All over but the counting.

So now for millions of Americans they can turn their minds to the next big stressful issue, like where will Aaron Judge sign for 2023?

Dusty Baker, 73, has signed a contract to manage the Houston Astros for another year.

Well, makes sense. Heck, based two on Biden and Trump, the two most likely candidates in 2024, Baker will be too young to use his leadership skills to do something else like run for President.

Looks like it will end up being a pretty strong midterm turnour.

Wonder how many more would have voted if they got say, a free powerball ticket for turning in their ballot?

Maybe the REAL wave was only red in that women really really didn’t like the idea of having their periods monitored by a Republican government.

Dear Georgia Voters. If just a few more of you had voted for Reverend Warnock not only would you have guaranteed yourself a great Senator, you could have peace and quiet for the next month instead of the circus of a runoff.

Has Dr. Oz made it back to his home in New Jersey yet?

A small detail after’s midterm elections.

Senator Amy Klobuchar, on Senate Rules committee, negotiated a deal to get Sinema to wear sleeveless tops. Can’t wait to see Amy as chairwoman of committee now tweaking rules to allow SENATOR John Fetterman, at least on occasion, to wear hoodies.


Apparently there are a lot of men out there who think women have short memories? Have they ever had a relationship of any kind with a woman?

If you voted on November 8 and are stressed about midterm results,, I feel your pain. I

If you are a registered voter who didn’t vote on November 8, bless your heart.

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