The Thanksgiving afternoon/early evening game between NY Giants and Dallas Cowboy averaged 42 million viewers, breaking the record for a regular season NFL game.

Well, maybe after the 2022 election even non-football fans wanted to do anything but talk politics with their relatives on Thanksgiving.

Meanwhile, in the first game of the day, after an incredibly well-played game against the Buffalo Bills, some late play-calling decisions and letting Stefon Diggs get open means the Detroit Lions delivered another Thanksgiving turkey to their fans.

So now that midterms are (mostly) over, many of us who live in San Francisco area didn’t have to surreptitiously check our phones for political news during Thanksgiving dinner could instead surreptitiously check our phones for Aaron Judge news.

Airport lounge was showing replay of USA vs England tonight. At the risk of being trolled by those who truly appreciate soccer – why does anyone want to watch the replay of a 0-0 tie?

Whoever runs Texas Senator John Cornyn’s Twitter account apparently has a side hustle. Or managing Cornyn’s account is his side hustle,

This was the post “The Lord bless thee, and keep thee: The Lord make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace. Happy Thanksgiving! Heidi & Ted.”

John Cornyn’s wife is Sandy. Heidi is the wife of Ted Cancun Cruz.

Well, Southwest IS Texas’s airline “Wanna get away?”

Have to love now that whenever Ketchup is trending on social media we we all know it refers to another Velveeta Voldemort meltdown.

But with the Former Guy’s protestation that he didn’t know who white supremacist and holocaust denier Nick Fuentes was when he had dinner with him and Ye at Mar-A-Lago. ..

Uh, I was a faculty club waitress back in the day at Stanford. Secret Service needed our names, addresses and social security numbers two weeks in advance to work a dinner where the Secretary of Defense was the speaker. NFW did Velveeta Voldemort have a “surprise” guest.

Dear Media.

I don’t want to hear about what a childish sore loser is trying to do in Arizona.

I want to hear about what Governor-Elect Katie Hobbs is planning to do in Arizona.

Sincerely, Americans tired of this BS.

One of many things to be thankful for on Thanksgiving.

Having a good and decent man in the White House, where we don’t have to wake up every morning going “Oh God, what did he do now?”

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