On to the next election.

No, not 2024. The top 4 college football teams..

As the College Football Playoff selection committee’s top 10 now includes both #6 LSU and #8 Alabama, the only question is if this is the year that the playoffs include one two-loss teams or two.

Going to be a while until we get used to not seeing coach K on the sideline during Duke basketball games..

Officials missed clear face mask penalty against Washington Commanders against Philadelphia Eagles, possibly costing Philadelphia game.

But Eagles, who actually HAD a valid complaint, didn’t call press conference to say they wouldn’t accept loss nor did they storm NFL headquarters..

President Biden might have been forgiven for taking a victory lap this week. But the way the media is going, the only way they’d cover it would be if he tripped and fell while running.

Hillary Clinton won 2016 popular vote resoundingly. Velveeta Voldemort lost 2016 popular vote + election in 2020. She supports Democrats, he supports GOP who kneel to him. Dems have done well in last 3 elections. But Donald still gets headlines. Wonder what reason is?

Mormon Church has announced that it supports proposed federal legislation that would safeguard same-sex marriages.

That moment that the Mormon Church is more woke than the Republican Party.

So if GOP wants to make more Americans vote in person, why hasn’t anyone in Republican party suggested we make Election Day a national holiday?

Anderson Cooper just called them “election liars.” It’s about time he used the word liars. People can deny truths.

Katie Hobbs is not a media personality type. Which means soon most Americans will go back to not even remembering the name of Arizona’s governor. Won’t it be nice?

Watching Trump battle with DeSantis is really as if Voldemort went to war against Sauron.

Didn’t see much of Velveeta Voldemort’s announcment speech.

But heard him talking about “the most embarrassing moment in the history of our country.”

Uh, that would be November 8, 2016.

Have to wonder, who wrote the speech, and who translated it from the original Russian?

Even Fox News cut away. If you feel a need to listen to a former resident of the White House speak I STRONGLY recommend you find a way to stream last night’s Stephen Colbert interview of Michelle Obama.

Florida Senator Rick Scott apparently will challenge Mitch McConnell to be leader of GOP in Senate. Yep, the same Rick Scott who chairs Republican Senatorial Committee and actually lost a GOP seat in the midterms predicted to be a Red Wave. Pass the popcorn

As codifying same-sex marriage comes up for Senate vote, am reminded of my then pre-teen son’s question when an anti-gay marriage initiative was on ballot. “Mom, give me short version, I get it with abortion being controversial, but when two people get married, who does it hurt?”

Stephen Colbert points out November 15, the date of Velveeta Voldemort’s announcement is National Recycling Day. “Which is why we’re recycling a piece of trash we threw out two years ago.”

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