Outta here

If Bumgarner does resign with SF Giants guessing he’ll have a partial no-trade clause. As in no trades to the American League.

SF Giants, down 6-2 going to 9th, staged comeback that left them just one run short in 6-5 loss to Dodgers. But Giants  still have one more win than World Champion Red Sox. And Boston is still paying Pablo Sandoval’s salary. Just saying.

Welcome Kevin Pillar, 30 to SF.  Until this am  Pillar was the longest active tenured Blue Jay. Wonder how he feels about sea gulls?

NBA Wizards just fired team president Ernie Grunfeld. So it IS possible to fire a President in Washington.

Dodger fan is on life-support after an altercation in parking lot last weekend, and family lawyer is critical of the team’s security. Well, and who would have thought there was a problem. Seriously.

White House spokesman Hogan Gidley today twice referred to Puerto Rico as “that country.” Waiting for Fox News to tell us it’s THREE countries.

If Trump DOES close Southern Border this week, what happens to all the kids down there on Spring Break?

Trump today again falsely claimed his father Fred, who was born in New York, was born in Germany. We’re going to need to start a new game “Lie – or Dementia?”

Trump tonight in speech : “If you have a windmill anywhere near your house, congratulations, your house just went down 75% in value. And they say the noise causes cancer.”

Who knew? Add “The Netherlands” to the list on Trump insult bingo

So how long until Trump declares National Emergency to build a wall to keep wind out?


US Secret Service arrested and charged a Chinese  woman citizen with making false statements to law enforcement and entering Mar-A-Lago with a thumb drive containing malicious software.

Scary, but I’m more scared about  Mar-A-Lago visitors the Secret Service DIDN’T catch.


Anyone but me sometimes wonder if Donald Trump is really just tired of being President and is trying to provoke a face-saving way out?

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