No justice

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell says he has no authority to remove Daniel Snyder as owner of the Washington Commanders. Translation, Goodell has no INTEREST in removing Snyder. Rich white men stick together.

But why does Daniel Snyder still have an NFL team?

Imagine how different the world would be today if men had listened to Anita Hill and Christine Blasey Ford.

Republican party that has no qualms about overturning a 50 year old precedent will have no qualms about overturning the filibuster the first chance they get if they retake the Senate.

He lied about Christine Blasey Ford. Why did Susan Collins or anyone else think Brett Kavanaugh wouldn’t lie about Roe V. Wade being settled precedent?

GOP, with so many anti-life policies, nonetheless claims being “pro-life” as their excuse for overturning Roe v. Wade But Clarence Thomas saying Supreme Court “should reconsider” past rulings on same-sex relationships & marriages, which don’t hurt anyone, is just plain hateful.

Fox News headline claims “leftists descend on Supreme Court hurling violent threats after Roe v. Wade overturned.” For some reason they don’t mention the truck that acually drove through a peaceful group of pro-choice protesters in Cedar Rapids. Sure it’s just a coincidence.

So are the states who have banned or will now be banning abortions also planning to write new laws declaring that not paying child support is a felony?

So what happens now if a woman who doesn’t want to be pregnant demands an abortion at gunpoint?

13 states, including Louisiana, Tennessee and Texas, have trigger laws to ban or curtail abortion now that SCOTUS overturned Roe V. Wade So if you’re a young woman planning to go to college in 1 of those states, heaven help you if you have a contraceptive failure. For starters.

I support a woman’s right to privacy but if some ex-wife, former girlfriend or relative of a Republican politician or pundit has had an abortion and is angry about today’s SCOTUS decision, now would be a great time to come forward.

As some of this testimony at January 6 Committee boggles belief, important to remember – it’s not that all the GOP leaders are that stupid. It’s that they think their voters are.

Some seem surprised that few of the January 6 conspirators bothered to cover their tracks at the time. Actually it’s pretty simple: They expected to win, and that their treason would be not punished, but rewarded.

Not sure what’s worse – the idea that many Republicans still don’t believe Velveeta Voldemort tried to overturn the election. Or that they know he did it and they don’t care.

Imagine if aspiring novelist had submitted prposed political thriller about reality TV host not only somehow winning Presidency once, then losing but also still managing to convince major party he was some sort of god who still deserved abject loyalty? Can you say “slush pile?”

Fox News headline “Bipartisan Senate gun bill gets icy reception from House Republicans.” Uh, if the Senate had a bipartisan bill celebrating motherhood and apple pie, House GOP would be complaining it excluded fathers and cake.

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