More than a bit outside.

Angel Hernandez is alleging in a lawsuit that “MLB manipulated its internal umpiring metrics to disadvantage minorities.” No argument on MLB having diversity issues, but maybe a lawsuit would have a better chance if it weren’t filed by the worst umpire in the game.

White Sox lost 11-9 to the Dodgers and Chicago manager Tony La Russa was criticized after issuing an intentional walk to Trea Turner on a 1-2 count, and then Max Muncy immediately hit a 3 run home run.

La Russa defended the analytics of it. With two strikes?! Of course this is the same Tony La Russa who once issued an intentional walk to Barry Bonds. In spring training.

So how can Democrats get Fox News to start covering January 6 hearings. Maybe if someone mentions “Benghazi?”

Would any Republican, especially those who are contradicting their own words from January 2021, dare to tell Liz Cheney she’s a liar to her face? Or would they like to say that her father on a hunting trip?

Dear Media. Please show video clips of January 6 witnesses as often as you showed that clip of an actor slapping a comic. Thank you. democracy.

Joe Biden at Summit of the Americas when they play “Hail to the Chief.” “I’ve only been President a year & a half but every time I walk into the room & everyone stands up I

One of those “Wish I’d said that.” Stephen Colbert’s line of the night: After clip of Ivanka Trump asked on Bill Barr’s denying election fraud & responding “I respect Attorney General Barr so I accepted what he was saying”. “Must have been a bittersweet moment for the former president. She finally screwed him.”

Federalist’s CEO on Fox accuses Democrats of trying to destroy republic, attacking Trump w/ hoaxes & then “the whole COVID thing – which they used as pretext for massive rollup of power… ” “the COVID thing?” 1,000,000 dead

Had to change channel before I threw something at TV.

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