No mercy rule

Baseball has some heartbreaking “would have, could have, should have” losses… At least Stanford’s 17-2 loss to Arkansas in College World Series wasn’t one of those.

For years, I was a big fan of Phil Mickelson. And we thought Tiger Woods fell from grace in a hurry….

While they’re not on pace for a 107 win series, SF Giants keep finding ways to win. Is there a longevity record for using “smoke and mirrors?”

Some Colbert Late Show staffers were arrested filming a skit in what Capitol police said was an unauthorized location. Wonder if the staffers were deemed suspicious because they weren’t carrying typical tourist gear like bear spray and zip ties.

Velveeta Voldemort is upset with January 6 committee being aired, posting on “Truth Social,” – “I DEMAND EQUAL TIME” Well, his trial could have the biggliest ratings ever.

So if falling off a bike disqualifies you from being able to be President, would Fox News like to start showing pictures of Velveeta Voldemort biking around Mar-A-Lago?

Frustrated travelers (and travel agents) might be forgiven for giggling just a bit at this one: Pete Buttigieg, after a meeting with airline executives about their summer scheduling problems had to drive to New York from DC after HIS flight was canceled.

GOP Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker says he “never denied” existence of the three children he hadn’t publicly disclosed before. So would Herschel like to answer two simple questions: 1. Has he been paying child support? 2. How many other children does he know he has?

Look, we all have issues. But is there a single Republican willing to say Herschel Walker doesn’t need to be elected to the Senate, he needs to get serious mental help?

Jesus would have supported Pride. Heck, he’d probably be marching with a rainbow flag #loveoneanother

John Dean reminds us “nobody died at Watergate.” But also important, with Watergate, many REPUBLICANS figured “high crimes and misdemeanors” were reasons to vote to impeach a President.

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