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Devils and their due.

November 30, 2022

USC is fourth in CPB rankings

Ohio State is fifth.

The devil’s bargain for many college football fans, especially in the Pac 12 and Big 10.

Rooting for one of these teams to keep a two-loss SEC team out of the 4th spot.

Mavericks 116 – Warriors 113. Golden State now 2-10 away from Chase Center this season. Have no idea what the team song is but it sure isn’t “King of the Road.”

Colorado Senator Michael Bennet. “In a study of 29 industrialized countries the USA accounted for 97% of firearm deaths of children 4 years and younger… Almost 100%… what a disgrace.” If you’re not outraged you’re not paying attention.

The My Pillow Guy is running for GOP chairman. And somewhere in SNL writers room someone is throwing their laptop against the wall saying “I give up.”

Senators like Mike Lee act like recognizing gay marriage is a threat to religious freedom. They never say a word about recognizing heterosexual marriages where one or both of the couple had a previous marriage ending in divorce.

61-36 vote on the Marriage Equality act which “provides statutory authority for same-sex & interracial marriages.” Mitch McConnell voted no. The previously divorced GOP Senate leader is in an interracial marriage with Elaine Chao. Hypocrisy thy name is Republican.

On a positive note, Mormon Mitt Romney demonstrated more understanding and tolerance for same-sex marriage today than many so-called Christians.

More on Kroger Albertson’s proposed merger, which they claim they need to succeed going forward.

Yes, we’ve been in time of global inflation where many have struggled economically.

But Amy Klobuchar points out Kroger’s profits in 2020 were $2.8 billion.

In 2021, $3.5 billion.

Velveeta Voldemort says NOW he had no idea who Nick Fuentes was.

Uh, Fuentes is a well-known PERSON, who any WOMAN or MAN who has seen on CAMERA or TV, would know is a neo-Nazi, holocaust denying, anti-immigrant, white supremacist misogynist.

GOP attacked Dems nonstop on crime pre-midterms & media amplified their accusations, including flat out lies.

Now Sens. Amy Klobuchar & Ron Wyden have actual practical legislation to fight catalytic converter theft by marking converters with a traceable ID and making their theft a specific criminal offense, both things that police have said would help.

Crickets from GOP AND media


Unsticking to sports.

November 29, 2022

Tweeted if God had hand in Saturday’s Wisconsin Minnesota game (won by Gophers) maybe She/He was sending message about Wisconsin re-electing Ron Johnson.

Someone replied “leftists always politicize sports.”

Uh, Dems don’t have unqualified football star running for Senate.

Late in Saints shutout loss to SF 49ers Sunday, New Orleans, down 13-0, had 1st and goal inside the five and even announcers couldn’t believe that instead of running pays with Taysom Hill and Alvin Kamara, coach Dennis Allen tried 4 passing plays and got nothing.

Interim Colts manager Jeff Saturday – “Hold my beer.” Indianapolis had three time outs, down just 7 at Steelers 35, with less than a minute to go, and only used one of them before turning the ball over on downs.

Know you can bet on almost anything in Las Vegas. Wonder what the odds are on Muskrat in his battle vs Apple?

A Florida woman is suing Kraft-Heinz claiming that microwavable cups of mac and cheese saying they will be “ready in 3½ minutes,” is “false and misleading.”

She claims that while you can microwave the cup in 3 1/2 minutes, that doesn’t account for taking off the lid, removing the sauce pouch, adding water and stirring the sauce back in.

I miss the days when stories like this were the most insane things coming out of Florida.

Marsha Blackburn was ranting Monday on Senate floor about how Democrats pretended Americans should have been concerned about COVID-19 and just used the virus as a power grab. About 1.1 million Americans would disagree if they weren’t, like you know, dead….

If Velveeta Voldemort really didn’t know who Nick Fuentes was, then for all the GOP likes to attack President Biden over his age, maybe Donald is the one we really should be worrying about with dementia.

As Arizona Election Liar Barbie continues her public tantrum, can anyone imagine what would have happened if Hillary Clinton had refused to concede and refused to accept the results of the election?

Arkansas GOP Gov. Asa Hutchinson on Velveeta Voldemort’s lunch Sunday. “Don’t think it’s a good idea for leader setting an example for country or party to meet with (an) avowed racist or anti-Semite. And so it’s very troubling & it shouldn’t happen.” See how easy that is?

One of those “nothing good can come of this” moments.

Over and out…

November 28, 2022

My better angels know schadenfreude is bad.

My better angels make exceptions. Including when Tom Brady loses.

Is there a record for futility on number of times in the “Red Zone” without a single score? Asking for a whole lot of frustrated Saints fans.

So is it a rule that SOMEONE has to win the NFC South?

BYU Stanford game ended last night at 11:23 pm Pacific time. 2:23 am Eastern time. But for ESPN/Fox Sports scheduling this game for TV guess it was worth losing attendance and local viewers to get those late night East Coast Pac 12 fans – both of them?

Now former Stanford coach David Shaw “It was time for me to step aside, time for the next group to come in & hopefully whoever they hire next wins more games than I do. That would be awesome.” Well, 3-9 has at least set the bar low.

Are hardcore sports fan by nature more bipartisan? Could be.

Know almost no Stanford fans who like USC. And once they leave the Pac 12…

But right now with Trojans in 4th for possible College Football Playoff spot, ahead of Ohio State & some mostly SEC schools, well, “Fight on.”

Have friends & family on both sides of this Wisconsin Minnesota football rivalry. Often players & coaches will thank God for a close victory. Maybe with year’s game God was telling Wisconsin, “this is what you get for coming CLOSE to electing Mandela Barnes over Ron Johnson.”

How hard it is to say “Nazis are bad?” Apparently too hard for Kevin McCarthy. Who won’t say a word about Velveeta Voldemort meeting with Nick Fuentes. Reportedly due to rightwing Republicans who like Fuentes.

How can Kevin lead the House if he can’t even lead his own caucus?

Hoping this “severe-weather event” forecasted for much of the country this week doesn’t turn out to be too bad. But isn’t it nice having a President who will help without regard to if a state voted for him or not?

Meanwhile, public schools are closed Monday, and city says water for drinking, cooking, washing hands and faces and brushing teeth should be boiled for at least 2 minutes… A third-world country.

Nope, Houston. Has Cancun Cruz left town yet?

Hillary Clinton wins the popular vote in a national Presidential election, she concedes, and media tells her to go home and knit. Newsanchor Barbie loses Arizona gubernatorial election. she refuses to acknowledge reality and media still headlines her. Do better, media.

Joe Biden had one of most successful midterm elections in recent history. Which media paid attention to for about five minutes… and now all the stories are back to if someone will challenge him in the 2024 election. Competence isn’t clickbait.


November 25, 2022

The Thanksgiving afternoon/early evening game between NY Giants and Dallas Cowboy averaged 42 million viewers, breaking the record for a regular season NFL game.

Well, maybe after the 2022 election even non-football fans wanted to do anything but talk politics with their relatives on Thanksgiving.

Meanwhile, in the first game of the day, after an incredibly well-played game against the Buffalo Bills, some late play-calling decisions and letting Stefon Diggs get open means the Detroit Lions delivered another Thanksgiving turkey to their fans.

So now that midterms are (mostly) over, many of us who live in San Francisco area didn’t have to surreptitiously check our phones for political news during Thanksgiving dinner could instead surreptitiously check our phones for Aaron Judge news.

Airport lounge was showing replay of USA vs England tonight. At the risk of being trolled by those who truly appreciate soccer – why does anyone want to watch the replay of a 0-0 tie?

Whoever runs Texas Senator John Cornyn’s Twitter account apparently has a side hustle. Or managing Cornyn’s account is his side hustle,

This was the post “The Lord bless thee, and keep thee: The Lord make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace. Happy Thanksgiving! Heidi & Ted.”

John Cornyn’s wife is Sandy. Heidi is the wife of Ted Cancun Cruz.

Well, Southwest IS Texas’s airline “Wanna get away?”

Have to love now that whenever Ketchup is trending on social media we we all know it refers to another Velveeta Voldemort meltdown.

But with the Former Guy’s protestation that he didn’t know who white supremacist and holocaust denier Nick Fuentes was when he had dinner with him and Ye at Mar-A-Lago. ..

Uh, I was a faculty club waitress back in the day at Stanford. Secret Service needed our names, addresses and social security numbers two weeks in advance to work a dinner where the Secretary of Defense was the speaker. NFW did Velveeta Voldemort have a “surprise” guest.

Dear Media.

I don’t want to hear about what a childish sore loser is trying to do in Arizona.

I want to hear about what Governor-Elect Katie Hobbs is planning to do in Arizona.

Sincerely, Americans tired of this BS.

One of many things to be thankful for on Thanksgiving.

Having a good and decent man in the White House, where we don’t have to wake up every morning going “Oh God, what did he do now?”

Changing the pocket

November 23, 2022

Aaron Rodgers today confirmed his right thumb is broken. On a positive note, his medical costs should be covered by Medicare.

Meanwhile Bears QB Justin Fields may be unable to play Sunday due to injury, and Zach Wilson has been benched for the Jets.

So Chicago Bears vs NY Jets likely to be QB Trevor Siemian vs Mike White. Just like we all anticipated/

Thoughts on Aaron Judge..

Yes, the Yankees are a legendary team.

Yes, the Dodgers have an All-Star team

Yes, the SF Giants would be HIS team. Have to think that last one matters.

Houston Astros gave players each $516,347 playoff share. Wonder if they gave a token amount to Josh Fields. The former pitcher the Los Angeles Dodgers traded Yordan Alvarez to the Astros to get.

How do you not love newly re-elected Alaska Democrat Congresswoman Mary Peltola’s Twitter bio? – it starts out “Fish, Family, Freedom.

And Peltola is not just the first Democrat elected to Congress from Alaska in 50 years…. she kept Sarah Palin out of Washington, DC.

As many of us travel for the holidays, a good rule of thumb…. it’s not a great idea to vote for a candidate you wouldn’t trust to pet-sit your cat or dog.

Except that we won’t get regular guest appearances by Tina Fey on SNL, Mary Peltola’s win in Alaska is truly great news for America – and democracy.

DOJ wants to question Mike Pence in the January 6 investigation into Velveeta Voldemort. Well, presume Mother will agree as long as a woman prosecutor isn’t involved.

Fox News complaining this am about $40 billion cost of President Biden’s pausing student loan repayments. Funny, haven’t seen Fox complain lately about the $1.9 trillion cost of Velveeta Voldemort’s tax cuts for corporations and wealthy Americans.

Too high a cost

November 23, 2022

Just got online ad “Cardinal vs. BYU – Tickets Starting Under $10!” Stanford football team is 3-8 and the game will start after 8p on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I think they’re gonna need to pay more.

Example number 23305 or so why I’m Spurs fan.

Coach Gregg Popovich, asked on San Antonio struggles as a team. “Really tough life. Can’t pay my electric bill, players can’t pay their bills, gas is too expensive for them. …C’mon, give me a break. NBA is greatest job in the world, so if you complain, you’re an idiot

In this week’s College Football Playoff Rankings, Georgia is #1, Ohio State #2, Michigan #3 and TCU #4

Two loss LSU is #5. One loss USC is #6. Two loss Alabama is #7.

So when LSU probably loses to Georgia in the SEC Championship and one of Michigan and Ohio State loses to the other, what’s going to be the CFP committee’s rationale to move Alabama up to #4.

I’m so old I remember “I don’t mind releasing my tax return.. I’m under a routine audit, and it’ll be released.” Presidential Candidate Velveeta Voldemort.

Has Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin offered useless thoughts and meaningless prayers for tonight’s mass shooting in Chesapeake yet?

California Rep. GOP David Valadao won re-election. While he’s anti-choice, Valadao is one of few House Republican semi-moderates . He is pro-immigration reform & voted to impeach Velveeta Voldemort in 2021,

Now, I’d have greatly preferred Democrat Rudy Salas. But Valadao is one of the cats McCarthy will have to herd.

At time of writing, out of over 2.5 million votes cast in Arizona for Attorney General. 1,524,612 to 1,524,102, Democrat Kris Mayes leads Republican Abraham Hamadeh, 1,524,612 to 1,524,102  –  510 votes.


Don’t let anyone tell you that your vote, or your GOTV efforts, don’t matter.

GOP is actually asking the Georgia Supreme Court to stop Saturday voting for the Senate Runoff.

They claim it overly benefits Democrats.

Reverend Warnock was right. “Some people don’t want some people to vote.”

Here come da judge?

November 21, 2022

If you’re looking for sports excitement and can’t bring yourself to watch the World Cup in Qatar, there’s always the Aaron Judge watch.

He checked into a hotel in SF today.

And it’s not a “dry” world Cup. Only the little people can’t buy beer. Folks who bought tickets for thousands of dollars have access to special lounges with premium cocktails and wine.

Saw Zimmerman trending and turns out it’s a US soccer player who made a bone-head play during the World Cup. (I’m not watching.) But must confess my first thought was “Did the GOP recruit George Zimmerman to run for office?

Five murdered & 25 injured at LGBTQ nightclub by young white man. Victims included some of LGBTQ community but also heterosexual allies.

Most media headlining awful story but it’s off front page already on Fox News website. They have space for Biden bashing & Hunter’s laptop…

But the shooting could have been so much worse. Thanks to some unarmed heros. – Especially love this line – “A drag queen stomped on the gunman with her high heels.”

Have no artistic skills but how cool a t-shirt could someone make? “Forget good guy with a gun, give me a drag queen in heels.””

Kari Lake used to be a trusted Arizona news anchor. Somewhere Walter Cronkite is rolling in his grave.

If you don’t want to see tweets from some people Muskrat has brought back to Twitter the block button still works.

Thank you for coming to my Ted talk.

Joe Biden is a good and decent man who has been through hell but is in a happy marriage with a close-knit family. His two adult surviving children, both who have been in recovery, are private citizens who are not part of his administration. But competence isn’t clickbait.

As conservative media tries to pretend the mass shooting at an LGBTQ club didn’t happen, imagine if the Colorado Springs gunman had been an immigrant. Fox News etc would have to figure out which group they wanted to demonize more..

Off week

November 20, 2022

Scheduled bye week this weekend: Jacksonville Jaguars, Miami Dolphins, Seattle Seahawks, Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Not scheduled but took a bye week anyway? Minnesota Vikings.

The Pac 12 has more teams – six – in the top 25 than the SEC – five.

No punchline, I just like writing it.

Those screaming sounds you may still hear come from two loss Alabama and LSU watching undefeated TCU and Michigan somehow pull out wins at the end of their games Saturday. #CFBPlayoff

One immigrant injures 1 person even accidentally & conservative media is all screaming about walls & deporting everyone.

One white US citizen who shouldn’t have been able to have gun under Colorado’s “red-flag” law shoots 30 people, killing at least five and “nothing to see here, move along.”

All these MAGAs and conservative media saying Joe Biden is too old at 80 to be President. Has it occurred to them that IF Velveeta Voldemort were re-elected HE would turn 80 half-way through his second term?

Of all the bizarre proclamations from Velveeta Voldemort, high on the list of the craziest is referring to Merrick Garland as being “Super radical left.”

Being on Twitter right now feels a bit like the story of the optimist who fell off the Empire State Building and at the 50th floor said “so far it’s not so bad.”

Is there ANYONE in the United States who decided to cast their vote on November 8 because they thought “I really want to see the House investigate Hunter Biden?”

You know who was never banned on Twitter? Hillary Clinton

Not so Big Game?

November 19, 2022

Stanford, 3-7, tomorrow plays Cal, 3-7.

This year is the 40th anniversary of “The Play.”

This year have to wonder how many folks, even alums, will want to watch these teams play?

Wrap your head around this:. Joc Pederson accepted a $19.5 million qualifying offer from the SF Giants that was more than the Los Angeles Dodgers were willing to offer 2019 MVP Cody Bellinger.

Travel agents are not surprised. A few months ago Qatar Airlines suddenly cut off any commissions for preferred travel agents for ticket sales to Qatar during the World Cup….

Now two days before the start of the World Cup, Qatari organizers have banned the sale of alcoholic beverages at all of the tournament’s eight stadiums.

What’s next?

Dear Taylor Swift: If you’re seriously upset for your fans trying to buy tickets w/ Ticketmaster debacle, please find some time to testify to Senate antitrust subcommittee. It’s bipartisan, led by Senators Amy Klobuchar & Mike Lee. And with you hearing WOULD get media attention

Velveeta Voldemort says he’s not going to “partake” in Special counsel investigations. So who taught him the word “partake” and did they convince him it had something to do with golf?

The number of people who asked for leniency for Elizabeth Holmes just confirms my theory that if a woman is conventionally pretty many folks, especially men, have a hard time believing she is an awful person.

“If past is prologue small House majority will govern from right & GOP will get engaged in investigations & cut off Ukraine aid, try to ban abortion & do all these things that will repell majority & put Dems back in charge. What Dem said this?

Actually Whit Ayres, a GOP consultant.

Pollsters got it really wrong in 2022. Even so, I didn’t see a single one of them list in the top 10, or top 20, or even top 30 issues that mattered to US voters – Hunter Biden’s laptop

Twitter is still afloat – is this how passengers felt when they heard a thump and then thought “It’s just a little ice” on the Titanic?

All-Star Future

November 18, 2022

The Texas Rangers will host the 2024 All-Star Game at Globe Life Field. MLB commissioner Rob Manfred, “The Rangers stepped up under difficult circumstances and Globe Life Field served as terrific host for the 2020 Postseason, including the World Series, We are excited to once again feature Baseball’s newest ballpark on a global stage next summer.”

“Stepped up under difficult circumstances?” Well yeah, but more likely being in Texas, the Rangers might have been the only team willing to risk employee and fan lives to get paid for hosting games..

Your regular reminder. Gym Jordan is obsessed with investigating Hunter Biden. Shame he didn’t spend any time investigating Ohio State college wrestlers being sexually abused on his watch.

While we may never know exactly what caused a former University of Virginia football player to shoot his former teammates, the three young men would still be alive if he didn’t have a gun.

Give Muskrat credit. Who dreamed anyone could make Mark Zuckerberg look like the lesser evil?

If only Muskrat had purchased Fox News….

Dear George Soros. Can you buy a certain social media company in what may soon be a fire sale?

If the GOP thought Americans gave a rat’s behind on investigating Hunter Biden why didn’t they campaign on that being their first order of business? Asking for a country awfully tired of this BS…

Am so over old white men pontificating about “religious liberty” and traditional marriage. Nobody has ever attacked their right to marry, cheat on and/or divorce as many different women as they want. #MarriageEquality

Fox News headline “The one president Pelosi failed to mention during dramatic floor speech.”

Oh, it wasn’t a failure at all. Madame Speaker always knows EXACTLY what she is doing. And well played Nancy Pelosi, well played

Why isn’t this a bigger story?

Mary Peltola, declared winner today, not only took House seat in Alaska that had been in Republican hands since 1972, but also kept Sarah Palin off national stage.

Nancy Pelosi might be the best cat herder of our lifetime.

Pac 12 WAY after dark…

November 17, 2022

Stanford’s last football game of the season just announced tol kick off, at home, at 8pm. 11pm East Coast time.. Saturday night of Thanksgiving weekend. And with ESPN commercials it will be lucky if the game is over much before midnight in California.

Only good thing for the Cardinal, even most of their own fans will be home in bed and not watching by the time the game is over.

Now story that Mets may have agreed not to bid against Yankees for Aaron Judge. Of course this potential collusion all becomes a non-issue for MLB if Judge just comes home and signs with SF Giants!

Golden State Warriors now 0-8 on the road. Well, many playoff teams figure games in the regular season don’t count. But the ticket prices are the same…

Kansas Senator Jerry Moran voted against Marriage Equality today saying “Americans should be treated equally and with dignity and respect… but there are protections under multiple Supreme Court rulings for same-sex marriage.”

Is Moran stupid or does he think we are? #Dobbs

Americans showed during the midterm they care more about real issues than lies GOP was telling about elections & false accusations that Democrats are “radical.”

So what makes Republicans think Americans give a rat’s behind about Hunter Biden?

Mitch McConnell claims now to be a fan of the political center and doing things for the country we can agree on…

I’d ask how he sleeps at night, but the answer clearly is “upside down, hanging from the ceiling.” #SCOTUS

Respect for Marriage Act passes 62-37.A good thing.

But can names of 37 who voted “no” be posted in every restaurant and travel industry employee area? For starters.

And those 37 who voted against marriage equality call themselves “pro-life. Marriage equality can include the right to adopt children.

Once again four words ‘Pro Life My A**.”

If Truth Social is so much better than Twitter why do Velveeta Voldemort’s cult members care if Muskrat unsuspends his account?

Even Fox News turned away from Velveeta Voldemort’s speech yesterday. Ironic that for all the crimes alleged against him, the thing that may finally sink Donald’s political career is the fact he has become boring.

Velveeta Voldemort lost the popular vote in 2016 His party lost the House in 2018 He lost the Presidency in 2020 His candidates lost the Senate in 2022. And this is the man many in GOP want to follow in 2024? Time to change GOP mascot from an elephant to a lemming.

On to the next election.

November 16, 2022

No, not 2024. The top 4 college football teams..

As the College Football Playoff selection committee’s top 10 now includes both #6 LSU and #8 Alabama, the only question is if this is the year that the playoffs include one two-loss teams or two.

Going to be a while until we get used to not seeing coach K on the sideline during Duke basketball games..

Officials missed clear face mask penalty against Washington Commanders against Philadelphia Eagles, possibly costing Philadelphia game.

But Eagles, who actually HAD a valid complaint, didn’t call press conference to say they wouldn’t accept loss nor did they storm NFL headquarters..

President Biden might have been forgiven for taking a victory lap this week. But the way the media is going, the only way they’d cover it would be if he tripped and fell while running.

Hillary Clinton won 2016 popular vote resoundingly. Velveeta Voldemort lost 2016 popular vote + election in 2020. She supports Democrats, he supports GOP who kneel to him. Dems have done well in last 3 elections. But Donald still gets headlines. Wonder what reason is?

Mormon Church has announced that it supports proposed federal legislation that would safeguard same-sex marriages.

That moment that the Mormon Church is more woke than the Republican Party.

So if GOP wants to make more Americans vote in person, why hasn’t anyone in Republican party suggested we make Election Day a national holiday?

Anderson Cooper just called them “election liars.” It’s about time he used the word liars. People can deny truths.

Katie Hobbs is not a media personality type. Which means soon most Americans will go back to not even remembering the name of Arizona’s governor. Won’t it be nice?

Watching Trump battle with DeSantis is really as if Voldemort went to war against Sauron.

Didn’t see much of Velveeta Voldemort’s announcment speech.

But heard him talking about “the most embarrassing moment in the history of our country.”

Uh, that would be November 8, 2016.

Have to wonder, who wrote the speech, and who translated it from the original Russian?

Even Fox News cut away. If you feel a need to listen to a former resident of the White House speak I STRONGLY recommend you find a way to stream last night’s Stephen Colbert interview of Michelle Obama.

Florida Senator Rick Scott apparently will challenge Mitch McConnell to be leader of GOP in Senate. Yep, the same Rick Scott who chairs Republican Senatorial Committee and actually lost a GOP seat in the midterms predicted to be a Red Wave. Pass the popcorn

As codifying same-sex marriage comes up for Senate vote, am reminded of my then pre-teen son’s question when an anti-gay marriage initiative was on ballot. “Mom, give me short version, I get it with abortion being controversial, but when two people get married, who does it hurt?”

Stephen Colbert points out November 15, the date of Velveeta Voldemort’s announcement is National Recycling Day. “Which is why we’re recycling a piece of trash we threw out two years ago.”


November 15, 2022

A bonus for SF Giants fans with Katie Hobb’s win tonight in Arizona. Now we don’t have to boycott Spring Training.

Since GOP is trying to convince us that Herschel Walker is qualified to be a Senator because he was a great football player, maybe the way to win in red Ohio in 2028 is to convince Lebron James to run against J.D. Vance?

For that matter, Steph Curry went to college at Davidson in North Carolina.- does he have any interest in running for Senate some day?

Maricopa County Election Center was empty ahead of the last ballot release.

Makes sense. If I were running an election office with an election denier encouraging violence if she/he lost, I’d get every worker home safely with a police escort before releasing final numbers. #Arizona

“Democrat Katie Hobbs defeats Republican Kari Lake in hotly contested Arizona governor race.”

“This headline is from FOX NEWS. Uh oh, don’t tell Kari Lake or her election denying buddy Velveeta Voldemort.

Why do I have a feeling that media is going to spend more time and energy interviewing loser Kari Lake than on incoming Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs?

So is there going to be a bidding war between CNN and Fox News to hire Kari Lake?


Sen. Rick Scott makes headlines.

Sen. Gary Peters, who most Americans probably couldn’t pick out of lineup, just kicked his a**.

Peters chairs Democratic Senatorial Committee. Scott chairs GOP Senatorial Committee.

In midterms Dems didn’t lose one Senate incumbent..

Noticing controversy over Elon Musk ending free lunches at Twitter: Thinking we have bigger worries but do want to remind everyone – tech companies added “free lunches” not only as perk to recruit employees but also to keep them at work & near desks instead of leaving for lunch.-


Some tech companies have offered “free” breakfast, or even “free” dinner too. IF employees were there at 6p or 7p to eat it. It’s never been a “free” lunch.

As many House races remain uncalled, an unappreciated reminder:

California uses independent commission to draw congressional and state legislative districts. The state plays fair.

If California gerrymandered like many red states Democrats would win many more seats in Congress.

CNN reporting that a student complained in September 2022 that mass shooting suspect on the University of Virginia campus had a gun.

Guns are illegal on U VA campus.

But apparently nobody cared enough to do anything about it. When will we ever learn?

It’s the guns, stupid.

Past the wire.

November 14, 2022

Minnesota Vikings vs Buffalo Bills game was fun to watch if you didn’t really care who won. But how many years did it take off the lives of hard-core fans of both teams?

Always amusing to watch NFL football with SF 49ers playing at home with the pretty pictures of San Francisco.

Sunday night they starting showing waterfront and Ferry Building. About an hour’s drive from Santa Clara and Levi’s stadium.

Later in the game, San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf. When the stadium is closer to Santa Cruz. And in traffic about the same distance from Monterey Fisherman’s Wharf.

Another reason if they’re going to have a college footbal playoff they need more than four teams.

The conference with the most ranked teams right now? The Pac 12, with six..

Problem is, they keep beating each other so none will make the top four.

Chris Licht at CNN revamped his station starting in mid-2022, firing and reassigning some top people to make network more palatable to an expected Republican-dominated Congress. How’s that working out for him?

Florida Senator Rick Scott, calling midterms a “complete disappointment.” “We said everything about how bad Biden agenda was. Dems are radical, but we have to have plan of what we stand for.”

Well, leaving aside that the Biden agenda is not bad and Democrats are not radical, maybe GOP problem is voters know exactly what they stand for!

Now that election counting is getting closer to over, has any media pundit uttered these three little words? “We were wrong.”

SNL’s 2022-23 is just a handful of episodes in, and already Cecily Strong has memorably played Kari Lake twice. Katie Hobbs won’t be a good SNL subject, she’ll just be a good and competent governor. See the problem?

If GOP does really win the House by 1 seat, not sure who the Republican equivalents of Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema are going to be.

But there ARE a handful of moderates especially in purple districts. And Kevin McCarthy is no Nancy Pelosi. Pass the popcorn.

Severing ties

November 13, 2022

After FTX declared bankruptcy this week, Miami-Dade County & Miami Heat are taking the cryptocurrency company’s name off their property.

After this week’s midterms, GOP has to be wishing it would be so easy to take the Trump name off their party.

The 10-1 Milwaukee Bucks played the 5-7 San Antonio Spurs Friday night. And it went about as much according to expectations as the midterms.

Spurs 111 – Bucks 93

Chair of Maricopa County’s board of supervisors Bill Gates: “Frankly, it is offensive for Kari Lake to say these people behind me are slow-rolling this. He added election officials were “already working 14 to 18 hours a day.” Important detail – Gates is a longtime Republican.

Some outside California wonder how many races, including Katie Porter’s, can be close, despite Dem having big advantage statewide.. CA doesn’t gerrymander. Some strong politicians are in purple districts. If CA behaved like some red states, we’d have LOT more Dems in House.

Chair of Maricopa County’s board of supervisors Bill Gates: “Frankly, it is offensive for Kari Lake to say these people behind me are slow-rolling this. He added election officials were “already working 14 to 18 hours a day.” Important detail – Gates is a longtime Republican.

Anyone but me ignoring their better angels in imagining Velveeta Voldemort’s “Father of the Bride” speech?

So at Twitter headquarters is Muskrat now serving New Coke?

As a longtime Democrat I’m sadly used to party infighting. But must confess I am enjoying the heck out of watching Tudor Dixon and Michigan GOP blame each other for losing to Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Liz Cheney said election results have been “clear victory for team normal.” Not a bad way to sum it up.

A difference in close midterm races now: When Democrats lose our voters generally talk about what we and our candidates could have done differently. When Republicans lose many of their voters just scream “they cheated.”

Nice to be part of the party of grown-ups.


November 11, 2022

Raiders LB Blake Martinez, 28, who led team with 11 tackles last week, just announced his retirement.

“I have chosen to step away from this career at this time to focus on my family and future passions!”

Martinez had base salary of $1.035 million, but hey, watching Herschel Walker and other longtime NFL players age…. Blake is a Stanford grad. Maybe sometimes brains will out.

Adam Silver said he has “no doubt” that Kyrie Irving is not antisemitic after the two had what the NBA commissioner called “a direct and candid conversation” in NY this week.

Not saying Silver didn’t feel the need to smooth things over with Jewish fans in a top New York media market. But did the NBA comissioner have a “direct and candid conversation with Irving on COVID and vaccines last year?

If only someone had seriously pitched to media that heretical thought President Biden and Democrats would have a historically good midterm – and that it would be a big story, I wonder how media would have covered 2022.

Hate to say it but there are some GOP candidates who’ve been more gracious about losing than some in the media are about getting this 2022 election so wrong.

Democracy is not perfect. But so far this week in USA, it appears to have survived the machinations of some very rich, very authoritarian and very narcissistic men. The fight isn’t over. Everyone take a deep breath and regroup when you can.

Joe Biden just had most successful midterm election of any President in recent history. Andrea Mitchell harasses Amy Klobuchar about him running again. Klobuchar gracious and as usual says she supports Biden. But listening to Andrea M these days, it’s not Joe who needs to retire.

Muskrat demanding Twitter employees be in office “at least 40 hours a week,” canceling perks & claiming it’s because economy is bad. On day when good economic indicators sent stock market soaring. Maybe he shouldn’t have bothered firing thousands, he’ll have that many quit.

All over but the counting.

November 10, 2022

So now for millions of Americans they can turn their minds to the next big stressful issue, like where will Aaron Judge sign for 2023?

Dusty Baker, 73, has signed a contract to manage the Houston Astros for another year.

Well, makes sense. Heck, based two on Biden and Trump, the two most likely candidates in 2024, Baker will be too young to use his leadership skills to do something else like run for President.

Looks like it will end up being a pretty strong midterm turnour.

Wonder how many more would have voted if they got say, a free powerball ticket for turning in their ballot?

Maybe the REAL wave was only red in that women really really didn’t like the idea of having their periods monitored by a Republican government.

Dear Georgia Voters. If just a few more of you had voted for Reverend Warnock not only would you have guaranteed yourself a great Senator, you could have peace and quiet for the next month instead of the circus of a runoff.

Has Dr. Oz made it back to his home in New Jersey yet?

A small detail after’s midterm elections.

Senator Amy Klobuchar, on Senate Rules committee, negotiated a deal to get Sinema to wear sleeveless tops. Can’t wait to see Amy as chairwoman of committee now tweaking rules to allow SENATOR John Fetterman, at least on occasion, to wear hoodies.


Apparently there are a lot of men out there who think women have short memories? Have they ever had a relationship of any kind with a woman?

If you voted on November 8 and are stressed about midterm results,, I feel your pain. I

If you are a registered voter who didn’t vote on November 8, bless your heart.

Election night

November 9, 2022

Democracy is under construction

More tomorrow.

Over their heads

November 9, 2022

Some outrage tonight about Indianapolis Colts hiring Jeff Saturday,an ESPN analyst with zero coaching experience above high school level to be their head coach.

Yeah, it’s pretty ridiculous, but compared to some of the unqualifed GOP candidates running to be Senators?

If you’re a liberal Astros or Dusty Baker fan having a hard time with fact that Ted Cruz is also a Houston fan… does it help to know that one of the Phillies’ biggest fan is SCOTUS judge Samuel Alito?

Wrote this below before someone threw a can of White Claw at Ted Cruz…

Paul Pelosi, 82 years-old, was almost murdered because man radicalized by online right-wing propaganda was trying to hurt or kill his wife, the Speaker of House. Most of media has just moved on. Imagine if a liberal had so much as thrown a tomato at spouse of GOP leader.

(Although on the subject of Cruz…. we know one more thing about Cancun Cruz today… He’s not nearly as cool or brave as that Jewish gal comedian who had a beer thrown at her by a heckler, picked it up, and chugged the beer.)

Fox News all over President Biden temporarily blanking on the last name of Democrat Wes Moore, who is running to replace Maryland Governor Larry Hogan. Tim Apple says “Hi.”

Kevin McCarthy talks about spending cuts if GOP retakes majority. He’s not talking about rescinding tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires. He’s talking about Medicare, Social Security, healthcare, etc.

Does anyone think if a Republican voter in the Villages makes a mistake in signing or dating their ballot that they wouldn’t have kid glove assistance from the registrar in fixing it?

Just heard Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton announced he will not run for President in 2024. This will really disappoint both of his supporters.

Nikki Haley, herself a daughter of immigrants, just called to DEPORT Reverend Warnock, an American-born Senator, and it was barely a blip in the news cycle. Today’s GOP, where everyone can be a racist.

The pen that marks a ballot is mightier than the sword. #ElectionDay#Vote

In Dusty we trusty

November 5, 2022


Dr Oz wants his supporters to get 10 people to vote before the Steelers game. Okay then. It’s a bye week for Pittsburgh. Next Steelers game is November 13. Against the New Orleans Saints

Who Dat Idiot Oz who thinks he can pass for someone from Pennsylvania?

An extra fun thing as a SF Giants fan rooting for Yordan Alvarez to help Dusty Baker win his first managerial World Series – the Houston Astros got Alvarez in 2016 from the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Mixed feelings watching LSU win tonight because I am not a fan of coach Brian Kelly.

On the other hand, amusing to think how Alabama is already crafting the narrative as to why as a 2-3 loss team they should still be in the CFB Playoff.

How many people who show up at President Biden rallies with “Socialism S*cks” signs can afford to be there because they’re on social security?

So if Fox News and conservative media is 100 percent pro GOP while CNN and mainstream media is 50 – 50, math says that’s 75 percent Republican viewpoints being put out there.

Stephen Miller’s racist and dishonest PAC “Citizens for Sanity” is now attacking President Biden for sending money to help Ukraine.

We’ve now gotten to the point that Republicans hate ALL democracies.

Again, all these right-wing Velveeta Voldemort Republicans are pretending to be moderate for general election in purple states. If you need a reminder. how many SCOTUS nominees pretended to be moderate on Roe V. Wade?

GOP talks about banning abortion, cutting Social Security and Medicare. GOP wants to cut public education. GOP has said gay marriage and birth control are on the table, And this is what they say with their OUTSIDE voices. Imagine what they whisper about in private. #VoteBlue

Colin Jost on Weekend Update on Velveeta Voldemort Jr posting disgusting Halloween joke about Paul Pelosi with picture of a huge pair of underpants and a hammer. “Don Jr. is probably the expert at getting hammered in his underwear.”

Meanwhile on Twitter – Since it’s gonna cost $8 a month for the blue check NOT having a blue check may be the new verification – as in verifying you won’t fall for Muskrat’s scam.

If Muskrat wanted Twitter to become that oxymoron Truth Social it would have been cheaper just to buy Truth Social.