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Over and out…

November 28, 2022

My better angels know schadenfreude is bad.

My better angels make exceptions. Including when Tom Brady loses.

Is there a record for futility on number of times in the “Red Zone” without a single score? Asking for a whole lot of frustrated Saints fans.

So is it a rule that SOMEONE has to win the NFC South?

BYU Stanford game ended last night at 11:23 pm Pacific time. 2:23 am Eastern time. But for ESPN/Fox Sports scheduling this game for TV guess it was worth losing attendance and local viewers to get those late night East Coast Pac 12 fans – both of them?

Now former Stanford coach David Shaw “It was time for me to step aside, time for the next group to come in & hopefully whoever they hire next wins more games than I do. That would be awesome.” Well, 3-9 has at least set the bar low.

Are hardcore sports fan by nature more bipartisan? Could be.

Know almost no Stanford fans who like USC. And once they leave the Pac 12…

But right now with Trojans in 4th for possible College Football Playoff spot, ahead of Ohio State & some mostly SEC schools, well, “Fight on.”

Have friends & family on both sides of this Wisconsin Minnesota football rivalry. Often players & coaches will thank God for a close victory. Maybe with year’s game God was telling Wisconsin, “this is what you get for coming CLOSE to electing Mandela Barnes over Ron Johnson.”

How hard it is to say “Nazis are bad?” Apparently too hard for Kevin McCarthy. Who won’t say a word about Velveeta Voldemort meeting with Nick Fuentes. Reportedly due to rightwing Republicans who like Fuentes.

How can Kevin lead the House if he can’t even lead his own caucus?

Hoping this “severe-weather event” forecasted for much of the country this week doesn’t turn out to be too bad. But isn’t it nice having a President who will help without regard to if a state voted for him or not?

Meanwhile, public schools are closed Monday, and city says water for drinking, cooking, washing hands and faces and brushing teeth should be boiled for at least 2 minutes… A third-world country.

Nope, Houston. Has Cancun Cruz left town yet?

Hillary Clinton wins the popular vote in a national Presidential election, she concedes, and media tells her to go home and knit. Newsanchor Barbie loses Arizona gubernatorial election. she refuses to acknowledge reality and media still headlines her. Do better, media.

Joe Biden had one of most successful midterm elections in recent history. Which media paid attention to for about five minutes… and now all the stories are back to if someone will challenge him in the 2024 election. Competence isn’t clickbait.