Changing the pocket

Aaron Rodgers today confirmed his right thumb is broken. On a positive note, his medical costs should be covered by Medicare.

Meanwhile Bears QB Justin Fields may be unable to play Sunday due to injury, and Zach Wilson has been benched for the Jets.

So Chicago Bears vs NY Jets likely to be QB Trevor Siemian vs Mike White. Just like we all anticipated/

Thoughts on Aaron Judge..

Yes, the Yankees are a legendary team.

Yes, the Dodgers have an All-Star team

Yes, the SF Giants would be HIS team. Have to think that last one matters.

Houston Astros gave players each $516,347 playoff share. Wonder if they gave a token amount to Josh Fields. The former pitcher the Los Angeles Dodgers traded Yordan Alvarez to the Astros to get.

How do you not love newly re-elected Alaska Democrat Congresswoman Mary Peltola’s Twitter bio? – it starts out “Fish, Family, Freedom.

And Peltola is not just the first Democrat elected to Congress from Alaska in 50 years…. she kept Sarah Palin out of Washington, DC.

As many of us travel for the holidays, a good rule of thumb…. it’s not a great idea to vote for a candidate you wouldn’t trust to pet-sit your cat or dog.

Except that we won’t get regular guest appearances by Tina Fey on SNL, Mary Peltola’s win in Alaska is truly great news for America – and democracy.

DOJ wants to question Mike Pence in the January 6 investigation into Velveeta Voldemort. Well, presume Mother will agree as long as a woman prosecutor isn’t involved.

Fox News complaining this am about $40 billion cost of President Biden’s pausing student loan repayments. Funny, haven’t seen Fox complain lately about the $1.9 trillion cost of Velveeta Voldemort’s tax cuts for corporations and wealthy Americans.

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