Over their heads

Some outrage tonight about Indianapolis Colts hiring Jeff Saturday,an ESPN analyst with zero coaching experience above high school level to be their head coach.

Yeah, it’s pretty ridiculous, but compared to some of the unqualifed GOP candidates running to be Senators?

If you’re a liberal Astros or Dusty Baker fan having a hard time with fact that Ted Cruz is also a Houston fan… does it help to know that one of the Phillies’ biggest fan is SCOTUS judge Samuel Alito?

Wrote this below before someone threw a can of White Claw at Ted Cruz…

Paul Pelosi, 82 years-old, was almost murdered because man radicalized by online right-wing propaganda was trying to hurt or kill his wife, the Speaker of House. Most of media has just moved on. Imagine if a liberal had so much as thrown a tomato at spouse of GOP leader.

(Although on the subject of Cruz…. we know one more thing about Cancun Cruz today… He’s not nearly as cool or brave as that Jewish gal comedian who had a beer thrown at her by a heckler, picked it up, and chugged the beer.)

Fox News all over President Biden temporarily blanking on the last name of Democrat Wes Moore, who is running to replace Maryland Governor Larry Hogan. Tim Apple says “Hi.”

Kevin McCarthy talks about spending cuts if GOP retakes majority. He’s not talking about rescinding tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires. He’s talking about Medicare, Social Security, healthcare, etc.

Does anyone think if a Republican voter in the Villages makes a mistake in signing or dating their ballot that they wouldn’t have kid glove assistance from the registrar in fixing it?

Just heard Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton announced he will not run for President in 2024. This will really disappoint both of his supporters.

Nikki Haley, herself a daughter of immigrants, just called to DEPORT Reverend Warnock, an American-born Senator, and it was barely a blip in the news cycle. Today’s GOP, where everyone can be a racist.

The pen that marks a ballot is mightier than the sword. #ElectionDay#Vote

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