Raiders LB Blake Martinez, 28, who led team with 11 tackles last week, just announced his retirement.

“I have chosen to step away from this career at this time to focus on my family and future passions!”

Martinez had base salary of $1.035 million, but hey, watching Herschel Walker and other longtime NFL players age…. Blake is a Stanford grad. Maybe sometimes brains will out.

Adam Silver said he has “no doubt” that Kyrie Irving is not antisemitic after the two had what the NBA commissioner called “a direct and candid conversation” in NY this week.

Not saying Silver didn’t feel the need to smooth things over with Jewish fans in a top New York media market. But did the NBA comissioner have a “direct and candid conversation with Irving on COVID and vaccines last year?

If only someone had seriously pitched to media that heretical thought President Biden and Democrats would have a historically good midterm – and that it would be a big story, I wonder how media would have covered 2022.

Hate to say it but there are some GOP candidates who’ve been more gracious about losing than some in the media are about getting this 2022 election so wrong.

Democracy is not perfect. But so far this week in USA, it appears to have survived the machinations of some very rich, very authoritarian and very narcissistic men. The fight isn’t over. Everyone take a deep breath and regroup when you can.

Joe Biden just had most successful midterm election of any President in recent history. Andrea Mitchell harasses Amy Klobuchar about him running again. Klobuchar gracious and as usual says she supports Biden. But listening to Andrea M these days, it’s not Joe who needs to retire.

Muskrat demanding Twitter employees be in office “at least 40 hours a week,” canceling perks & claiming it’s because economy is bad. On day when good economic indicators sent stock market soaring. Maybe he shouldn’t have bothered firing thousands, he’ll have that many quit.

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