No no no tonight.

Trevor Bauer said it was the right call after manager Terry Francona pulled him with a no-hitter after seven innings and 117 pitches.  (The Indians won 4-1 but the Blue Jays broke up the no-hitter in the 9th.)

Now Bauer’s health for the rest of the season and he was probably right. But I miss baseball before there were pitch counts.

So how many Ron Kulpa jerseys has MLB sold?

(if this is too inside baseball google Kulpa for plenty of storys. But suffice it to say  Ron is a major league, “all-about-me”  a**hole

North Carolina women’s basketball coach Sylvia Hatchell , now on paid leave, allegedly made racially offensive remarks — including telling her players if they didn’t get better they would get “hanged from trees with nooses” if they didn’t improve.
Wonder how many Trump supporters are thinking “So what’s the problem?”


Homeland Security Staffers Were Warned Not To Leak Information Or Face Legal Consequences.

And someone leaked the memo. Not all heroes wear capes.

“Gosh, this crowded 2020 Presidential field really needed Tim Ryan” said no one ever.

Since according to Trump the Mueller report completely exonerated him at least it will be simple to prove that by releasing it….

GOP said today that efforts by Dems to obtain Trump’s tax returns set a “dangerous standard” Uh, let’s make this simple – all Presidential candidates release their tax returns. Problem solved.


Ecuador about to expel Julian Assange. How long until Trump demands Assange get a US security clearance?

At this point Donald Trump is doing so much delusional attacking of windmills maybe he should change his last name to Quixote.

Trump now says he will delay closing Mexico border for a year. I guess someone told him about avocados and tequila.

Trump now reportedly naming Herman Cain to the Federal Reserve Board. Nein, nein nein!

Today is the anniversary of assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.  . Can only imagine if Trump were President and the horror that would then have surrounded MLK’s funeral.

Inspired by a “Comedywire challenge – “if AG Barr summarized a movie”

My best thought  – “Newly arrived immigrant girl fatally crushes defenseless woman then leads refugee gang to murder that woman’s sister in her own home”.

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