A bonus for SF Giants fans with Katie Hobb’s win tonight in Arizona. Now we don’t have to boycott Spring Training.

Since GOP is trying to convince us that Herschel Walker is qualified to be a Senator because he was a great football player, maybe the way to win in red Ohio in 2028 is to convince Lebron James to run against J.D. Vance?

For that matter, Steph Curry went to college at Davidson in North Carolina.- does he have any interest in running for Senate some day?

Maricopa County Election Center was empty ahead of the last ballot release.

Makes sense. If I were running an election office with an election denier encouraging violence if she/he lost, I’d get every worker home safely with a police escort before releasing final numbers. #Arizona

“Democrat Katie Hobbs defeats Republican Kari Lake in hotly contested Arizona governor race.”

“This headline is from FOX NEWS. Uh oh, don’t tell Kari Lake or her election denying buddy Velveeta Voldemort.

Why do I have a feeling that media is going to spend more time and energy interviewing loser Kari Lake than on incoming Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs?

So is there going to be a bidding war between CNN and Fox News to hire Kari Lake?


Sen. Rick Scott makes headlines.

Sen. Gary Peters, who most Americans probably couldn’t pick out of lineup, just kicked his a**.

Peters chairs Democratic Senatorial Committee. Scott chairs GOP Senatorial Committee.

In midterms Dems didn’t lose one Senate incumbent..

Noticing controversy over Elon Musk ending free lunches at Twitter: Thinking we have bigger worries but do want to remind everyone – tech companies added “free lunches” not only as perk to recruit employees but also to keep them at work & near desks instead of leaving for lunch.-


Some tech companies have offered “free” breakfast, or even “free” dinner too. IF employees were there at 6p or 7p to eat it. It’s never been a “free” lunch.

As many House races remain uncalled, an unappreciated reminder:

California uses independent commission to draw congressional and state legislative districts. The state plays fair.

If California gerrymandered like many red states Democrats would win many more seats in Congress.

CNN reporting that a student complained in September 2022 that mass shooting suspect on the University of Virginia campus had a gun.

Guns are illegal on U VA campus.

But apparently nobody cared enough to do anything about it. When will we ever learn?

It’s the guns, stupid.

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