Pac 12 WAY after dark…

Stanford’s last football game of the season just announced tol kick off, at home, at 8pm. 11pm East Coast time.. Saturday night of Thanksgiving weekend. And with ESPN commercials it will be lucky if the game is over much before midnight in California.

Only good thing for the Cardinal, even most of their own fans will be home in bed and not watching by the time the game is over.

Now story that Mets may have agreed not to bid against Yankees for Aaron Judge. Of course this potential collusion all becomes a non-issue for MLB if Judge just comes home and signs with SF Giants!

Golden State Warriors now 0-8 on the road. Well, many playoff teams figure games in the regular season don’t count. But the ticket prices are the same…

Kansas Senator Jerry Moran voted against Marriage Equality today saying “Americans should be treated equally and with dignity and respect… but there are protections under multiple Supreme Court rulings for same-sex marriage.”

Is Moran stupid or does he think we are? #Dobbs

Americans showed during the midterm they care more about real issues than lies GOP was telling about elections & false accusations that Democrats are “radical.”

So what makes Republicans think Americans give a rat’s behind about Hunter Biden?

Mitch McConnell claims now to be a fan of the political center and doing things for the country we can agree on…

I’d ask how he sleeps at night, but the answer clearly is “upside down, hanging from the ceiling.” #SCOTUS

Respect for Marriage Act passes 62-37.A good thing.

But can names of 37 who voted “no” be posted in every restaurant and travel industry employee area? For starters.

And those 37 who voted against marriage equality call themselves “pro-life. Marriage equality can include the right to adopt children.

Once again four words ‘Pro Life My A**.”

If Truth Social is so much better than Twitter why do Velveeta Voldemort’s cult members care if Muskrat unsuspends his account?

Even Fox News turned away from Velveeta Voldemort’s speech yesterday. Ironic that for all the crimes alleged against him, the thing that may finally sink Donald’s political career is the fact he has become boring.

Velveeta Voldemort lost the popular vote in 2016 His party lost the House in 2018 He lost the Presidency in 2020 His candidates lost the Senate in 2022. And this is the man many in GOP want to follow in 2024? Time to change GOP mascot from an elephant to a lemming.

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