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Finishing not so strong.

June 2, 2022

Even the Atlanta Falcons can’t believe what happened to the Golden State Warriors in the 4th quarter.

Per ESPN, Tom Brady said yesterday he “felt pressure to end his retirement because of free agency.” Give me a bleeping break. Translation, probably took Giselle a week to get tired of Tom hanging around the house.

GOP – We need to tighten regulations for Americans to vote. Also GOP – We don’t need to tighten regulations for Americans to buy guns. Republicans think ballots are more dangerous than bullets.

If anti-choice protesters can show up outside clinics with graphic pictures of aborted fetuses, why can’t pro-gun control protesters show up outside the U.S. Capitol with graphic pictures of the bodies of children killed by AR-15s?

So is there ANY place in the country that GOP doesn’t believe should have one door now? Wonder how all those Republican members of Congress would have reacted if there was only one door out of the US Capitol on January 6?

McConnell said John Cornyn will be GOP Senator working with Chris Murphy on gun control legislation after Buffalo, Uvalde (and now Tulsa.) Cornyn just tweeted “Not gonna happen” about making gun laws more restrictive. GOP is the anti-life party.

President Biden points while some say “An 18 year old can use weapons in the military, someone in the military is trained to use a gun responsibly.” Yep, well-trained 18 year olds can compete at NASCAR. But Hertz still won’t rent most 18 year olds a car.

Lionel Shriver wrote “We Need to Talk About Kevin,” an absolutely haunting novel from the perspective of the mother of a young man who massacred students at their school. Wonder if that book would be considered too upsetting and banned now if GOP knew about it?

I challenge ANY Republican to provide an example of where a civilian having an AR-15 saved lives. Would take a h*ll of a lot of characters tweets to share examples – just in 2022 – where AR-15s meant people including children lost their lives.

One of travel agency clients traveling next weekend emailed me worried because her husband felt sick today though “so far negative.” This after having her adult son visit & go out repeatedly w/ friends last weekend to bars etc. We all want COVID to be over. COVID is NOT over.