Not exactly buzzer beaters.

Has there been an NBA playoff game in the last month that ended up closer than 10 points?

As an San Antonio Spurs fan don’t have a dog in this NBA finals fight between Golden State &- Boston . But open note to Celtics – scoring 3 points in the last 5 minutes of the fourth quarter is not a way to win many games.

So how did SF Giants look that bad for three games against the lowly Rockies, and then completely dominate the LA Dodgers tonight? Baseball is a funny game.

Washington Commanders Defensive Coordinator Jack Del Rio has been fined for comparing January 6 to the protests after George Floyd’s murder. Bummer, I read the story and thought it said “fired” not fined.

Fully aware that Liz Cheney has aspirations of leading GOP if party ever stages a Velveeta Voldemort exorcism. But what gets me, why is there NO other elected Republican with both similar ambitions and cojones?

Why do I have a feeling Ivanka isn’t bringing the kids for a Father’s Day brunch at Mar-A-Lago this year?

Fox News wants us to believe everything that happened on January 6 was spontaneous & no big deal. But man who called 911 on himself outside Brett Kavanaugh’s home, saying he was in need of psychiatric help & told judge “I’m not thinking clearly,” was part of big nefarious liberal plot.

2 printable words – Yeah. Right.

Client just emailed to complain he tested before coming home tomorrow from Europe to US and if he’d just waited 2 days he wouldn’t need test. On brighter side, everyone flying back to US this weekend will know everyone else on plane tested negative!

US going to lift COVID testing requirement to return from foreign countries. While this may put more Americans at risk of variants hard to imagine people returning from overseas are now any more dangerous than those returning from say…Florida.

Same people who think Speaker Nancy Pelosi is somehow responsible for her husband Paul’s DUI arrest are strangely silent about SCOTUS judge Clarence Thomas’s wife Ginni lobbying 29 Arizona lawmakers to overturn the 2020 election.

So did a single Republican complaining about Congress spending time on the January 6 committee hearing also complain about the time spent with 33 hearings on Benghazi?

Hope no one tells Velveeta Voldemort 20 million people watched the opening of the January 6 hearings. That’s more than 7 times the number of people who watch Fox News and 3 times the number who ever watched “The Apprentice.”

How impressive was U.S. Capitol Police Officer Caroline Edwards? Even Fox News and Republicans haven’t attacked her. (Yet.)

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