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Win or go home.

April 22, 2019

Each to their own, but I’ll take a random game seven in a sport I don’t care that much about, between two teams I don’t care much about, over any episode of Game of Thrones.

Bryce Harper was ejected tonight – 12th time in his career. He now trails only Matt Kemp among active players, who has 14 , but 6 more years in MLB. Well, that’s one record Bryce should have no problem breaking. .

Russell Westbrook causing some NBA playoff controversy by refusing to answer post-game questions from one particular reporter, Berry Tramel.
Well, at least the way Thunder are playing this problem should be over soon.


We’ll learn a lot more in weeks and months ahead. But somehow it’s easier to take when celebrities accused of sexual assaults have public persona of a**holes. As opposed to Luke Walton.

Duke University has now landed Cassius Stanley, giving them 4 of top 30 men’s basketball prospects. Expect someday that these young men will look back at their time in Durham as some of the best months of their lives.

Trump claims “Nobody disobeys my orders.” So he’s saying many of his staff perjured themselves with Robert Mueller?

Herman Cain has withdrawn his name from consideration for the Federal Reserve Board. So what was the tipping point? His ex-mistress claiming to have a very accurate memory of “details?
Or that at least FOUR GOP Senators actually said they would oppose him?

How long until Trump nominates Ivanka for Federal Reserve Board?


Trump’s remaining Federal Reserve Board pick, Stephen Moore, wrote in 2002 “”Here’s the rule change I propose: No more women refs, no women announcers, no women beer vendors, no women anything.” He seems nice.


As stories emerge of terrorism warnings being ignored in Sri Lanka because a dysfunctional government wasn’t communicating between departments, it’s sure comforting to know what a “well-oiled” machine Trump is running….

Happy Earth Day. Waiting for the GOP rebuttal.

(Although to be fair, at least Trump did spend the day recycling lies.)


Bye bye Easter baby?

April 21, 2019


An at least temporary Easter miracle of resurrection has occurred – Buster Posey’s power stroke.

On other hand, at this point maybe opposing teams might just use a position player on the mound in 1st inning against SF. Save wear and tear on their pitching staff. With the streak at 23 games and counting,  not like Giants will score anyway.

Both Leafs and Bruins along with Sharks and Golden Knights are going to in their NHL first round matchups. Must admit, game 7s are a lot more fun to watch if you don’t care strongly who wins.


Francisco Liriano pitching for Pittsburgh Pirates in 2019 is like a cruel joke reminding SF Giants fans that the 2003 trade for AJ Pierzynski will NEVER die.


Not talking about any ONE play, but when an NBA referee, Scott Foster, is as well known to fans as many players, there just might be a problem.

Guess probably no one should have bet against a Colorado team on 4/20 #Spurs

Tight end Benjamin Watson, who said he would retire after 2018 with Saints, now is considering returning to NFL for 16th season. “The first time is the hardest” said Brett Favre.


NBA today said Nets center Jarrett Allen was fouled in final seconds of Game 4 down 2 points against 76ers. After the missed call Allen turned the ball over and Brooklyn lost 112-108 to go down 3-1 in series.
Guessing this will console Nets fans as much as NFL’s admitted mistake will console Saints fans.

Seriously the bombings in Sri Lanka are awful and sad. But have to assume Trump would be more concerned if he could figure a way to tie the terrorist act to a need for his beloved wall. (And find the country on a map.)


Comedian Volodymyr Zelensky has won Ukraine’s Presidential election. His only political experience is playing country’s president on a TV show. Paging Martin Sheen!  (Or Julia-Louise Dreyfus.)

People got annoyed when Obama went to Hawaii or Martha’s Vineyard…. and he wasn’t even profiting off the trips, let alone calling the houses he rented the “Western” or “Eastern” White House.

So will Trump family tell their youngest children there will be no eggs or chocolate on Easter morning – because Eric and Don Jr. shot all the bunnies their dad didn’t sleep with?

This doesn’t sound like it goes with his earlier tweet. “Happy Easter! I have never been happier or more content..”

“Can you believe that I had to go through the worst and most corrupt political Witch Hunt in the history of the United States (No Collusion) when it was the “other side” that illegally created the diversionary & criminal event and even spied on my campaign? Disgraceful!”


April 19, 2019

ESPN headline “Justin Verlander wants to be the Tom Brady of Baseball.” Well, he already has the long Hall-of-Fame career and the super model wife. Would be unfortunate if Justin decides he wants to be known as a cheating jerk too.

Anyone know what the record is for the most consecutive games to open the season without scoring a single run in the first inning? Asking for a team in orange and black.

(21 and counting.)


Miami Dolphins QB, Ryan Fitzpatrick claims he gained weight in offseason due to 6 kids having birthdays in January and March ,  and thus too many friends and family birthday cakes.  Guess Fitzpatrick is NEVER signing with Saints and moving to New Orleans.   #KingCake

At least top NHL seed Calgary wasn’t quite as embarrassed as Tampa Bay Lightning and lasted 5 games before they Flamed out in the first round.

Remember when Obama used to get attacked for going to nice restaurants? Trump doesn’t do that… he wouldn’t dream of spending money on an expensive meal in a place he doesn’t own.

Assume William Barr would have stated there was actually no proof the iceberg really obstructed the Titanic.

So didn’t Christian Americans all want to celebrate Good Friday having thrice-married POTUS rant about bullshit and “circle jerks”  and play golf with four-times married, former illegal-opioid user Rush Limbaugh, , all paid for by our taxpayer dollars.

But yes, Donald Trump tweeted TWELVE times today, mostly rants and retweets and never mentioned Good Friday. Yeah, I can understand how the “Christian Right” loves him so much….

At this point at least I suppose we should be grateful that Donald Trump’s Good Friday tweet storm didn’t include accusations that his opponents are trying to crucify him.

Romney is “sickened and disgusted,” Collins says Mueller report is “an unflattering portrayal” of Trump.
Mitt and Susan together would be a great scientific study on how humans can learn to live without a spine.

Sarah Sanders said her blatant lie about FBI agents thanking Trump for firing Comey  was just a “slip of the tongue”  and because she’s not a “robot” like Democrats.

Wonder how that explanation would work with for average Americans with courts or even the IRS?

Turning pages.

April 18, 2019

Haven’t been so many people racing to read hundreds of pages in DC since the last Harry Potter book came out.

Nothing is certain but death, taxes, and the fact that the Warriors probably were not going to blow two 30 point leads in two games.

Since SF Giants STILL can’t score in first inning, I have idea: When on road in NL park, “start” Madbum and hit him 3rd in first. Then remove him in bottom of inning for real starting pitcher. Giants need his bat.


When Trump fills out his golf scorecard at Mar-A-Lago is his rational that the numbers are not “founded on anything?

TC,  on Trump announcing he would award his buddy Tiger Woods with The Medal of Freedom for his comeback to win the Masters: “Tiger said he would reciprocate by giving Trump an autographed copy of the Nine Commandments.”

Who’d a thunk we’d miss Jeff Sessions?

Well, at the very least, millions of Americans now know what the word “redacted” means.

But seriously, and all this damning information comes from the REDACTED report?

AJC is reporting hours-long customs waits at Atlanta airport because some Customs and Border Patrol agents have been reassigned to “”temporary assignments to the southwest border.”
Maybe Trump doesn’t care because his biggest supporters fly private planes?

So how long until Trump pledges money to rebuild Notre Dame long as they put his name somewhere on the building?

Let’s be real,  Barr would describe Wizard of Oz story as “an immigrant woman who flew in illegally, fatally crushed a woman and then put together a gang to kill her sister too.”

Wow. From Rolling Stone – “An appendix reveals that there are still likely other shoes to drop: Mueller’s team has referred out 14 potential crimes for investigation; only two of them are public, while 12 appear in completely redacted form at the very end of the report.”

Counting those who have helped type & redact it, the number of people who have seen full Mueller report is definitely getting up there. It’s going to leak like a guy who’s had lousy prostrate surgery.

Finally, if you’re tired of politics and like sports, food, and or wine, this is worth a few minute read.

When they were good they were very very good….

April 17, 2019

Give the Warriors credit,  after blowing a 31 point lead to the Clippers last night, they may have one of the highest-rated NBA playoff first round games ever tomorrow, as NBA fans tune in to see which Golden State team shows up.


Prosecutors say they are obligated under Florida law to release video of  Robert Kraft at Orchids of Asia Day Spa. Mean bitch karma took her time, but how perfect that Patriots finally are on other side of being unknowingly videotaped.

The woman reportedly “obsessed with Columbine” who triggered a manhunt which closed schools in Colorado, has been found dead.  Finally someone who finally did a murder-suicide in the right order.


Trump said in an interview he’ll go to a Redskins game this year.  And adds this about owner Dan Snyder: “And actually the owner is – he’s really a good guy. He’s been a supporter and he’s done a very good job. You have a good team.”

“A very good job… a good team”  Anyone still not believe Donald Trump has dementia?


Since he praised Dan Snyder as a great owner of Washington Redskins now waiting for Donald Trump to praise the  Nationals bullpen.


Facebook said that it “unintentionally uploaded” email contacts of 1.5 million new Facebook users since May 2016. And they wonder why I keep refusing to add my “phone number to improve your security.”

Trump basically now plans to restrict on non-family travel to Cuba.” Okay folks, this  means no more weekend cruises to Havana, along with no more rum and cigars. Even MAGAers may turn on Donald for this one.

Adam Schiff wants to prosecute “Individual #1.” Let’s make it a family affair, can we prosecute Ivanka and Jared too?

Now it’s Donald ranting- “How many times do they need to release different versions of this report?”
Uh, once, just release the full report already.

Got an idea. Instead of covering the Barr cover up, why don’t networks try to interview Robert Mueller tomorrow morning?

By the number?

April 16, 2019

SF Giants hitters actually appeared to know what they were doing wearing #42. Are we sure they can’t honor Jackie Robinson for a whole month?

As embarrassed as San Jose Sharks may be if they exit in the first round against Vegas Golden Knights, at least they won’t be able to hold Tampa Bay Lightning’s beer.

Words no one would have expected a couple weeks ago  – after the Tampa Bay Lightning’s historic 62-16 season.  Well, at least sports fans in Tampa can console themselves with the Rays….


So are Red Sox trying to set a record this year for the worst World Series hangover of all time?

Roy Moore is now leading in polls for GOP Senate nomination in Alabama to run against Doug Jones.  What is state trying to do, make Florida look good?



So maybe solution to get Donald Trump to pay attention to Flint is to tell him an illegal immigrant attacked their water supply?

As people get apoplectic about Democratic Presidential front runners, may I respectfully point out it’s pretty hard to use past history in predicting what will happen after we elected a reality show host who didn’t even enter race until 2015.

Your reminder that if Mueller Report really exonerated Donald Trump he’d have already tweeted it out 280 characters at a time.


Re Trump statement on Notre Dame fire that U.S. will offer “assistance in the rehabilitation of this irreplaceable symbol of Western civilization.” Some assume that means $$$.. Thinking it means after his great firefighting advice Donald will also tell them how to rebuild the cathedral.

Understand that we haven’t all been to Paris. But for those who have, don’t we all have a Notre Dame story, or more than one? Here’s my first:
My husband and I, in our 20s, were in Paris, for the first time, using Pan Am points. It was June, our last dinner was at Left Bank bistro, Allard, recommended by a client. We ended up chatting with a single woman sitting next to us, and then, at her suggestion, having an “overpriced Kir” for a nightcap together by the Seine for her favorite view.
Do I remember what we talked about, no? Do I remember sitting outside for over an hour, and having a second kir, and that illuminated Notre Dame view being pure magic, yes. We all actually kept in touch for years by Christmas cards and letter.

Guessing Notre Dame figures in a lot of stories.

Nous Sommes Tous Parisiens

April 15, 2019


(Easter, 2015.)

That moment that France has to take time out of a horrible day to remind the rest of the world that the President of the United States is a malicious idiot – “As French officials have said, water bombing might have collapsed the entire structure and was simply not an option.”



So leaving aside the nuclear codes guess someone needs to make sure if a major historical building in US burns that Trump is not allowed to give executive orders to firefighters.

As if Notre Dame Fire wasn’t depressing enough, now we’ve got conservative conspiracy theorists assuming it HAD to be deliberate, and Fox News headline using quotation marks “Notre Dame blaze being investigated as ‘accident.'”

That moment you read a Trump tweet and think it HAS to be “The Onion” – “if I were Boeing, I would FIX the Boeing 737 MAX, add some additional great features, & REBRAND the plane with a new name.”
(What, like that very successful Trump Shuttle?”)

Look, Tiger Woods is one of the greatest athletes of our time.  And he’s been great for golf as a sport.  But a Presidential Medal of Freedom? Is Trump awarding it to him for his Masters’ win, or for being a fellow example of success and applause after repeatedly cheating on his wife?

Some Orthodox Jewish families in Brooklyn are suing New York City over being ordered to vaccinate their children for measles.
When their kids DO get sick, trust these families will also honor their religious beliefs by staying home and not going to doctors.


Wall Street Journal awarded Pulitzer for coverage of Michael Cohen’s hush-money payments to Stormy Daniels, NYTimes won reporting award for investigation into Trump’s tax claims. Maybe that’s why Trump is so cranky today.


Well, not only did most of the country go to sleep in second half of Warriors-Clippers game, so apparently did the Warriors.

Any other day the news would be calling that game a Golden State dumpster fire.