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June 1, 2022

Top ESPN baseball story tonight – Mike Trout might quit as fantasy football commissioner over Tommy Pham’s slapping Joc Pederson. Will Smith/Chris Rock story hasn’t died yet. So to get attention on gun control, abortion rights & voting rights who does some Senator have to slap?


The Pittsburgh Pirates swept the LA Dodgers in a 3 game series this week. No punchline, I just like writing it.

Trivial in grand scheme of things, but baseball games are routinely delayed while NY replay crews watch replay from many different angles – if someone’s foot was off a bag by an inch or for a half second, or something similar..

But when an umpire misses a pitch by six inches or more, it’s shrugged off as “part of the game?”


Time for robot umps in MLB

Are any fans quicker to boo the home team than Philadelphia fans?

So maybe we should start flying the US flag permanently at half staff?

There’s a verdict in the Depp-Heard trial? I really don’t care, do U?

Two of the biggest stories of 2022 involve celebrities. But if one of the January 6 insurrectionists had slapped a member of Congress or allegedly defecated on a sofabed in the US Capitol, think that might have kept media interest in the attempted coup?

Muskrat didn’t just say in an internal memo that he doesn’t want SpaceX employees to work remotely, he said anyone who didn’t want to “spend a MINIMUM of 40 hours in the office per week would be fired.” Yeah, he’s a Republican alright.

So the (alleged) shooter in Tulsa died by suicide. These people bent on murder-suicide always do it in the wrong order.

Fox News’s Laura Ingraham trying again to link marijuana use to “pot psychosis” & violence. But does she have statistics on how many pot users have murdered bags of Doritos?

Reminder for all those who applied their purity tests to Hillary Clinton in 2016. Had she won, we’d have Merrick Garland and two of her nominees instead of Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Barrett on SCOTUS now.

Extra action.

June 1, 2022

Phillies manager Joe Girardi pitches to Joc Pederson in 11th with a 5-4 lead and 1st base open.

Meanwhile, after Pederson hit it 430 feet, SF Giants manager Gabe Kapler looked at Bryce Harper in the bottom of the inning, and said “put the tying run on base and winning run at the plate to avoid pitching to Harper? No-brainer.

You think you had a bad day at work? Although the Giants won, SF Giants relief pitcher John Brebbia, threw just 13 pitches in one inning to four batters. One run, no outs, 3 hits and one walk. (the last on 6 pitches.)

Nick Saban is now claiming he didn’t disparage Texas A&M and Jimbo Fisher when he said A&M had “bought every player.” “

“I didn’t say anybody did anything wrong.”

So Saban wants us to believe he was praising Fisher’s shopping abilities?

Another woman is accusing Deshaun Watson of sexual assault. Number 23. So another “he said she she said she said she said she said she said she said she said she said she said she said she said she said she said she said she said she said she said she said she said she said she said situation.”

In all seriousness if Andrew Yang had even done the work of trying to accomplish something in elected office at a state or local level I’d take him more seriously.

Travel agent moment that would be funny if it weren’t real life: Client emails today – know we have to get COVID test to get back in USA but my wife is worried. If we test positive it doesn’t mean we have to stay in Europe for a while does it? Uh, that is EXACTLY what it means.

MAGAs – Velveeta Voldemort is going to win!

He loses – The election was rigged

MAGAs – Hillary’s lawyer is going to be found guilty! He’s acquitted.

The jury was rigged. See the pattern?

As GOP candidates for Senate bicker in PA over which ballots to count, your reminder Amy Klobuchar & Elizabeth Warren have a no drama bill to reduce election problems by providing federal funding to help states & localities administer elections, train nonpartisan poll workers & eliminate barriers to voting.

Police in Uvalde have now been caught in repeated lies, the most recent that they accused a teacher of leaving a door open when she was seen on surveillance video closing it. Lying to the police is a crime. Lying by the police should be.

Gym Jordan is actually claiming “the big takeaway” in today’s verdict on Hillary Clinton’s lawyer is that Hillary is somehow guilty of something. No, the “big takeaway” is that Sussman was found innocent and that Jordan is a lying sack of something you use as fertilizer.

WTAF? Fox News headline “Despite acquittal, Durham trial of Sussmann added to evidence Clinton campaign plotted to tie Trump to Russia.” What’s next “Despite recounts proving Biden’s victory, Velveeta Voldemort efforts to stage coup added to evidence 2020 election was rigged?