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Not so Big Game?

November 19, 2022

Stanford, 3-7, tomorrow plays Cal, 3-7.

This year is the 40th anniversary of “The Play.”

This year have to wonder how many folks, even alums, will want to watch these teams play?

Wrap your head around this:. Joc Pederson accepted a $19.5 million qualifying offer from the SF Giants that was more than the Los Angeles Dodgers were willing to offer 2019 MVP Cody Bellinger.

Travel agents are not surprised. A few months ago Qatar Airlines suddenly cut off any commissions for preferred travel agents for ticket sales to Qatar during the World Cup….

Now two days before the start of the World Cup, Qatari organizers have banned the sale of alcoholic beverages at all of the tournament’s eight stadiums.

What’s next?

Dear Taylor Swift: If you’re seriously upset for your fans trying to buy tickets w/ Ticketmaster debacle, please find some time to testify to Senate antitrust subcommittee. It’s bipartisan, led by Senators Amy Klobuchar & Mike Lee. And with you hearing WOULD get media attention

Velveeta Voldemort says he’s not going to “partake” in Special counsel investigations. So who taught him the word “partake” and did they convince him it had something to do with golf?

The number of people who asked for leniency for Elizabeth Holmes just confirms my theory that if a woman is conventionally pretty many folks, especially men, have a hard time believing she is an awful person.

“If past is prologue small House majority will govern from right & GOP will get engaged in investigations & cut off Ukraine aid, try to ban abortion & do all these things that will repell majority & put Dems back in charge. What Dem said this?

Actually Whit Ayres, a GOP consultant.

Pollsters got it really wrong in 2022. Even so, I didn’t see a single one of them list in the top 10, or top 20, or even top 30 issues that mattered to US voters – Hunter Biden’s laptop

Twitter is still afloat – is this how passengers felt when they heard a thump and then thought “It’s just a little ice” on the Titanic?