Tyger, tyger

Apparently Tiger Woods’ win at the Masters was biggest loss for US sports book on a golfing event ever. On the other hand, they’ll probably make it back on all the people who’ll now bet Tiger at any odds for all tournaments until he retires.

Tiger Woods said he had to get up today at 4:00am due to the early Masters start time at 6:00am. But to be fair, isn’t wasn’t getting up at 4:00am the kind of thing 40 something men do anyway, to take care of “business?”

SF Giants lost today to Rockies, and only had one hit. But Giants had been no-today, at least Tiger Woods would have made sure it doesn’t even make the sports headlines.

How long until Donald Trump tweets that if he just had time to play golf he could have won The Masters?


Tonight the hoopla surrounding Game of Thrones is giving me some insight into my friends who have absolutely no interest in sports.

Nice commercial for the city of Denver tonight touting the city’s sunshine, views, food, cocktails, etc… They left out “and the excitement of wondering in April if your flight will be canceled due to a snowstorm.

Meanwhile, severe weather in Texas and other southern states has killed at least three people and destroyed many buildings this weekend. So how is Trump going to blame those states like he blamed California for fires.

Line of the night last night from SNL “You paid 500 grand for USC?

Meanwhile Marc Ragovin  opines “Charles Van Doren — the 1950’s quiz show genius who admitted to being given the answers in advance — has died. “Amateur,” said Lori Loughlin

Not sure Pete Buttigieg is ready to be President. But the man can speak. “They cared about whether my M-4 was locked and loaded, not whether I was going home to a girlfriend or a boyfriend.”


Maybe it’s just me but do wonder if food police have gone too far when you see “Gluten-free” on a plain chocolate bar.

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