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And then there were 10?

June 30, 2022

USC &, UCLA planning move from Pac-12 to Big Ten in 2024.

As Stanford fan,can I respectfully suggest to fans of Michigan, Minnesota, Illinois, Purdue, MSU & even OSU you beat the crap out of Trojans & Bruins regularly. We’ll share w/ you all our best insults.

CNN is reporting the Stanley Cup was accidentally delivered to the wrong address?!! Was Louis DeJoy somehow involved?


Misery loves company alert as 2022 SF Giants have lost a LOT of 1 run games, and had two walk-off losses vs Atlanta Braves last week,

Minnesota Twins blew lead in 6th inning or later in each of 3 losses in 5 game series vs Cleveland Guardians. Who do the Twins think they are, the Timberwolves?

There’s no such thing as a free lunch. And there’s certainly no such thing as “free legal services” paid for by supporters of a twice impeached former President.

Increasingly obvious that Cassidy Hutchinson was one of the witnesses Velveeta Voldemort tried to intimidate. Now the question, how many has he successfully intimidated?

Velveeta Voldemort fundraising email subject line: “My team has been trying to reach you.” In light of Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony and Liz Cheney’s witness tampering quotes, this line has a slightly more chilling read on it.

As Texas AG Ken Paxton indicates he may use sodomy laws against gay rights I am reminded of one of my favorite Molly Ivins stories. When Texas passed their 1993 law, and the bill’s sponsor & an ally shook hands Moll wrote “Whereupon, the Speaker had to send the sergeant-at-arms over to reprimand them both,, because under the new law, ‘it’s illegal for a pr*ck to touch an a**hole in the state.’

Needs to keep being said, while many headlines now justifiably about SCOTUS overturning Roe V. Wade, so-called “pro-life” GOP is keeping Senate from passing laws to cap insulin prices & to allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices. GOP doesn’t care about our lives. Democrats do.

While we disagree on many issues, I really respect Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney for standing up for democracy on the January 6 committee. But if Adam and Liz really care about democracy, it wouldn’t be abandoning their conservative views to get behind the Voting Rights Act.

As Velveeta Voldemort turns his attention to trashing Cassidy Hutchinson, your reminder, all these witnesses he dismisses as liars and says he hardly knew them, are people HE HIMSELF or his handpicked disciples hired.

AMD has reportedly faced major data breach, in part due to employees’ purported use of passwords like “password” and “123456.” Wonder what the average education level of the offenders is… And we wonder sometimes how Americans can make such stupid voting choices.

AG Ken Paxton may use sodomy laws against gay rights. In 1993 when Texas passed law, bill’s sponsor & an ally shook hands. Molly Ivins -“Speaker had to send sergeant-at-arms over to reprimand both, because under new law, “it’s illegal for a prick to touch an asshole” in Texas.

In 2021, about 42,000 people in US died in motor vehicle crashes, average of 102 per day. In 2020, over 45,222 people died from gun-related injuries in U.S, about 125 a day. Now, in mid 2022 COVID deaths back around 400 a day. But yeah, pandemic is over, nothing to see here.”


Name tags?

June 30, 2022

San Antonio Spurs, who made the play-in game, but lost to the New Orleans Pelicans, just traded their only All-Star, Dejounte Murray, for draft picks.

Well, yeah it’s a major rebuild. So guess this means Gregg Popovich, 73, is planning to be the first NBA head coach to win a title at 80?

Freddie Freeman fired his agent, reportedly for not being honest in his off-season dealings with the Braves, where Freddie hoped to re-sign.

Freeman ended up with the Dodgers and is having a good year.. But might be first time an agent was fired for negotiating a six-year $162 million contract.

US anti-choice groups & GOP-led state legislatures trying to stop women living where abortion is banned from seeking one elsewhere. But if life begins at conception, do bachelorette parties for red state women in blue states need to make sure souvenir list includes Plan B?

Memory & true confession from high school: For us Farrell’s waitresses, our duties included taking trash out. Learned great stress reliever was throwing it into dumpster, as hard as possible.

Best projectiles- EMPTY ketchup bottles. (Unlike Tr*mp, we threw into dumpster, not wall.)

Fox News hairsplitting for day. Whether or not SCOTUS judges actually lied in confirmation hearings about overturning Roe V. Wade.

Uh, even GOP Susan Collins said she was misled.

Besides while lying is bad, taking away rights from all American women of childbearing age is much worse.

Ketanji Brown Jackson officially becomes SCOTUS judge Thursday. Considering what Ketanji will have to put up with, is there a judicial equivalent of the Purple Heart, and can she be given it presumptively?

Great news that Senator Warnock has big lead in latest poll over Herschel Walker. But Georgia, don’t take ANYTHING for granted. The only poll that matters is election day. And if anyone thinks GOP is done trying to suppress votes…I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell them.

GOP blaming Biden for people trying to smuggle themselves across the border in trucks is like blaming a storeowner who strengthens locks on doors, if thieves then break windows to get into the store.

We have a labor shortage in the US. Seems to me that people desperate enough to try to get across the border in the back of an unairconditioned truck might be very motivated employees if US could fix our FUBARed immigration policy.

Yaz haz it

June 29, 2022

So many Velveeta Voldemort backed candidates lost tonight guessing there’s going to be a lot of ketchup cleanup needed tomorrow.

Anyone now have any doubt how many Capitol Police, staffers, and even members of Congress were lucky to have survived January 6?

“They’re not here to hurt me.” Velveeta Voldemort was terrified enough of unarmed Black Lives Matter protesters in late May 2020 he hid in the White House bunker. But rioters with AR-15s on January 6, they were all good.

So Secret Service says they will “respond on the record to the Committee regarding the new allegations surfaced in today’s testimony.” How long until Velveeta Voldemort says he never knew the Secret Service

Republicans KNEW the election wasn’t stolen, they KNEW it was a “Big Lie.” But they used and are using the rantings of a madman as an excuse to try to suppress future votes and steal future elections. Don’t let them. #GetMadAndVote

Has a single leader in a red state celebrating Roe V. Wade being overturned announced new initiatives to get money and help to poor women and girls who will now be forced to have babies? I’ll wait.

The anonymous threatening statements to witnesses read by Liz Cheney today were worthy of a Mafia movie. And they were all at the behest of a former President of the United States. Wrap your head around that one.

Stephen Colbert praising Cassidy Hutchinson. ‘Only 25 years old.” “She can add to her resume. Crisis Management, Excellent Recall. Bigger balls than Mark Meadows.” To be fair, my neutered cat has bigger balls than Mark Meadows.

So how many GOP leaders have already prepared their response? “I didn’t see the hearing, no comment.”

Gym Jordan is about to find out his actions on January 6 can’t be ignored like he ignored wrestlers being sexually abused at Ohio State.

Stephen Colbert Monday night on SCOTUS overturning Roe V. Wade – “Since our last show last Thursday we’ve changed locations. In our last show we were in the Ed Sullivan theater, this week we’re in Medieval Times


June 27, 2022

Congrats to Colorado Rockies pitcher Chad Kuhl, who beat the LA Dodgers tonight at Coors Field. Per ESPN quoting AP story “Kuhl pitched a three-hitter for his first major league shutout.”

And kudos to the AP writer for not using the usual but redundant “complete game shutout.”

U.S. House Oversight Committe says Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder has not yet accepted their subpoena. The Committee is investigating allegations he fostered a toxic work culture in his organization. Who does Snyder think he is? A GOP politician?

So SCOTUS says it’s now okay if a high school football coach brings a copy of the Koran or the Torah to the sidelines for prayer before games? Got it.

Velveeta Voldemort sends fundraising email taking credit for SCOTUS overturning Roe. “Biggest WIN for LIFE in generation…my great honor to do so! Didn’t cave to Radical Left Dem, Fake News Media, or RINOs.” Uh, most Americans supported Roe. & per an interview the Former Guy gave himself, he wanted Marla to abort Tiffany.

Give me a bleeping break. CNN headline story this am “Liberals lament RBG’s decision to stay on court.” So it’s HER fault? What about lamenting Obama’s decision not to do a recess appt for Merrick Garland? Or blaming the real villian, Mitch McConnell?

So while we’re regulating people’s bodies, isn’t it about time someone starts a test case to claim there is no consitutional right to Viagra?

Conservative acquaintance said after SCOTUS overturned Roe v Wade that people should take responsibility for their actions. Presume he meant women having sex but seems to me for men sex should now not only require consent but also signed waiver promising child support if needed.

SCOTUS ruled in favor of high school coach who “invited” players to pray with him postgame at the 50 yard-line, as “protected by both Free Exercise & Free Speech Clauses of 1st Amendment.

So assume if a coach wants to share Joe Burrow’s defense (posted on Instagram) of a woman’s right to choose w/his players they’re OK w/ that too?

And the hits just keep on coming.

June 26, 2022

Eight players were ejected in the second inning after Seattle Mariners and Los Angeles Angels had a full-team on-field brawl with multiple punches thrown.

Mariners fans were shocked. They didn’t know their team was capable of getting that many hits.

Weird watching Kenley Jansen blow a save for the Braves today.

Of course as an SF Giants fans I wanted Atlanta to beat the Dodgers.

On the other hand, have gotten awfully used to rooting against Jansen

ESPN headline “Colorado Avalanche win first Stanley Cup since 2001.”

And Toronto Maple Leafs fans are just cursing or weeping.

Media likes idea of midterms being train wreck for Democrats. Confirmation bias is real. And if Democrats keep House & as Amy Klobuchar has been saying, pick up 2 more Senate Seats, 2nd half of Biden’s term could be full of competent accomplishments. To media minds, boring.

Some anti-choice advocates claim abortion pills aren’t safe. FDA in 2018 said US mortality rate associated w/ abortion pills 0.65 deaths per 100,000. US Maternal mortality rate in childbirth – 17.4 per 100,000 pregnancies (& 3X higher for black women.) Again – pro life my a**.

In the wake of Roe being overturned, Red states are claiming they will expand their welfare programs for women & children. They’re as likely to do that as Velveeta Voldemort is to release his tax returns.

A new CBS poll founded 57% of American voters believe SCOTUS also will limit access to birth control and same-sex marriage. Uh, maybe because Clarence Thomas said that in writing?! “When someone tells you who they are, believe them.”

Some discussion as to if GOP retakes House & Senate if they would try a nationwide abortion ban. Of course, such a radical step would never get past filibuster or a Biden veto. Which begs question, which would GOP get rid of first, filibuster or veto power? They have no shame.

Meanwhile, while Gov Ron DeSantis continues pretending he’s an authoritarian king, ICYMI, Florida led the country in both (reported) COVID hospitalizations and deaths last week.

Anti-choice California GOP Sec of State candidate Rob Bernosky suggests people who support abortion should live in states like California that allow it, while those who don’t should live in states that restrict it. Because it’s just that easy to move. Yes, they are that awful.

New York state of nine?

June 26, 2022

The Yankees were no-hit today by the Astros. No punchline, I just liked writing that.

NFL will begin their disciplinary hearing for Deshaun Watson as to possible suspensions for the new Browns QB, accused of “harassing, assaulting or touching 26 women during massage appointments.”

So if Watson gets off (so to speak) with a light sentence, can we now call it a “30 strikes and you’re out policy?”

So if we’re really going back to what Founding Fathers intended, can we let majorities in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina & Georgia decide gun and abortion etc rights for the entire country?

Marco Rubio claims on Fox that Dems exaggerate SCOTUS ruling: “There were still abortions today. Tragically, there’ll be abortions tomorrow because abortion is not banned.”

New Florida law Jul 1 bans abortion after 15 wks & GOP working on tighter rules.

SF Archbishop Cordileone, who’s infamously contradicted the Pope by saying Nancy Pelosi should be denied communion, called SCOTUS overturning Roe v. Wade “historic” & “the beginning not the end.” He’s not kidding. And this Supremely Evil Court might agree with him. #GetMadAndVote

Interesting. Even Fox News basically ignored Velveeta Voldemort’s Illinois rally. So he’s not just a loser, now he’s committed the ultimate sin in media minds – the Former Guy is just BORING.

Most of media handlines today about SCOTUS overturning Roe V. Wade. This headline from Fox News website – “Massive alligator kills man in ritzy yacht community — and attacks are worsening.”

After SCOTUS overturned Roe V. Wade, Ted Cruz yesterday called for AG Merrick Garland to “be on watch to stop any radicals threatening mob violence.” “Mob violence?”! As opposed to the “tourists” who showed up on January 6 with bear spray and zip ties?

New oxymoron “Supreme Court.”

No justice

June 24, 2022

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell says he has no authority to remove Daniel Snyder as owner of the Washington Commanders. Translation, Goodell has no INTEREST in removing Snyder. Rich white men stick together.

But why does Daniel Snyder still have an NFL team?

Imagine how different the world would be today if men had listened to Anita Hill and Christine Blasey Ford.

Republican party that has no qualms about overturning a 50 year old precedent will have no qualms about overturning the filibuster the first chance they get if they retake the Senate.

He lied about Christine Blasey Ford. Why did Susan Collins or anyone else think Brett Kavanaugh wouldn’t lie about Roe V. Wade being settled precedent?

GOP, with so many anti-life policies, nonetheless claims being “pro-life” as their excuse for overturning Roe v. Wade But Clarence Thomas saying Supreme Court “should reconsider” past rulings on same-sex relationships & marriages, which don’t hurt anyone, is just plain hateful.

Fox News headline claims “leftists descend on Supreme Court hurling violent threats after Roe v. Wade overturned.” For some reason they don’t mention the truck that acually drove through a peaceful group of pro-choice protesters in Cedar Rapids. Sure it’s just a coincidence.

So are the states who have banned or will now be banning abortions also planning to write new laws declaring that not paying child support is a felony?

So what happens now if a woman who doesn’t want to be pregnant demands an abortion at gunpoint?

13 states, including Louisiana, Tennessee and Texas, have trigger laws to ban or curtail abortion now that SCOTUS overturned Roe V. Wade So if you’re a young woman planning to go to college in 1 of those states, heaven help you if you have a contraceptive failure. For starters.

I support a woman’s right to privacy but if some ex-wife, former girlfriend or relative of a Republican politician or pundit has had an abortion and is angry about today’s SCOTUS decision, now would be a great time to come forward.

As some of this testimony at January 6 Committee boggles belief, important to remember – it’s not that all the GOP leaders are that stupid. It’s that they think their voters are.

Some seem surprised that few of the January 6 conspirators bothered to cover their tracks at the time. Actually it’s pretty simple: They expected to win, and that their treason would be not punished, but rewarded.

Not sure what’s worse – the idea that many Republicans still don’t believe Velveeta Voldemort tried to overturn the election. Or that they know he did it and they don’t care.

Imagine if aspiring novelist had submitted prposed political thriller about reality TV host not only somehow winning Presidency once, then losing but also still managing to convince major party he was some sort of god who still deserved abject loyalty? Can you say “slush pile?”

Fox News headline “Bipartisan Senate gun bill gets icy reception from House Republicans.” Uh, if the Senate had a bipartisan bill celebrating motherhood and apple pie, House GOP would be complaining it excluded fathers and cake.

Worse and worser

June 22, 2022

Brooks Koepka is the latest high profile golfer to join the Saudi backed tour, which means a suspension from the PGA Tour. Saudi LIV Golf has now signed eight of the top 50 players in the world.

Augusta National, home of the Masters, didn’t integrate until 1991. And didn’t allow women members until 2012. Who knew so many golfers would prove it’s possible to be too anti-human rights even for the PGA?

Although, speaking of bad behavior, why does Dan Snyder still have an NFL team?

Back in 2016 Velveeta Voldemort refused to say he’d accept election results if he lost. So suppose we shouldn’t be surprised when once he had power that he tried to use all of it to stay in office – laws and votes be d*mned.

So with these anti-abortion “life begins at fertilization” bills that some states are passing in anticipation of Roe v Wade being overturned, when is the first rich white Republican woman and/or her doctor going to be arrested over a IVF pregnancy?

(It’s not just extra embryos that are often discarded, but “multifetal pregnancy reduction” is common if several embryos become fetuses..).

We’ve now sadly come to expect some deep-red state Senators to think they need to be complicit in Velveeta Voldemort’s Big Lie for political reasons. But Wisconsin is a purple state that elected Tammy Baldwin. Surely, Wisconsin you can un-elect Ron Johnson in November. #VoteBlue

Right now Liz Cheney is one of the best examples of perhaps my favorite Amy Klobuchar quote: “Courage means standing next to someone you don’t always agree with for the betterment of the country.”

GOP more upset about Colbert staffers hanging out in the halls of US Capitol with a dog puppet after interviews than about Uvalde police with guns hanging out in the halls of a school while children were being massacred.

When travel agents travel, we are all used to clients having crises while we’re gone. This week no exception… except that this time it’s probably a client a day coming down with symptomatic COVID. No joke. Be careful out there.

Nasty brutish and short.

June 20, 2022

17-2 loss to Arkansas, 6-2 loss to Auburn. College World Series in Omaha is amazing. But #2 seed Stanford has to be thinking… we went all that way for this?

Washington Commanders owner Daniel Snyder has refused a 2nd request to testify before Congress for a House Oversight Committee investigating the Commanders’ alleged “toxic workplace culture.”

Is Snyder signaling he’s planning to run for office as a Republican?

The same GOP that impeached Bill Clinton for lying about a consensual affair, has no problem with Velveeta Voldemort, Herschel Walker and Eric Greitens. “Family values.”

So if Texas does decide to secede can anyone give me a reason why the rest of the US shouldn’t let them go?

(I would, however, happily give Gregg Popovich dual citizenship.)

We now live in a US where physically abusing your wife-girlfriend, blackmailing a woman with nude pictures & talking about shooting your opponents is just fine with leadership of one major party. But calling out treason – that will get you attacked, primaried & denounced.

Some in Texas GOP actually physically assaulted Rep. Dan Crenshaw, calling him “Eyepatch McCain,” because he won’t go along with Velveeta Voldemort’s election lie. They meant it as an insult. but our country would benefit if Crenshaw aspired to be more like John McCain.

I’ve been a “common ground” kind of gal since before I really knew politics. Even so, the idea even a few years ago that I could find common ground with … Liz Cheney?!!!

Not just pilot shortages. Kept mask on for most of Delta intl flight recently. Just 1 flight attendant masked. He told me privately he knew many colleagues who gleefully threw away their masks while traveling & got COVID. If not enough flight crew, airlines do cancel flights.

Not sure if it’s public information or not but now would be a good time for some enterprising journalist to dig into how many flight attendants are calling in sick with COVID.

No mercy rule

June 19, 2022

Baseball has some heartbreaking “would have, could have, should have” losses… At least Stanford’s 17-2 loss to Arkansas in College World Series wasn’t one of those.

For years, I was a big fan of Phil Mickelson. And we thought Tiger Woods fell from grace in a hurry….

While they’re not on pace for a 107 win series, SF Giants keep finding ways to win. Is there a longevity record for using “smoke and mirrors?”

Some Colbert Late Show staffers were arrested filming a skit in what Capitol police said was an unauthorized location. Wonder if the staffers were deemed suspicious because they weren’t carrying typical tourist gear like bear spray and zip ties.

Velveeta Voldemort is upset with January 6 committee being aired, posting on “Truth Social,” – “I DEMAND EQUAL TIME” Well, his trial could have the biggliest ratings ever.

So if falling off a bike disqualifies you from being able to be President, would Fox News like to start showing pictures of Velveeta Voldemort biking around Mar-A-Lago?

Frustrated travelers (and travel agents) might be forgiven for giggling just a bit at this one: Pete Buttigieg, after a meeting with airline executives about their summer scheduling problems had to drive to New York from DC after HIS flight was canceled.

GOP Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker says he “never denied” existence of the three children he hadn’t publicly disclosed before. So would Herschel like to answer two simple questions: 1. Has he been paying child support? 2. How many other children does he know he has?

Look, we all have issues. But is there a single Republican willing to say Herschel Walker doesn’t need to be elected to the Senate, he needs to get serious mental help?

Jesus would have supported Pride. Heck, he’d probably be marching with a rainbow flag #loveoneanother

John Dean reminds us “nobody died at Watergate.” But also important, with Watergate, many REPUBLICANS figured “high crimes and misdemeanors” were reasons to vote to impeach a President.

Day late and a pound short.

June 17, 2022

A technicality meant that Phil Mickelson, suspended from the PGA for playing on the Saudi Tour, was allowed to compete in the US Open.

Karma apparently decided it would be half the Open.

One of the smaller bad things to come out of January 6 – it really raised the bar for the rest of us ever being able to complain about having the “worst boss ever,” (past present or future) when Mike Pence had a boss who tried to have him killed

Velveeta Voldemort is upset with January 6 committee being aired, posting on “Truth Social,” – “I DEMAND EQUAL TIME” Well, his trial could have the biggliest ratings ever.

Had a high school teacher, former Marine, a couple years after Watergate, who told us repeatedly that Richard Nixon had done NOTHING wrong. That teacher would have been perfect today as a Republican member of Congress.

Apparently some GOP Senators don’t want to include Amy Klobuchar’s boyfriend loophole in gun legislation compromise. So even Republicans who’ve accepted abusive husbands losing gun rights don’t mind if abusive boyfriends are armed? Wish this was satire.

Every time a business owner says publicly he is leaving a blue state over taxes, conservative media has a field day – “jobs! jobs! jobs!” So why aren’t they all over the “Disney delays moving 2,000 jobs to Florida amid fight with DeSantis” story?

Ut’s really pretty simple with Rep. Loudermilk. If the Congressman really was leading an innocent tour, he’d have said so. “Hey, I know Capitol was officially shut but my constituents and I thought COVID was overhyped and I wanted to give them a special holiday treat.”

Newly discovered emails between Ginni Thomas and John Eastman appear so damning that Fox News will have to have major headlines about Hunter Biden.

Apparently CNN’s new boss Chris Licht told network to stop using phrase “the big lie” about Velveeta Voldemort’s claims of a stolen election, saying it’s a Democratic party slogan. Meanwhile Fox News continues – “all big lie, all the time.”

So what if a teacher decides to become armed and then outs themselves as a sometimes drag queen?

There’s actually a very logical reason why some in GOP didn’t mind being seen on video giving tours of the Capitol before January. Because they thought the Former Guy’s coup would succeed.

GOP – Democrats aren’t focusing on the economy and issues that really affect average Americans. Also GOP, let’s get Americans really riled up about a handful of transgender women and girls who play sports.

As we approach SCOTUS Roe V. Wade decision: CDC estimates 2% of American children born in 2019 were conceived through IVF.

IVF not only expensive, but also results in throwaway embryos. Many GOP use it.

If abortion is outlawed in some states at conception…

Lauren Boebert say she will sue over allegations she was a paid escort. I don’t judge that kind of work. But does Lauren realize that her lawsuit opens her up to full disclosure and counter investigations? Thoughts and prayers.

We came very very close to dead members of Congress on January 6.

Me first?

June 17, 2022

As count of women alledging sexual misconduct against DeShaun Watson stands at 24, new Browns QB says he has no regrets but does regret impact it’s triggered on so many people. “It’s tough to have to deal with.” “Tough to have to deal with?” So Watson think’s HE’s the victim?

Signs of summer in baseball, weather heating up, getting closer to the All-Star break, and Stephen Strasburg, back on the injured list.

GOP – Democrats are talking about climate change and guns instead of focusing on the economy and issues that really affect average Americans.

Also GOP, let’s get Americans really riled up about a handful of transgender women and girls who play sports.

Only silver lining in Velveeta Voldemort having ripped off his cult members after 2020 for donations that went directly into his pockets… That’s money that DIDN’T go to Republican candidates. (And who know how much a difference it might have made, in say, Georgia?)

In Ohio now, a teacher can carry a gun with just 24 hours of training.

So I’m wondering what happens if a teacher gets armed and says, with gun in hand, the heck with it, I’m going to teach banned books, talk about the history of racism in this country, AND about LGBTQ rights.

Meanwhile, while many of us hope just to keep assault weapons out of the hands of teenagers, the United Kingdom has calmly, even under a Conservative government, restricted kids buying knives. And this is at a regular department store.

Florida Gov. DeathSantis threatening to call child protective services on parents who bring children to drag shows “”totally inappropriate…not something children should be exposed to…” But kids hearing on news other children were decapitated by AR-15 bullets in Texas is fine?

A top Fox News website headline now is about Paul Pelosi’s mugshot for alleged DUI. So if it’s about spouses of powerful people in DC now, still waiting for Fox News to ANY coverage of Ginni Thomas’s alleged treason for trying to overthrow an election.

As the January 6 committee hearings continue, a question for anyone who still believes the Former Guy – how many people, including his own former staffers, have to be lying for him to be telling the truth?

Serious travel agent PSA again. Americans no longer need to test negative for COVID to return from traveling overseas. Anyone who feels sick SHOULD still test. But flights are full and people want to get home. So we know everyone with symptoms won’t test. Be careful out there.


June 12, 2022

As kid learned to hate Notre Dame when my grandfather complained priests pushed Catholic athletes to go there.

But getting to College World Series by upsetting Tennessee? Who Fighting Irish coach Jarrett called “best No. 1 team in any college sport this year?”

OK, well played.

Still hate ND football.

Ok, SF Giants fans, let’s be honest. After a really bad performance against the lowly Rockies, how many Giants fans were going into this weekend against the LA Dodgers thinking “Please don’t get swept?

On Pride weekend, remembering this response just a few years ago from SF Giants legend Willie Mays, asked if a openly gay player would be accepted in the locker room. Three words. “Can he hit?”

Is there a more anti-climactic sporting event than the Belmont Stakes when there’s no potential Triple Crown winner?

Has it occurred to any of these QAnon crazies that if JFK Jr were alive he’d likely be in Biden’s cabinet?

Last week Tomi Lahren mocked the “woke” SF Giants. . Well on Pride Weekend the “woke” SF Giants, despite several injuries and one cobbled together bullpen game, just swept the LA Dodgers!

Really tired of hearing on a regular basis who Velveeta Voldemort is attacking and who he is supporting this week. Hey media, why don’t you start covering who Hillary Clinton is supporting? She got more votes than he did.

As COVID restrictions are rescinded while we still don’t know much about long Covid, your reminder that last time GOP had the House they focused much of their attention on trying to repeal Obamacare.

Along with trying to make it harder for people to vote, GOP has sadly figured something out: Instead of solving problems and actually making life better for Americans it is easier to give people other people to blame.

This President Biden quote isn’t getting enough traction: ‘Exxon made more money than God this year'” And since GOP claims to care about higher prices, why isn’t a single Republican calling out oil companies for price gouging?

Not exactly buzzer beaters.

June 11, 2022

Has there been an NBA playoff game in the last month that ended up closer than 10 points?

As an San Antonio Spurs fan don’t have a dog in this NBA finals fight between Golden State &- Boston . But open note to Celtics – scoring 3 points in the last 5 minutes of the fourth quarter is not a way to win many games.

So how did SF Giants look that bad for three games against the lowly Rockies, and then completely dominate the LA Dodgers tonight? Baseball is a funny game.

Washington Commanders Defensive Coordinator Jack Del Rio has been fined for comparing January 6 to the protests after George Floyd’s murder. Bummer, I read the story and thought it said “fired” not fined.

Fully aware that Liz Cheney has aspirations of leading GOP if party ever stages a Velveeta Voldemort exorcism. But what gets me, why is there NO other elected Republican with both similar ambitions and cojones?

Why do I have a feeling Ivanka isn’t bringing the kids for a Father’s Day brunch at Mar-A-Lago this year?

Fox News wants us to believe everything that happened on January 6 was spontaneous & no big deal. But man who called 911 on himself outside Brett Kavanaugh’s home, saying he was in need of psychiatric help & told judge “I’m not thinking clearly,” was part of big nefarious liberal plot.

2 printable words – Yeah. Right.

Client just emailed to complain he tested before coming home tomorrow from Europe to US and if he’d just waited 2 days he wouldn’t need test. On brighter side, everyone flying back to US this weekend will know everyone else on plane tested negative!

US going to lift COVID testing requirement to return from foreign countries. While this may put more Americans at risk of variants hard to imagine people returning from overseas are now any more dangerous than those returning from say…Florida.

Same people who think Speaker Nancy Pelosi is somehow responsible for her husband Paul’s DUI arrest are strangely silent about SCOTUS judge Clarence Thomas’s wife Ginni lobbying 29 Arizona lawmakers to overturn the 2020 election.

So did a single Republican complaining about Congress spending time on the January 6 committee hearing also complain about the time spent with 33 hearings on Benghazi?

Hope no one tells Velveeta Voldemort 20 million people watched the opening of the January 6 hearings. That’s more than 7 times the number of people who watch Fox News and 3 times the number who ever watched “The Apprentice.”

How impressive was U.S. Capitol Police Officer Caroline Edwards? Even Fox News and Republicans haven’t attacked her. (Yet.)

More than a bit outside.

June 10, 2022

Angel Hernandez is alleging in a lawsuit that “MLB manipulated its internal umpiring metrics to disadvantage minorities.” No argument on MLB having diversity issues, but maybe a lawsuit would have a better chance if it weren’t filed by the worst umpire in the game.

White Sox lost 11-9 to the Dodgers and Chicago manager Tony La Russa was criticized after issuing an intentional walk to Trea Turner on a 1-2 count, and then Max Muncy immediately hit a 3 run home run.

La Russa defended the analytics of it. With two strikes?! Of course this is the same Tony La Russa who once issued an intentional walk to Barry Bonds. In spring training.

So how can Democrats get Fox News to start covering January 6 hearings. Maybe if someone mentions “Benghazi?”

Would any Republican, especially those who are contradicting their own words from January 2021, dare to tell Liz Cheney she’s a liar to her face? Or would they like to say that her father on a hunting trip?

Dear Media. Please show video clips of January 6 witnesses as often as you showed that clip of an actor slapping a comic. Thank you. democracy.

Joe Biden at Summit of the Americas when they play “Hail to the Chief.” “I’ve only been President a year & a half but every time I walk into the room & everyone stands up I

One of those “Wish I’d said that.” Stephen Colbert’s line of the night: After clip of Ivanka Trump asked on Bill Barr’s denying election fraud & responding “I respect Attorney General Barr so I accepted what he was saying”. “Must have been a bittersweet moment for the former president. She finally screwed him.”

Federalist’s CEO on Fox accuses Democrats of trying to destroy republic, attacking Trump w/ hoaxes & then “the whole COVID thing – which they used as pretext for massive rollup of power… ” “the COVID thing?” 1,000,000 dead

Had to change channel before I threw something at TV.


June 9, 2022

Boston Celtics won tonight against the Golden State Warriors, 116-100.

And for the first and only time in the NBA Finals, the next game is only 2 days (instead of 3 days) away. So there’s a chance maybe players might remember tonight’s game?

So if 24 lawsuits by women allegeding sexual misconduct aren’t enough for the NFL to suspend Deshaun Watson would the league like to give us a number for how many it would take?

Washington Commanders defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio called the January 6 insurrection at the US Capitol a “dust-up” in comparison to protests that followed George Floyd’s murder.

So in case you were thinking owner Dan Snyder was the only a**hole connected with the Washington Football team.

You know who hasn’t moved on from January 6? Brian Sicknick.

Final totals in Pennsylvania Senate primary:

Oz 419,999 votes McCormick 419,048 votes Difference: 951 votes

And in Florida in 2018 Ron Deathsantis won by about 32,000 votes out of over 8 million. While Rick Scott beat Bill Nelson by fewer than 11,000 votes.

If your vote didn’t matter GOP wouldn’t try so hard to stop you voting.

Ulvade survivor Miah Cerrillo, 11, volunteered heartbreaking testimony before House today. GOP Rep Andy Biggs was outraged. But not by her awful details. He accused Dems of re-traumatizing Miah by “bringing that poor little girl to relive this.” Four words again “Pro Life My A**”

Man arrested near Brett Kavanaugh’s home & charged w/attempted murder called 911 on HIMSELF.

And in court he told the judge “I think I have reasonable understanding (of what’s happening), but wouldn’t say I’m thinking clearly.”

Textbook example of why we need mental health checks to buy guns.

Reminder. The drinking age in many states used to be 18. It was raised to 21 largely to cut down on the number of traffic accidents and fatalities. And the liquor industry is doing just fine. But guns now kill more Americans than car accidents.

MAGA Twitter & conservative media going crazy over a false report that DUI charges against Paul Pelosi have been dropped. It takes time in California to decide charges.

What are the odds if/when Paul is charged by DA and/or pleads no contest that they will issue an apology?

Numbers game

June 8, 2022

NY now says newly signed Browns QB Deshaun Watson booked massage appointments with at least 66 different women over 17 months, from fall 2019 through spring 2021.

And 24 women on that list have filed lawsuits against Watson.

Leaving aside the scary math, you’d think someone rich who was that into massages would put a masseuse on payroll..

So after world outrage, a minimum age IS being raised. In 2026, Olympic figure skaters will have to be at at least 17.

GOP, when they aren’t trying to ban abortion completely, wants mandatory waiting periods for women seeking abortions. But per John Cornyn: “A mandatory, across-the-board waiting period for 18-21 year olds (to buy guns) is not being considered.”

Again, 4 words “Pro life my a**.”

Some conservative media complaining that actor Matthew McConaughey, along with coaches like Steve Kerr & Gabe Kapler, are speaking out for gun control. They think celebrities & sports figures are unqualified to speak out & should stick to running for office as Republicans?

Stephen Colbert talking about January 6 hearings being televised this week in prime-time: “So get ready for your new favorite show “America’s Got Treason.”

RIP Jim Seals of Seals and Crofts – a big part of the soundtrack of my high school years, “Get Closer, “Summer Breeze,” “We May Never Pass This Way Again.”

He was 80.

How did he, and “Dash” Crofts get to be 80?!!!

I feel old.

Former Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke had so many scandals, even Velveeta Voldemort ultimately decided he should resign. Now Zinke may have won congressional primary in Montana. GOP may have to buy some of those “Vote for the Crook” bummer stickers they’ve had in Louisiana.

CNN headline “Voters aren’t engaged. This could be problem for Democrats.” Look, I’ve been “engaged” Democrat since childhood & unless you have favorite candidate or it’s Presidential year, hard for folks to get “engaged” during primaries. November matters. #VoteBlueNoMatterWho

To out of California followers, conservative media will be all over San Francisco recalling DA Chesa Boudin. SF is not rejecting liberal values. He’ll probably be replaced by someone w/ similar politics. For number of reasons, many DEMOCRATS just really don’t like Chesa Boudin.

Still don’t think we need to allow more immigrants into this country? Next time you stand in line at an airport, or for a rental car, or at a hotel, or in a restaurant & you’re furious about waiting.. .ask if they’re trying to hire. The answer will almost always be yes

Stanford baseball

June 8, 2022


(For those who didn’t watch or know – 1-1 game in an elimination game 7 for the regionals. They gave up 2 runs in top of 9th to Texas State. But walked it off in the bottom of the 9th, 4-3.)

Now a 24th woman has accused Deshaun Watson of inappropriate sexual conduct during massage sessions.

“When you’re a star they let you do it…”

Now it’s Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf with COVID (for a 2nd time.) And Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg getting COVID for the first time.

It’s all Democrats lately. Forget admitting they have COVID, will any Republican politician even admit they are testing for COVID?

You don’t have to agree with Liz Cheney on many things to know she is absolutely right about January 6.

At times like this, I really miss Molly Ivins. But here’s one of her many great quotes:

“I know: ‘Guns Don’t Kill People.’ But I suspect that they have something to do with it. If you point your finger at someone and say, “Bang, bang, you’re dead,” not much actually happens.

After Parkland massacre, then Florida Gov Rick Scott signed “red flag law” which also banned 18-20-yr-olds from buying semiautomatic rifles. Scott now against federal legislation & says “All this stuff ought to be done at state level.” Translation, as Senator I need more NRA $$?

Senator John Cornyn complaining about doors & saying you shouldn’t be able to just walk into a school. Because “you can’t just walk into an airport very easily.” Uh, yes, actually you CAN just walk into an airport very easily. You just can’t walk past TSA into boarding area.

Does anyone seriously think a school locked door is any match for an automatic weapon and a shooter with body armor?

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson facing a no-confidence vote from his own party today in large part over having parties during the most stringent COVID lockdown time. By comparison to Velveeta Voldemort, Boris’s behavior seems so quaint.

On the anniversary of D-Day, you get the sense today’s GOP would have tried to stop the US operation if they could have… just to keep FDR from being successful.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott requested active shooter training for ALL school-based officers in Texas. So can someone explain to me how kids would be upset in school by learning about history or seeing pictures of other kids with two moms, but not bothered at all by reading this in the news?

So what are the odds Muskrat never intended to buy Twitter and this whole thing was comparatively cheap publicity? (And that’s if he actually pays the $1 billion termination fee.)

Remember Popovich-Kerr 2020?

June 6, 2022

Wouldn’t have been a bad ticket.

Spurs coach Gregg Popovich yesterday at a San Antonio rally for gun control about Ted Cruz. “He’s a Harvard grad. He’s no dummy. But he thinks WE’RE dummies.”

Nailed it.

Rays pitcher Jason Adam, on he and four teammates not wearing rainbow Pride logo “not that we look down on anybody” but “don’t want to encourage it if we believe in Jesus, who’s encouraged us to live a lifestyle that would abstain from that behavior”

Would Adam like to quote Jesus on gays? I’ll wait.

Anyone who’s watched baseball tournaments starting in Little League knows that especially in losers’ brackets, you can run out of pitching and things often get ugly.

But Oklahoma State vs Missouri State was exceptional:

OSU down, 12-0 after 3. They won 29-15.

So in Florida what’s gonna happen if an armed teacher decides to say “gay” in the classroom?

And for that matter, so what happens if women arm themselves and start demanding Plan B at gunpoint?

When the morning headlines are “Three dead in mass shooting” and you have to ask “which one?” it’s time to change the gun laws. Past time.

A Republican PAC supporting Herschel Walker gave out over $4,000 in free gas vouchers at a rally for Walker in Georgia.

Yes, this is the same Republican party in the same state that made it a crime to hand out bottles of water to voters waiting in line at the pools…

No shame.

Brackets, brackets, who’s got brackets?

June 4, 2022

NCAA Baseball Regionals start this weekend, heading towards the College World Series. Though they aren’t a big television draw. Maybe if the NCAA started putting out brackets along regular notices that people are not supposed to bet on games. June Madness?

Dodgers, Mets and Yankees have the highest payrolls in MLB. They would all like to thank the 4th highest payroll Phillies for being an example that you can’t just buy your way to winning.

Boston Celtics players wore T-shirts with “WE ARE BG” written across them at practice Saturday in support of WNBA superstar Brittney Griner, still detained in Russia.

After Steve Kerr’s rant against guns last week following Uvalde shooting, going to be hard for some MAGAs to decide which NBA team they hate least.

Thoughts and prayers.

Hope major networks give as much airtime next week to January 6 Committee hearings as they gave to the Depp-Heard trial.

Maybe the reason many Republicans have no trust in government is they keep choosing incompetents with no experience as their candidates – Doctor Oz, Herschel Walker, Tommy Tuberville…

When there are regular world headline stories about mass shootings, we don’t ask, “which country?” We ask “which state?” It’s the guns, stupid.

So if one GOP excuse for mass shootings is now children not having fathers around, can we make it a felony for unmarried men not to wear condoms during sex? Would cut down on abortions too.

Republicans want to make it harder to vote than to buy a gun.

Kellyanne Conway’s memoir “Here’s the Deal,” has sold just 25,003 copies since its May 24 debut. Well, it’s about 10 times what Chris Christie’s book sold.