In Dusty we trusty


Dr Oz wants his supporters to get 10 people to vote before the Steelers game. Okay then. It’s a bye week for Pittsburgh. Next Steelers game is November 13. Against the New Orleans Saints

Who Dat Idiot Oz who thinks he can pass for someone from Pennsylvania?

An extra fun thing as a SF Giants fan rooting for Yordan Alvarez to help Dusty Baker win his first managerial World Series – the Houston Astros got Alvarez in 2016 from the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Mixed feelings watching LSU win tonight because I am not a fan of coach Brian Kelly.

On the other hand, amusing to think how Alabama is already crafting the narrative as to why as a 2-3 loss team they should still be in the CFB Playoff.

How many people who show up at President Biden rallies with “Socialism S*cks” signs can afford to be there because they’re on social security?

So if Fox News and conservative media is 100 percent pro GOP while CNN and mainstream media is 50 – 50, math says that’s 75 percent Republican viewpoints being put out there.

Stephen Miller’s racist and dishonest PAC “Citizens for Sanity” is now attacking President Biden for sending money to help Ukraine.

We’ve now gotten to the point that Republicans hate ALL democracies.

Again, all these right-wing Velveeta Voldemort Republicans are pretending to be moderate for general election in purple states. If you need a reminder. how many SCOTUS nominees pretended to be moderate on Roe V. Wade?

GOP talks about banning abortion, cutting Social Security and Medicare. GOP wants to cut public education. GOP has said gay marriage and birth control are on the table, And this is what they say with their OUTSIDE voices. Imagine what they whisper about in private. #VoteBlue

Colin Jost on Weekend Update on Velveeta Voldemort Jr posting disgusting Halloween joke about Paul Pelosi with picture of a huge pair of underpants and a hammer. “Don Jr. is probably the expert at getting hammered in his underwear.”

Meanwhile on Twitter – Since it’s gonna cost $8 a month for the blue check NOT having a blue check may be the new verification – as in verifying you won’t fall for Muskrat’s scam.

If Muskrat wanted Twitter to become that oxymoron Truth Social it would have been cheaper just to buy Truth Social.

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