Tiffany Ariana Trump is an American socialite, Georgetown Law student in Washington, D.C. and the daughter of President Donald Trump and Marla Maples, his second wife

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