Nasty brutish and short.

17-2 loss to Arkansas, 6-2 loss to Auburn. College World Series in Omaha is amazing. But #2 seed Stanford has to be thinking… we went all that way for this?

Washington Commanders owner Daniel Snyder has refused a 2nd request to testify before Congress for a House Oversight Committee investigating the Commanders’ alleged “toxic workplace culture.”

Is Snyder signaling he’s planning to run for office as a Republican?

The same GOP that impeached Bill Clinton for lying about a consensual affair, has no problem with Velveeta Voldemort, Herschel Walker and Eric Greitens. “Family values.”

So if Texas does decide to secede can anyone give me a reason why the rest of the US shouldn’t let them go?

(I would, however, happily give Gregg Popovich dual citizenship.)

We now live in a US where physically abusing your wife-girlfriend, blackmailing a woman with nude pictures & talking about shooting your opponents is just fine with leadership of one major party. But calling out treason – that will get you attacked, primaried & denounced.

Some in Texas GOP actually physically assaulted Rep. Dan Crenshaw, calling him “Eyepatch McCain,” because he won’t go along with Velveeta Voldemort’s election lie. They meant it as an insult. but our country would benefit if Crenshaw aspired to be more like John McCain.

I’ve been a “common ground” kind of gal since before I really knew politics. Even so, the idea even a few years ago that I could find common ground with … Liz Cheney?!!!

Not just pilot shortages. Kept mask on for most of Delta intl flight recently. Just 1 flight attendant masked. He told me privately he knew many colleagues who gleefully threw away their masks while traveling & got COVID. If not enough flight crew, airlines do cancel flights.

Not sure if it’s public information or not but now would be a good time for some enterprising journalist to dig into how many flight attendants are calling in sick with COVID.

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