The tiniest violins?

Warriors fans feeling embarrassed that their team has been forced by Clippers into a playoff game 6. Fans of Calgary Flames, Tampa Bay Lightning and Washington Capitals are saying “Hold our tear-filled beer.”


Let’s be real, as much hype as there is on NFL Draft, while sometimes early picks turn out to be a really big deal, other times there’s as much correlation between promise & delivery as there is with Presidential debates.

RIP John Havlicek, 79. Not that I grew up a Celtics fan, preferred Wilt Chamberlain as a kid, but I never thought of John Havlicek as old.


NFL admits an incorrect call against Saints, NHL now  apparently apologized an saidr penalty call against Golden Knights was wrong. Can’t wait to see how refs are going to change the NBA playoffs.

Reports now that Magic Johnson quit the Lakers after he was accidentally copied into an email chain where co-owner Jeannie Buss and GM Rob Pelinka were criticizing him.  Once again, two of the most dangerous words in the English language “reply all.


QB Dwayne Haskins, after he dropped to 15th in NFL Draft before Washington nabbed him -“the league done messed up.”
Well, if he wants to see really “messed up,” the Redskins should be a perfect fit.

Am I the only person with no interest in anything Avengers not involving Diana Rigg as Emma Peel?

Many Democrats don’t think Joe Biden can win because of his “handsy” history with women and his penchant for verbal gaffes. Right, how could a man like that ever be elected President?


WSJ reporting Interior Secretary David Bernhardt says Trump’s proposal to vastly expand offshore oil and gas drilling has been sidelined indefinitely after a recent court decision that blocks Arctic drilling.
Can’t wait for Trump to attack judge as a crazy blue-state liberal. And even more can’t wait for a reaction from the judge’s Senator- Lisa Murkowski.  (Alaska)

Lara Trump on Fox said “Merkel’s decision to allow refugees into the country… was one of the worst things that ever happened to Germany.” Gosh, and who could think of anything else that might be worse?

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