Boston Celtics won tonight against the Golden State Warriors, 116-100.

And for the first and only time in the NBA Finals, the next game is only 2 days (instead of 3 days) away. So there’s a chance maybe players might remember tonight’s game?

So if 24 lawsuits by women allegeding sexual misconduct aren’t enough for the NFL to suspend Deshaun Watson would the league like to give us a number for how many it would take?

Washington Commanders defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio called the January 6 insurrection at the US Capitol a “dust-up” in comparison to protests that followed George Floyd’s murder.

So in case you were thinking owner Dan Snyder was the only a**hole connected with the Washington Football team.

You know who hasn’t moved on from January 6? Brian Sicknick.

Final totals in Pennsylvania Senate primary:

Oz 419,999 votes McCormick 419,048 votes Difference: 951 votes

And in Florida in 2018 Ron Deathsantis won by about 32,000 votes out of over 8 million. While Rick Scott beat Bill Nelson by fewer than 11,000 votes.

If your vote didn’t matter GOP wouldn’t try so hard to stop you voting.

Ulvade survivor Miah Cerrillo, 11, volunteered heartbreaking testimony before House today. GOP Rep Andy Biggs was outraged. But not by her awful details. He accused Dems of re-traumatizing Miah by “bringing that poor little girl to relive this.” Four words again “Pro Life My A**”

Man arrested near Brett Kavanaugh’s home & charged w/attempted murder called 911 on HIMSELF.

And in court he told the judge “I think I have reasonable understanding (of what’s happening), but wouldn’t say I’m thinking clearly.”

Textbook example of why we need mental health checks to buy guns.

Reminder. The drinking age in many states used to be 18. It was raised to 21 largely to cut down on the number of traffic accidents and fatalities. And the liquor industry is doing just fine. But guns now kill more Americans than car accidents.

MAGA Twitter & conservative media going crazy over a false report that DUI charges against Paul Pelosi have been dropped. It takes time in California to decide charges.

What are the odds if/when Paul is charged by DA and/or pleads no contest that they will issue an apology?

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