The Giants score a run

The Giants score a run. In the first inning. After 25 games.

But they did it after 2 first inning runs by the Yankees. So the streak of never having a first inning LEAD continues.


So which are more likely to be completely wrong?
Opinions in April 2019 on who will be will be Democratic Presidential Candidate in 2020?
Or opinions in April 2019 on which teams in 2019 “won” the NFL draft?

Well, maybe it’s not as head-scratching as electing Trump – but the team with the most NBA merchandise sold this year was… the Lakers?!

Meanwhile, Warriors finally prevailed over Clippers in six.    This year’s fans  are happy. Have to wonder, would next year’s season ticket holders at Chase be upset that they didn’t get a chance to see, or re-sell, game seven?


So NBA playoff first round game 6 between Warriors and Clippers, and Saturday’s game  game 7 between Spurs and Nuggets both scheduled to  tip off at 10pm EASTERN time. Even MLB is going “Wow, way to think of the young fans.”

Winter storm “Xyler?” Uh, it’s almost May. And winter storms aren’t supposed to get so close to running out of alphabet names.

Trump today praised Robert E. Lee as a great general. How long until he praises one of George Washington’s once favorite generals, Benedict Arnold?

So which of Trump’s generals would like to come forward and say yes, he DID tell Donald that Robert E. Lee was his favorite general?

Seriously does anyone think Trump ever read a single book on Civil War History?


If you didn’t already know Fox News was pure evil this headline – “Driver who injured 8 in California crash targeted victims based on race, religion, cops say.”
The bearded dark-haired suspect pictured in the story is a Christian American reportedly on his way to Bible Study who told police who went after people he thought were Muslim.

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