Congrats to Colorado Rockies pitcher Chad Kuhl, who beat the LA Dodgers tonight at Coors Field. Per ESPN quoting AP story “Kuhl pitched a three-hitter for his first major league shutout.”

And kudos to the AP writer for not using the usual but redundant “complete game shutout.”

U.S. House Oversight Committe says Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder has not yet accepted their subpoena. The Committee is investigating allegations he fostered a toxic work culture in his organization. Who does Snyder think he is? A GOP politician?

So SCOTUS says it’s now okay if a high school football coach brings a copy of the Koran or the Torah to the sidelines for prayer before games? Got it.

Velveeta Voldemort sends fundraising email taking credit for SCOTUS overturning Roe. “Biggest WIN for LIFE in generation…my great honor to do so! Didn’t cave to Radical Left Dem, Fake News Media, or RINOs.” Uh, most Americans supported Roe. & per an interview the Former Guy gave himself, he wanted Marla to abort Tiffany.

Give me a bleeping break. CNN headline story this am “Liberals lament RBG’s decision to stay on court.” So it’s HER fault? What about lamenting Obama’s decision not to do a recess appt for Merrick Garland? Or blaming the real villian, Mitch McConnell?

So while we’re regulating people’s bodies, isn’t it about time someone starts a test case to claim there is no consitutional right to Viagra?

Conservative acquaintance said after SCOTUS overturned Roe v Wade that people should take responsibility for their actions. Presume he meant women having sex but seems to me for men sex should now not only require consent but also signed waiver promising child support if needed.

SCOTUS ruled in favor of high school coach who “invited” players to pray with him postgame at the 50 yard-line, as “protected by both Free Exercise & Free Speech Clauses of 1st Amendment.

So assume if a coach wants to share Joe Burrow’s defense (posted on Instagram) of a woman’s right to choose w/his players they’re OK w/ that too?

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One Comment on “Anti-redundancy!”

  1. Augustine Ruiz Says:

    I’m surprised they didn’t write “Christmas came early” for Colorado Rockies pitcher Chad Kuhl,

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