Silent whistles?

Two NBA playoff games tonight and in neither was officiating the headline.  No worries though for those who tune in to watch ref – the Warriors Rockets tip off again tomorrow.


NBA fined Chris Paul $35,000 for “aggressively confronting and recklessly making contact with a game official” in Rockets Warriors game 1, but did not suspend him. Well, di$cipline i$ one thing, rating$ are another.


The Raptors got FIVE points from non-starters tonight in a 94-89 loss to the 76ers.    Maybe it would have helped more to have should have sold spaces on their bench to noisy fans.

As everyone “grades” the 2019 NFL draft, your reminder that only was Tom Brady famously a 6th round pick, but also Joe Montana drafted in 3rd round and Drew Brees  in the 2nd.

On Monday Chase sent out (and deleted) a tweet with “hypothetical conversation between a bank customer and the bank. The customer asks, “Why is my balance so low?” and the bank account replies: “Make coffee at home … eat the food that’s already in the fridge … you don’t need a cab, it’s only three blocks.”
What’s Tuesday, the banking company will suggest how customers eat cake?

Donald Trump, along with Don Jr, Eric and Ivanka  filed a federal lawsuit on Monday against Deutsche Bank and Capital One in hopes to keep the banks from responding to congressional subpoenas.

Right, the most “transparent” President and Presidential family ever.

Former US-North Korea envoy said he signed agreement to pay $2 million for Otto Warmbier and believed Trump had approved the deal. Will Donald’s defense be that everyone knows he doesn’t pay his bills?

Rod Rosenstein in his resignation letter thanked Trump “for the courtesy and humor you often display in our personal conversations.”   So for his next gig is Rosenstein  auditioning his deadpan style  for Saturday Night Live?

The wannabe domestic terrorist apprehended in Los Angeles is an American Army veteran who appears to have hated a whole lot of people. But seriously, isn’t Americans hating a whole lot of other people Trump’s main goal?


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