Too late?

Texas Tech Virginia men’s national championship game tipped off tonight at 920p  Eastern Time.

So all those young kids who dream of someday playing college basketball might have been able to stay up for national anthem?


So a call that Stevie Wonder could have seen doesn’t get reversed and decides who goes to Super Bowl.
And a call that isn’t even crystal clear on replay plays a major part in deciding who cuts down nets in Minneapolis.
What’s coming in NBA Playoffs?

Don’t follow the Utah Jazz. But I just became a Kyle Korver fan.  Worth a few minutes to read. Seriously.

In 23 ABs, Connor Joe and Michael Reed had 1 hit between them for SF Giants.  So will the team still try to sell their “game-used” jerseys?

As measles cases in US continue to rise, this would be a good time for a Democratic Presidential candidate to come out strongly pro-vaccine. Because we could be heading for a REAL national emergency.

Trump just fired Secret Service chief Randolph “Tex” Alles. So what did Tex see that he shouldn’t have seen?

So how many asylum-seekers including children would have had to die under Kirstjen Nielsen’s watch for Trump to be happy with her job performance?

Kind of ironic that man who is seldom seen with his own family considers family separation the worst thing he can do to potential immigrants.

Seriously if Kirstjen Nielsen she wasn’t evil enough at what point does Trump run out of people willing to work for him? #HowLowCanYouGo

Years ago, in Las Vegas, a friend and I wanted to be silly for a couple hours in afternoon and play nickel slots. Since another friend preferred sun time, we managed, with some effort, to sneak her into the Paris Las Vegas pool
Apparently the Chinese spy got access to Mar-A-Lago by saying she was there to use THEIR pool.
You would think Trump staff at “Winter White House” would have better security than a mid-priced Vegas resort.

Chuck Grassley, the most senior Senate Republican, now “warning” Trump about firing more DHS officials. And Chuck says he’s “concerned.” Who does Grassley think he is, Susan Collins?

There’s actually a scary but simple possible reason for Trump to decimate Homeland Security. If DHS fails to stop a major terrorist attack then Donald might plan to declare martial law afterwards – suspending all rights and laws and elections he wants.

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