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Outta here and outta here and outta here..

November 1, 2022

Turned on what I thought was World Series Game Three and it appears instead to be a Home Run Derby.


That score, for all those who think the 2022 World Series is over because of Phillies shellacking the Astors in game 3, was the score in game 5 of the 2002 World Series, SF Giants over Angels. Then Giants took 5-0 lead in game 6. And we all know how that turned out.

And now Brooklyn Nets ‘have agreed to part ways’ with head coach Steve Nash.

But they’re keeping Kyrie Irving.

If you needed a reason to cheer for any other NBA team.

Herschel Walker has home in gated community in Dallas. J.D. Vance has house in San Francisco. Dr. Oz has mansion in New Jersey. None of them give a flying fig newton about states they want to represent in US Senate. Georgia, Ohio & Pennsylvania, vote blue for your states!

Besides being the husband of the Speaker of the House, Paul Pelosi is an 82 year old man at that.

Guess we shouldn’t be surprised that some of same GOP who want to cut off seniors from Medicare/Social Security don’t give a d*mn about if seniors get assaulted.

Lindsey Graham loves a microphone and the camera. Shouldn’t he be thrilled at the chance to testify in Georgia? Heck, put it on pay-per-view and use the money to help save social security. #ratings

Dear Americans.

Democrats are not taking your guns.

Republicans do want to take your Medicare, your Social security, your reproductive rights, your voting rights… #VoteBlue

As awful as the attack on Paul Pelosi was…. this part of the story isn’t getting enough attention:

Today’s motion to detain suspect said he allegedly “named several targets, including a local professor, several prominent state & federal politicians and their relatives.”

Fox News has been talking about Paul Pelosi’s attacker being dangerous immigrant. Suspect is from Canada.

Although speaking of dangerous people coming here from Canada, you know who applied for a Canadian passport through Canadian-born mother before he moved to USA?- – Elon Musk

(And of course there’s cancun cruz.)

CNN reporting in some close Senate races – North Carolina, Nevada, New Hampshire, there aren’t high profile candidates.

But Cheri Beasley is great candidate, And Catherine Cortez Masto & Maggie Hassan are great Senators. They aren’t crazy.

CNN thinks crazy sells. #VoteBlue


World not so serious.

November 1, 2022

Justin Verlander hasn’t done very well on the mound in World Series appearances, but some off field social media kudos. When the Astros bus pulled up to Citizen’s Bank Park today, some Phillies fans were taunting Houston players, including flippng the bird.

Verlander flipped a few birds back – Then posted on Twitter – “Whole interaction was in jest as all the fans around you were just saying hello in their native tongue. So I responded in kind.”

World Series game 3 postponed for rain. Well with the expanded playoffs pushing postseason into November, MLB is lucky it isn’t snow.

Rachel Maddow nails it tonight: GOP mantra has become “Elections don’t count.” I’m so old I remember when Republicans wanted to win by getting a majority of votes…

Stephen Colbert on Halloween “To all the kids out there still riding a sugar high, welcome to late night!.” What Stephen really needed to add, and to all the school teachers out there, with four days left in the week, you have my devout sympathies

Now Velveeta Voldemort writes the election was “stollen”. Talk about icing on the cake to prove the guy is nutty as a fruitcake..

United Airlines waiver puts it clinically “Brazil Political Event- Extended Oct 28 – Nov 13. Travel waiver for voluntary changes for travel to/from/through Rio de Janeiro & Sao Paulo

“Political Event” = President not conceding election loss. What’s US going to be like Nov 9?

Remember when Obama beat McCain. And Senator McCain was on Colbert talking about his loss. “I sleep like a baby. Woke up every two hours and cry.”

It just gets worse on Fox News – now they are working on “illegal immigrant” angle on Pelosi’s attacker.

Because he was apparently born in Canada and came to US about 20 years ago and they don’t know his legal status. What’s next? Demands for a wall on the northern border?

Paul Pelosi is still in ICU.

And not a single Republican who joked about the attack on him has apologized.

“Deplorable” is way too mild.

And Kari Lake was still joking Monday afternoon at a campaign about the attack. There really is no bottom.