Name tags?

San Antonio Spurs, who made the play-in game, but lost to the New Orleans Pelicans, just traded their only All-Star, Dejounte Murray, for draft picks.

Well, yeah it’s a major rebuild. So guess this means Gregg Popovich, 73, is planning to be the first NBA head coach to win a title at 80?

Freddie Freeman fired his agent, reportedly for not being honest in his off-season dealings with the Braves, where Freddie hoped to re-sign.

Freeman ended up with the Dodgers and is having a good year.. But might be first time an agent was fired for negotiating a six-year $162 million contract.

US anti-choice groups & GOP-led state legislatures trying to stop women living where abortion is banned from seeking one elsewhere. But if life begins at conception, do bachelorette parties for red state women in blue states need to make sure souvenir list includes Plan B?

Memory & true confession from high school: For us Farrell’s waitresses, our duties included taking trash out. Learned great stress reliever was throwing it into dumpster, as hard as possible.

Best projectiles- EMPTY ketchup bottles. (Unlike Tr*mp, we threw into dumpster, not wall.)

Fox News hairsplitting for day. Whether or not SCOTUS judges actually lied in confirmation hearings about overturning Roe V. Wade.

Uh, even GOP Susan Collins said she was misled.

Besides while lying is bad, taking away rights from all American women of childbearing age is much worse.

Ketanji Brown Jackson officially becomes SCOTUS judge Thursday. Considering what Ketanji will have to put up with, is there a judicial equivalent of the Purple Heart, and can she be given it presumptively?

Great news that Senator Warnock has big lead in latest poll over Herschel Walker. But Georgia, don’t take ANYTHING for granted. The only poll that matters is election day. And if anyone thinks GOP is done trying to suppress votes…I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell them.

GOP blaming Biden for people trying to smuggle themselves across the border in trucks is like blaming a storeowner who strengthens locks on doors, if thieves then break windows to get into the store.

We have a labor shortage in the US. Seems to me that people desperate enough to try to get across the border in the back of an unairconditioned truck might be very motivated employees if US could fix our FUBARed immigration policy.

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