As kid learned to hate Notre Dame when my grandfather complained priests pushed Catholic athletes to go there.

But getting to College World Series by upsetting Tennessee? Who Fighting Irish coach Jarrett called “best No. 1 team in any college sport this year?”

OK, well played.

Still hate ND football.

Ok, SF Giants fans, let’s be honest. After a really bad performance against the lowly Rockies, how many Giants fans were going into this weekend against the LA Dodgers thinking “Please don’t get swept?

On Pride weekend, remembering this response just a few years ago from SF Giants legend Willie Mays, asked if a openly gay player would be accepted in the locker room. Three words. “Can he hit?”

Is there a more anti-climactic sporting event than the Belmont Stakes when there’s no potential Triple Crown winner?

Has it occurred to any of these QAnon crazies that if JFK Jr were alive he’d likely be in Biden’s cabinet?

Last week Tomi Lahren mocked the “woke” SF Giants. . Well on Pride Weekend the “woke” SF Giants, despite several injuries and one cobbled together bullpen game, just swept the LA Dodgers!

Really tired of hearing on a regular basis who Velveeta Voldemort is attacking and who he is supporting this week. Hey media, why don’t you start covering who Hillary Clinton is supporting? She got more votes than he did.

As COVID restrictions are rescinded while we still don’t know much about long Covid, your reminder that last time GOP had the House they focused much of their attention on trying to repeal Obamacare.

Along with trying to make it harder for people to vote, GOP has sadly figured something out: Instead of solving problems and actually making life better for Americans it is easier to give people other people to blame.

This President Biden quote isn’t getting enough traction: ‘Exxon made more money than God this year'” And since GOP claims to care about higher prices, why isn’t a single Republican calling out oil companies for price gouging?

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