No 0 for 162

Four games into the regular season and no team has a zero in the win column. How many months does that sometimes take in NFL?


Do not adjust your set. SF Giants have four runs. Tonight. In one game. #BeatLA

So are they still playing the Final Four next week now that Duke’s been eliminated?

ESPN reporting Kentucky has offered basketball coach John Calipari a lifetime contract. Does the contract get vacated the next time one of his team’s seasons gets vacated?

Nonpolitical controversial thought of the day. I like replay in sports, seems no reason not to get the call right when we can all see it at home.
But, if I were in charge, you get 60 seconds. If it isn’t obvious in 60 seconds, the call stands. It was close enough.
(And yes, the Rams-Saints call would have taken 10 seconds. #StillNotOverIt  🙂 )


Kamala Harris has raised $12 million,  Pete Buttigieg has raised $7 million.  And media is of course most excited about Pete.  But there’s no gender bias in politics.


$7 million isn’t bad. But why are any women shocked men are acting like Buttigieg’s $7 million is more than it is.
Millions, inches…. what’s the difference?

Meanwhile Florida Senaor Rick Scott looks to be Trump’s point man in the Senate on Healthcare reform.  Right, the same Rick Scott who made his money to enter politics as head of Columbia-HCA.   The company that paid $1.7 BILLION in fines for felony Medicare fraud during his tenure. No joke. It would be funny if peoples’ lives weren’t at stake.


Fox News is taking time from their usual State-TV pro-Trump message for banner headlines like “Another Biden accuser comes forward.”

Imagine if the same woman ever accused both a Democrat and Donald Trump of sexual harassment. Fox News heads would explode trying to spin it.


Senate couldn’t get bill passed for disaster relief because GOP wouldn’t include $600 million for Puerto Rico. Well, come on, that’s probably a year’s worth of Trump golf outings.

If Mueller REALLY exonerated Trump, Donald would have been tweeting the report out line by line since it was filed.

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