Oops they did it again.

First it was the game to get to the Super Bowl, now it was the game to get to March Madness finals. Just what sports wants, everyone talking next morning about the refs.

That moment as an advertiser when you’ve paid the really big bucks for spots on NCAA men’s basketball final and it’s Texas Tech vs Virginia.

Over-under for tomorrow’s Texas Tech-Virginia NCAA men’s final currently at 118. So if you liked this year’s high-scoring Super Bowl….

So congrats to all those who had “April 7” in the Yasiel Puig first ejection of 2017 pool.

Once again, can someone tell SF Giants that it is NOT necessary to let the other team score first every game.


Another in the “you cannot make this “stuff” up” category.  A police officer in Detroit blew a 0.8 BAC at a class recently.  The class teaching cops to administer Breathalyzer tests.

As so many are hyperventilating over Democrats picking a candidate NOW your reminder that Bill Clinton announced his candidacy in October 1991.

A Coast Guard Cutter unloaded 14,300 pounds of cocaine yesterday in San Diego. The drugs were seized in six different drug busts since February off the coasts of Mexico, Central and South America. Build that sea wall?

I’m admittedly not a Bernie Sanders fan, but this was well-played the other day in Iowa “Do I want to come to a state where 35% of your electricity comes from wind turbines? Where all over the state you got wind turbines? My staff and I, people are going to come down with cancer after a few days in Iowa. But we are brave souls.”

Last night SNL really went after Joe Biden. And this morning Biden didn’t explode or threaten on Twitter. Would Trump now attack Joe for not being Presidential?

Trump is rejecting idea of summit with Guatemela, El Salvador, Mexico and Honduras. Right, summits are saved for real American friends like North Korea and Russia.

So Kirstjen Nielsen made the cages too comfortable?

Give Trump credit. He has created more repeat job openings in his administration than any President.

Today’s Trump fundraising email attacks “liberal Senators, including radical Dianne Feinstein.”
This might be first time in history anyone has used the phrase “radical Dianne Feinstein”

Trump tweet rant yesterday against “fraudulent Russian Witch Hunt… How and why did this terrible event begin? Never Forget!”
Donald is an actual New Yorker and he casually tosses out the phrase “Never Forget?”
One again the question “Evil or dementia?”

This tweet did not age well from Donald Trump on May 11, 2016: “In interview I told @AP that my taxes are under routine audit and I would release my tax returns when audit is complete, not after election!”

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