All-Star Future

The Texas Rangers will host the 2024 All-Star Game at Globe Life Field. MLB commissioner Rob Manfred, “The Rangers stepped up under difficult circumstances and Globe Life Field served as terrific host for the 2020 Postseason, including the World Series, We are excited to once again feature Baseball’s newest ballpark on a global stage next summer.”

“Stepped up under difficult circumstances?” Well yeah, but more likely being in Texas, the Rangers might have been the only team willing to risk employee and fan lives to get paid for hosting games..

Your regular reminder. Gym Jordan is obsessed with investigating Hunter Biden. Shame he didn’t spend any time investigating Ohio State college wrestlers being sexually abused on his watch.

While we may never know exactly what caused a former University of Virginia football player to shoot his former teammates, the three young men would still be alive if he didn’t have a gun.

Give Muskrat credit. Who dreamed anyone could make Mark Zuckerberg look like the lesser evil?

If only Muskrat had purchased Fox News….

Dear George Soros. Can you buy a certain social media company in what may soon be a fire sale?

If the GOP thought Americans gave a rat’s behind on investigating Hunter Biden why didn’t they campaign on that being their first order of business? Asking for a country awfully tired of this BS…

Am so over old white men pontificating about “religious liberty” and traditional marriage. Nobody has ever attacked their right to marry, cheat on and/or divorce as many different women as they want. #MarriageEquality

Fox News headline “The one president Pelosi failed to mention during dramatic floor speech.”

Oh, it wasn’t a failure at all. Madame Speaker always knows EXACTLY what she is doing. And well played Nancy Pelosi, well played

Why isn’t this a bigger story?

Mary Peltola, declared winner today, not only took House seat in Alaska that had been in Republican hands since 1972, but also kept Sarah Palin off national stage.

Nancy Pelosi might be the best cat herder of our lifetime.

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