And the hits just keep on coming.

Eight players were ejected in the second inning after Seattle Mariners and Los Angeles Angels had a full-team on-field brawl with multiple punches thrown.

Mariners fans were shocked. They didn’t know their team was capable of getting that many hits.

Weird watching Kenley Jansen blow a save for the Braves today.

Of course as an SF Giants fans I wanted Atlanta to beat the Dodgers.

On the other hand, have gotten awfully used to rooting against Jansen

ESPN headline “Colorado Avalanche win first Stanley Cup since 2001.”

And Toronto Maple Leafs fans are just cursing or weeping.

Media likes idea of midterms being train wreck for Democrats. Confirmation bias is real. And if Democrats keep House & as Amy Klobuchar has been saying, pick up 2 more Senate Seats, 2nd half of Biden’s term could be full of competent accomplishments. To media minds, boring.

Some anti-choice advocates claim abortion pills aren’t safe. FDA in 2018 said US mortality rate associated w/ abortion pills 0.65 deaths per 100,000. US Maternal mortality rate in childbirth – 17.4 per 100,000 pregnancies (& 3X higher for black women.) Again – pro life my a**.

In the wake of Roe being overturned, Red states are claiming they will expand their welfare programs for women & children. They’re as likely to do that as Velveeta Voldemort is to release his tax returns.

A new CBS poll founded 57% of American voters believe SCOTUS also will limit access to birth control and same-sex marriage. Uh, maybe because Clarence Thomas said that in writing?! “When someone tells you who they are, believe them.”

Some discussion as to if GOP retakes House & Senate if they would try a nationwide abortion ban. Of course, such a radical step would never get past filibuster or a Biden veto. Which begs question, which would GOP get rid of first, filibuster or veto power? They have no shame.

Meanwhile, while Gov Ron DeSantis continues pretending he’s an authoritarian king, ICYMI, Florida led the country in both (reported) COVID hospitalizations and deaths last week.

Anti-choice California GOP Sec of State candidate Rob Bernosky suggests people who support abortion should live in states like California that allow it, while those who don’t should live in states that restrict it. Because it’s just that easy to move. Yes, they are that awful.

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One Comment on “And the hits just keep on coming.”

  1. Marge Rudman Says:

    Life long Dodger fan here. So happy Kenley Jansen was pitching for the other guys last night. Found myself pulling for him to be true to form and he was.


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