Me first?

As count of women alledging sexual misconduct against DeShaun Watson stands at 24, new Browns QB says he has no regrets but does regret impact it’s triggered on so many people. “It’s tough to have to deal with.” “Tough to have to deal with?” So Watson think’s HE’s the victim?

Signs of summer in baseball, weather heating up, getting closer to the All-Star break, and Stephen Strasburg, back on the injured list.

GOP – Democrats are talking about climate change and guns instead of focusing on the economy and issues that really affect average Americans.

Also GOP, let’s get Americans really riled up about a handful of transgender women and girls who play sports.

Only silver lining in Velveeta Voldemort having ripped off his cult members after 2020 for donations that went directly into his pockets… That’s money that DIDN’T go to Republican candidates. (And who know how much a difference it might have made, in say, Georgia?)

In Ohio now, a teacher can carry a gun with just 24 hours of training.

So I’m wondering what happens if a teacher gets armed and says, with gun in hand, the heck with it, I’m going to teach banned books, talk about the history of racism in this country, AND about LGBTQ rights.

Meanwhile, while many of us hope just to keep assault weapons out of the hands of teenagers, the United Kingdom has calmly, even under a Conservative government, restricted kids buying knives. And this is at a regular department store.

Florida Gov. DeathSantis threatening to call child protective services on parents who bring children to drag shows “”totally inappropriate…not something children should be exposed to…” But kids hearing on news other children were decapitated by AR-15 bullets in Texas is fine?

A top Fox News website headline now is about Paul Pelosi’s mugshot for alleged DUI. So if it’s about spouses of powerful people in DC now, still waiting for Fox News to ANY coverage of Ginni Thomas’s alleged treason for trying to overthrow an election.

As the January 6 committee hearings continue, a question for anyone who still believes the Former Guy – how many people, including his own former staffers, have to be lying for him to be telling the truth?

Serious travel agent PSA again. Americans no longer need to test negative for COVID to return from traveling overseas. Anyone who feels sick SHOULD still test. But flights are full and people want to get home. So we know everyone with symptoms won’t test. Be careful out there.

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