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It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

April 16, 2013

A little light on the political and the trivial (if that’s not an oxymoron) today for obvious reasons:

Personally, my goal at the moment is to see “Sweet Caroline” sung before the bottom of the 8th inning at Yankee Stadium.

Thinking about whoever is behind the Boston Marathon bombings: We don’t know yet about race, creed, color or national origin. But would bet money on “male.”

Okay, this is cool. Some real winners in the race today: From NBC Sports Network: “Reports of Marathon Runners that crossed finish line and continued to run to Mass General Hospital to give blood to victims #PrayforBoston”

Americans do tend to treat each other better when bad things happen to us: Meaning that, at least for a short time, fans wearing Red Sox caps will never be safer in Yankee Stadium.

Open note to anyone who regularly uses a backpack: the next few weeks are going to be a really bad time to leave it on a chair or table while you stand in line for coffee or whatever.

Considering what he said about Anne Frank can we all hope that if Justin Bieber wants to comment on Boston that someone will tell him in advance to STFU?

How quickly things change. The most sports-related violence anyone expected tomorrow was potentially at the first Dodgers-Padres game after Carlos Quentin broke Zack Greinke’s collarbone.


Trivial sports comment of the day:  In Colorado, players from both the Mets and Rockies teams had planned to wear #42 in honor of Jackie Robinson. But the game was postponed, for snow. Responded SF Giants players and fans who remember Candlestick – “Wimps!”


Stumbling forward into Spring?

March 10, 2013

Just thinking, if we’re going to lose an hour wouldn’t most Americans prefer it to be during working hours on Monday?

Many Americans are worried about the hour they are losing out of their lives this weekend. So they are relieving stress by playing more online games and looking for additional pictures of cats to post.

Marshmallow Peeps are celebrating their 60th anniversary this year. And some of the original products from 1953 no doubt taste as fresh as the day they were made.

Ah nanny states. So starting this week in New York,due to the new surgary soda rule you won’t be able to order a pitcher of Coca Cola when you go out with friends. But you will be able to order a pitcher of beer or margaritas….

Jim Carrey, who originally said he was out of a “Dumb and Dumber” sequel, now says he would consider it. In the meantime, there’s always C-Span.


A major brawl broke out during Canada’s 10-3 WBC win today over Mexico. What did they think this was, a hockey game?


Regarding this WBC brawl between Canada and Mexico, wonder how many baseball people are privately thinking “A few more of these would do wonders for ratings.”

Mariano Rivera, who will retire at the end of 2013, says “The last game I hope will be throwing the last pitch in the World Series. Winning the World Series, that would be my ambition.” So the season hasn’t started, and Rivera already wants to be traded?


RNC chairman Reince Priebus’s said this week that MSNBC contributed to GOP losses in the 2012 election. Shocking?  Someone thinks MSNBC actually has power?

(Maybe he should have complained that Fox didn’t have enough.)

WTF moment. TSA now says bringing 3.5 ounces or more of liquids through security is still forbidden, but small knives including box cutters are okay. Although we have never actually had terrorists use liquids on planes….

If anyone’s tried to bring a partially empty bottle through security, TSA will take it away, even if you have less than 3.5 ounces of liquid inside. Because they say terrorists could mix small amounts of stuff together in a larger container. Fair enough, so then post security – stores selling large water and soda bottles. Sigh.

An JetBlue plane was taken out of service after it was clipped by an Air India jet this morning at JFK. Let the un-PC foreign driver jokes begin…..

First entry from Nick Coombs:   “Geez you’d think the one thing an air India flight could do properly would be the taxi.”


Expect the unexpected.

April 26, 2012

Okay, about a month into the season who had the San Francisco Giants’ best starter being…. Barry Zito? Now okay, all you liars put your hands down.

President Obama says that Mitt Romney isn’t going to be able to suddenly say, ‘Everything I’ve said for the last six months, I didn’t mean.’ And Mitt is thinking “Wanna bet?”

Burger King, trying to differentiate themselves from their competitors, has vowed to use only cage-free chicken and pork in their food by 2017. Maybe they’d get more business if they promised to use those cages in their restaurants on some children.

Folks in Arkansas are still pretty upset about the Bobby Petrino scandal. I mean, what was their coach doing in a car kissing a pretty young thing? And she wasn’t even his relative.

And we wonder how lawyers get a bad reputation. In 2007 the Cosco Busan ship dumped over 50,000 gallons of oil into SF Bay after hitting the Bay Bridge. Attorneys for the owners are suing the Long’s (now CVS) pharmacy since they say it is partially their fault for giving the pilot his prescription medications.

The Supreme Court seems sympathetic to Arizona’s immigration law. “What does government mean if it doesn’t allow states to defend its borders,” said Justice Antonin Scalia. Hmm, does that mean California can defend ourselves against those who don’t like, for example, our medical marijuana laws?

The New York Yankees have come out with new team fragrances, for men and women. The perfect choice for those who want to smell like money.

Thanks to Marc Ragovin for this insight, “how ironic that a black man sent Tim Thomas packing.”

And really, coincidence, or karma being one smart b*tch? Boston Bruins star goalie Tim Thomas turned down a visit to the White House for what he said were political reasons. And the Washington Capitals’ Joel Ward, one of the few black players in the NHL,  scored the series winning goal.

Get out your hankies – Ann Romney in 1994, about her college years with Mitt:. “We were happy, studying hard. Neither one of us had a job, because Mitt had enough of an investment from stock that we could sell off a little at a time.” We “walked to class together, shared housekeeping, had a lot of pasta and tuna fish and learned hard lessons.”

Mississippi’s Governor said today that Democrats’ “one mission in life is to abort children.” Wait, what about destroying society by allowing gay marriage?

Back to sports: My latest little Top Ten readers list. (Since is still evaluating whether they want to bring the list back.) Looking for suggestions, now that he’s been suspended for that violent hit, and has some time on his hand, what’s your suggestion for a good new name for Metta World Peace?

Will post my favorites next Monday night.

Sarah Palin’s travels

September 24, 2008

This week Sarah Palin has been travelling with John McCain to Iowa, Michigan, Pennysylvania and New York.  Then after they visited the United Nations, Senator McCain took her down to Wall Street, so they could visit the state of Denial.

Wally Joyner resigned Tuesday as the San Diego hitting coach.  This came as a surprise to the team’s fans.  The Padres HAD a hitting coach?

Hard to believe, but kids who have become baseball fans in the 21st century think the Boston Red Sox are a dynasty and the New York Yankees are cursed.

Now that Chicago has clinched the NL Central: what’s the difference between a true Cubs fan and a bandwagon Cubs fan?

The bandwagon fan is already planning to wear a “Cubs World Series 2008” shirt, the true Cubs fan knows the shirt will say “Wait until next October.”

Weekend thoughts.

September 20, 2008

Earlier this year John McCain said  “The issue of economics is not something I’ve understood as well as I should.”

Well, I guess this means he is ready to be president.

The Boston Celtics visited President Bush this week.  Following in the footsteps in recent years of the Red Sox and the Patriots.    Proving that it’s not IMPOSSIBLE to get to the White House from Massachusetts.

What’s difference between a fan of free markets and a fan of big government?  About 900 points on the Dow.

The problem with a government bailout of an expensive mess is that it sets a precedent.  in fact, it probably won’t be long until unhappy citizens ask for a bailout of the Yankees. 

The Yankees say they will unveiled a really historic artifact from their past will be unveiled during a ceremony before Sunday’s final game.  Presumably a World Series ring?


Although the college football season is heading into its fourth week, universities on the quarter system finally start classes next week.   But at least football players at Stanford, Northwestern, Washington, and UCLA have had a taste of what it’s like to go to Florida State.