Here come da judge?

If you’re looking for sports excitement and can’t bring yourself to watch the World Cup in Qatar, there’s always the Aaron Judge watch.

He checked into a hotel in SF today.

And it’s not a “dry” world Cup. Only the little people can’t buy beer. Folks who bought tickets for thousands of dollars have access to special lounges with premium cocktails and wine.

Saw Zimmerman trending and turns out it’s a US soccer player who made a bone-head play during the World Cup. (I’m not watching.) But must confess my first thought was “Did the GOP recruit George Zimmerman to run for office?

Five murdered & 25 injured at LGBTQ nightclub by young white man. Victims included some of LGBTQ community but also heterosexual allies.

Most media headlining awful story but it’s off front page already on Fox News website. They have space for Biden bashing & Hunter’s laptop…

But the shooting could have been so much worse. Thanks to some unarmed heros. – Especially love this line – “A drag queen stomped on the gunman with her high heels.”

Have no artistic skills but how cool a t-shirt could someone make? “Forget good guy with a gun, give me a drag queen in heels.””

Kari Lake used to be a trusted Arizona news anchor. Somewhere Walter Cronkite is rolling in his grave.

If you don’t want to see tweets from some people Muskrat has brought back to Twitter the block button still works.

Thank you for coming to my Ted talk.

Joe Biden is a good and decent man who has been through hell but is in a happy marriage with a close-knit family. His two adult surviving children, both who have been in recovery, are private citizens who are not part of his administration. But competence isn’t clickbait.

As conservative media tries to pretend the mass shooting at an LGBTQ club didn’t happen, imagine if the Colorado Springs gunman had been an immigrant. Fox News etc would have to figure out which group they wanted to demonize more..

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