Belated madness.

While all #1 seeds made it to Sweet Sixteen, the only #1 seed left in NCAA’s men’s basketball tournament is Virginia, the #1 seed who was the first two be bounced by a #16 seed last year. Just like we all predicted.

Blue Devil players look devastated after loss to MSU today. Well, and to be fair, playing at Duke probably has been some of best months of their lives.

Chicago Cubs bullpen has an ERA over 10.00 in first three games. SF Giants have scored five runs in four games. Almost a shame Cubs don’t play Giants soon… in the “something”s gotta give” category.

At least we DO know SF Giants are not going to go 0-162.

Andrew Luck married his longtime girlfriend this weekend in Prague. Congratulations to both of them. But as a mom can I hope he trimmed his beard for the ceremony and pictures?

Not that I can program it but thinking a million-dollar app might be one that on the last calendar day of ANY quarter automatically blocks all political fundraising emails.

Rolling Stones have postponed US tour due to health problems involving Mick Jagger. What, doctors are afraid his fans might break something jumping up and down at this point?

As a travel agent can’t wait for Monday now when clients ask me which is my favorite Mexican country?

Trump says closing the border is “going to be a profit-making operation.”. Right. Like Mexico was going to pay for the wall.


But who was going to pay?  North Mexico? South Mexico? East Mexico or West Mexico?   This is SO confusing.

Kellyanne Conway on Fox News this am, trashing Joe Biden, “I think (he) has a big problem here because he calls it affection and handshakes, his party calls it completely inappropriate…”
Some statements don’t even need a punchline.


Is Joe Biden my 1st choice for 2020? No. Am I against sexual harassment?. Yes. Do I believe Biden has cheated on either his of his wives or ever deliberately sexually harassed anyone. Also no.

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