New York state of nine?

The Yankees were no-hit today by the Astros. No punchline, I just liked writing that.

NFL will begin their disciplinary hearing for Deshaun Watson as to possible suspensions for the new Browns QB, accused of “harassing, assaulting or touching 26 women during massage appointments.”

So if Watson gets off (so to speak) with a light sentence, can we now call it a “30 strikes and you’re out policy?”

So if we’re really going back to what Founding Fathers intended, can we let majorities in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina & Georgia decide gun and abortion etc rights for the entire country?

Marco Rubio claims on Fox that Dems exaggerate SCOTUS ruling: “There were still abortions today. Tragically, there’ll be abortions tomorrow because abortion is not banned.”

New Florida law Jul 1 bans abortion after 15 wks & GOP working on tighter rules.

SF Archbishop Cordileone, who’s infamously contradicted the Pope by saying Nancy Pelosi should be denied communion, called SCOTUS overturning Roe v. Wade “historic” & “the beginning not the end.” He’s not kidding. And this Supremely Evil Court might agree with him. #GetMadAndVote

Interesting. Even Fox News basically ignored Velveeta Voldemort’s Illinois rally. So he’s not just a loser, now he’s committed the ultimate sin in media minds – the Former Guy is just BORING.

Most of media handlines today about SCOTUS overturning Roe V. Wade. This headline from Fox News website – “Massive alligator kills man in ritzy yacht community — and attacks are worsening.”

After SCOTUS overturned Roe V. Wade, Ted Cruz yesterday called for AG Merrick Garland to “be on watch to stop any radicals threatening mob violence.” “Mob violence?”! As opposed to the “tourists” who showed up on January 6 with bear spray and zip ties?

New oxymoron “Supreme Court.”

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