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Missed it by how much?

January 31, 2023

As a Saints fan, didn’t care that much about the AFC and NFC Championship games.

But no matter who you were rooting for, can we all agree that New Orleans fans have been right for years in saying NFL officiating really s*cks?

Washington Wizards beat the San Antonio Spurs in San Antonio for the first time since 1999. 1999?!! To give you an idea how long ago that was, in 1999 the GOP thought a President should be impeached over a consensual affair.

QB Stetson Bennett, who led Georgia to 2nd national championship, arrested this am in Dallas & charged with public intoxication. (Fortunately he wasn’t driving.) How drunk as a star athlete do you have to be to be arrested for public intoxication? Maybe cops were TCU fans.

It’s almost February, do we know where that “Republicans reading the Constitution on the House Floor” is yet?

And now Velveeta Voldemort is insulting Stormy Daniels and claiming he never had an affair. Has no one told him it’s not a good idea to insult and attack someone who can accurately describe your junk?

Richneck Elementary School, where a teacher was shot in early January by a 6-yr old boy, reopened Monday with metal detectors, 2 permanent school division security officers.. and clear backpacks. Clear backpacks in an elementary school?? It’s the guns, stupid.

Lakeland, Florida is the spring training home of the Detroit Tigers. And yet, when Lakeland started trending today not hard to guess it was because of yet another mass shooting. It’s the guns, stupid.

So really, who would apply for a job as an office staffer for George Santos? Maybe Washington DC or Long Island aspiring comedy writers?

Cancun Cruz wants FBI to search Hunter Biden’s homes after classified documents discovered inside Pres. Biden’s residence. I missed Ted’s demands for FBI to search homes of Ivanka Trump & Jared Kushner. We know Donald overruled security experts & gave them security clearance.

President Biden was in Baltimore today. He talked about bipartisan infrastructure law with funding to finally replace 150-year-old tunnel for trains between DC to Baltimore on Amtrak route from NY to DC. Media barely covered it. They prefer travel nightmares and train wrecks.

Dear Media: You told Hillary to go home and knit. And even belittled her when she was on her book tour. Think it’s time for you to tell the Former Guy to go home and golf. Or at least stop giving him more coverage than Joe Biden, who is our President! Thank you.

Russia has declared the news outlet Meduza an “undesirable organisation”, basically outlawing one of the country’s best-known and INDEPENDENT sources of news…


Old times.

January 30, 2023

So we have a former Athletics A’s Super Bowl

Philadelphia vs Kansas City.Look it up, youngsters.

#NFLRigged trending on social media probably not the hashtag the league wanted.

When it comes to the concept of NFL referees determining the outcome of conference championship game, Saints fans were early adopters. #WhoDat

Wherever he was today, if he were watching the SF 49ers game, Colin Kaepernick might be forgiven for laughing.

Steve Young has won three Super Bowls. And today he won Twitter.

“@SteveYoungQB Warming up in the parking lot, let me know.”

Looking at headlines, and social media, guessing more Americans know the name of the woman who lost the race for Governor of Arizona than the woman who won. This needs to change.

Katie Hobbs was the right choice for Arizona in 2022.

Today’s GOP has no problem telling many American seniors they may have to accept significant cuts in earned benefits like Social Security and Medicare. But GOP won’t ask billionaire and millionaire seniors to give up any of their tax cuts.

Apparently on Fox News today, Harmeet Dhillon, said Republicans’ refusal to embrace mail-in-voting laws is causing the party to lose. No wonder Dhillon lost race for party chair. She has what GOP now considers an antiquated notion that eligible Americans should be able to vote.

Megyn Kelly had the nerve to be upset about our FLOTUS being Dr. Jill Biden, because she thinks only “real MDs” should be doctors.

I missed Megyn’s outrage over Rand Paul, and Dr. Phil.

Not to mention the guy who DOES have an MD and said Trump was 6’3″ and 239 pounds.


An open question

January 29, 2023

Despite saying two weeks ago he was staying at Michigan, coach Jim Harbaugh still interviewed this week for the Denver Broncos head coaching job.

Now Harbaugh may well stay with the Wolverines. But if the program, now under NCAA investigation for recruiting violations, gets seriously sanctioned…. well…

Yes, if you look at replays from Celtics-Lakers game, it’s pretty clear Lebron James was fouled on a lay-up attempt in a tie game with 4 seconds left in regulation.

OTOH, the 23-27 Los Angeles Lakers, with 32 games left, are only two games out of a postseason spot. So maybe quite not as season-altering as some claim?

Republicans really hope right now Americans pay more attention to stories involving George Santos than they do those about Charles McGonigal.

Brian Sicknick sustained injuries on Jan 6 that probably caused his death. A rioter found guilty of assaultng Officer Sicknick was sentenced Friday to 80 months in prison.

Your reminder that Mark Zuckerberg and Meta see no risk in letting the man who incited that deadly insurrection back on Facebook.

Today, as footage of the attack on Paul Pelosi was released, RNC’s Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel at the party’s winter meeting: “Why are we in California? Because I just wanted to rub Nancy Pelosi’s face in it one more time.” When someone tells you are, believe them. #Deplorable

Transcript released from jail interview of the man accused of attacking Paul Pelosi’. “It originated w/ Hilary. But Pelosi ran the lie. Democratic party submitted fake evidence to spy on rival campaigns….yeah, Trump..until they were able to steal election.

GOP still pretends election deniers aren’t dangerous.

Has ANY right wing pundit or media type apologized after seeing the Paul Pelosi attack tape? I’ll wait.

Always been very fond of Jay Leno, 72, and I’m a big fan of not acting your age… But might be time for him to give up motorcyling riding.

Katharine McPhee, 38, has a 2 year old son with husband David Foster, 73. She says she wants another baby with Foster, but they are “not in any crazy rush.” So they’re waiting until they can buy baby-daddy diapers?

Imagine if there were no bodycam video, or pole-camm video, of the night police beat Tyre Nichols.

Almost as horrific as the beating is the fact that so many police officers and even EMTs stood around while Tyre Nichols lay critically injured on the ground and acted with less sympathy than if he were a wild animal run over by a car.

Tyre Nichols’ mom Rowvaughn before video released: “It’s going to be horrific, but I want each & every one of you to protest in peace. Don’t want us burning up our cities, tearing up streets; that’s not what my son stood for.” Protesters being peaceful should be a bigger story.

Weak end.

January 27, 2023

NFL conference championships this weekend. Has George Santos told us which team he’s playing on yet?

NBA has -announced teams and Captains for 2023 NBA All-Star Game next month in Salt Lake City.

The All-Star Game is entertaining but ultimately meaningless.

So with only 10 of 30 NBA teams eliminated from the playoffs after 82 game, so perhaps not that different from the NBA regular season?

All you need to know about today’s GOP is that they want people to work much harder to prove they are eligible to vote than for George Santos to prove he was eligible to be a member of Congress.

Hakeem Jeffries refers to GOP in the House as “Team Extreme” and I am so here for it.

Sadly, this could be Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s motto if he runs for President: “Guns are safe, books are dangerous.”

Not saying she should run again. But maybe Dianne Feinstein simply doesn’t like the idea of being officially a lame-duck Senator a year in advance.

And as a California voter, dreading the amount of money Democrats will spend battling each other for a safe Senate seat, I can’t say I blame her.

So as of now, Stanford graduates in the US Senate: Dianne Feinstein, (class of 55) Ron Wyden (71) Jeff Merkley, (79) Cory Booker, (91) Tina Smith, (80) and sigh.. Josh Hawley. (02) Adam Schiff (82) trying to keep the number steady.

The game’s the thing.

January 26, 2023

Nothing against Scott Rolen. But if he’s in the Baseball Hall of Fame, it’s not just Barry Bonds, but shouldn’t Jeff Kent be in there too?

SF 49ers have decided with defensive lineman Charles Omenihu’s arrest for misdemeanor domestic violence Monday, that they will let him play Sunday. Coach Shanahan “We feel very good letting the legal process take care of itself. And don’t feel we should kick him off our team at this time.”

Wonder if 49ers would feel the same way if Omenihu wasn’t a starter, and it wasn’t the NFC championship?

Really tired of hearing the parents of the Virginia six-year old who shot his teacher claim they had the gun secured safely at home. Clearly, they didn’t..

Banning books, banning AP African American History, attacking tenure…. DeSantis is now bragging Florida is “where woke goes to die.” What Ron means, he wants the state to be where public education goes to die.

Kevin McCarthy’s latest excuse for keeping George Santos and putting him on committees is “I believe in the rule of law. A person’s innocent until proven guilty.” Unless they’re a Democrat, then I’ll kick them off committees if I don’t like them.

If you’re looking for a party game this weekend one option might be to write down some of George Santos’s more outrageous lies, then make up some other statements, and see if your friends can tell the “true lies” from the fake ones.

Or maybe it’s time for “George Santos lies bingo.”

Regular open note to Republicans whining about the debt ceiling: If you didn’t say one word back when our debt was being increased by Trump tax cuts, please sit down and STFU.

Adam Schiff, Eric Swalwell & Ilhan Omar are not exactly ideological clones within Democratic party. But they are banding together in protest against Kevin McCarthy’s genuflecting before the extra MAGA GOP cult. Democrats have a big blue tent. GOP is running a circus tent.

Florida mom teaching at Christian school got Toni Morrison’s “The Bluest Eye”, removed from district’s classrooms & libraries. She was “shocked any adult would expose 15-year-olds”to book’s “explicit descriptions”- including incest. Guess she doesn’t let her kids read the Bible.

Many GOP are lying and saying President Biden needs to negotiate on debt ceiling. Your reminder; the debt ceiling is about bills already due, and isn’t open for negotiation. It’s like deciding to stop spending so much on a credit card, and start by refusing to pay your bills.

Kevin McCarthy finds time to send several more tweets today, including one praising an anti-choice march in DC. But still not a single tweet about 2 mass shootings in his own state of California. Once again four words “Pro life my a**.”

US is sending 31 Abrams tanks to Ukraine. Not extorting Ukraine.

It’s nice to have a President defending democracy. It’s nice to have a President.

Hall of …nice?

January 25, 2023

Nothing against Scott Rolen. But how many people bought tickets to a game just to see him play? As an SF Giants fan who visited other stadiums back in the day when Barry Bonds played, some booed, some cheered…but no one missed a Bonds at-bat. The Baseball Hall of Fame is a joke.

Taylor Swift is the queen of break-up songs.

Wonder what kind of a song she could write if Congress could break up the monopoly that is Ticketmaster?

Kevin McCarthy is only 57 years old. But if you had an elderly parent tell you he thought George Santos was more trustworthy than Eric Swalwell or Adam Schiff you’d call his doctor to request a serious mental evaluation.

Let’s be very clear. If George Santos were elected to a deep red district, Kevin McCarthy would tell Santos to resign. But because special election would probably elect a Democrat, George could shoot someone on 5th Avenue & not lose SINO’s (Speaker In Name Only) support.

So Josh Hawley, never missing opportunity to be a jerk, has introduced act to bar lawmakers from trading stocks and profiting while in office. (Good idea.) But he called it Pelosi Act. Because none of his fellow GOP Senators have made money in office?

Suspect in Half Moon Bay mass shooting apparently had threatened coworkers & employers including saying “I am going to kill you” to a former boss he allegedly tried to suffocate in 2013. But he still had no problem legally buying a gun. What is wrong with this country?

You’d think with catastrophic tornadoes hitting Houston, Ted Cruz would be focused on the wellbeing of those in his home town. You’d think wrong. He’s tweeting about FBI needing to search for more of Joe Biden’s documents and to search Hunter Biden too.

-There is no bottom.

While we’re looking for classified documents everywhere, what about the homes of “senior advisors” to Presidents, especially those who got their job over the objections of security staff. Starting with Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump.

Wonder if anyone has thought to ask Dick Cheney about documents. Or would Cheney say before anyone searches his home they have to go hunting with him first?

So who’s going to make money by printing the first bumper sticker? “Honk if your home doesn’t have classified documents.”

Sweet and nutty.

January 24, 2023

Most anticipated Super Bowl commercial this year is going to be M&Ms. And it won’t even be close.

:Seven times the Cowboys have advanced to the divisional round since their last Super Bowl title, 27 years ago. Seven times in that span, they’ve lost it.”

Can’t decide who I’m less upset about being upset by that fact: Jerry Jones or Ted Cruz?

Wonder who’s gonna pay George Santos’s legal bills?

Lawrence O’Donnell on Kevin McCarthy’s vendetta against Eric Swalwell, Adam Schiff and Ilhan Omar. “No speaker has ever reached so low to try to accomplish so little because he was incapable of accomplishing anything else.”

Stephen Colbert monologue tonight includes several snippets from Velveeta Voldemort’s cringeworthy eulogy for Diamond. Friend who hated Reagan nonetheless used to admire his folksy style – “he could speak at my funeral.” Pretty sure NO ONE wants Tr*mp to speak at their funeral.

Twitter now is offering a DISCOUNTED blue check. $7.00 a month instead of $8.00 if you prepay an entire year. Such a deal. #Sarcasm

And is anyone certain Muskrat will still be in charge in a year? Didn’t he offer to step down?

Since the media and House oversight committee chair want visitor logs for President Biden’s Delaware home, why aren’t they calling for visitor logs from Mar-A-Lago? And Trump Tower, and Bedminster…?

Kevin McCarthy has found time to tweet five times today, Mostly about House committees, once about school “choice” (ie vouchers for private schools.) Not once has the Speaker, from California, tweeted even vague words of sympathy for victims of two mass shootings in his state.

As some in GOP rush to blame “mental illness” for latest mass shootings by elderly men, 2 thoughts: 1. Pretty sure these guys wouldn’t have killed 18 people by throwing rocks or with knives. 2. Medicare already insufficient for many w/ mental illness & GOP wants to cut it more.

Now the death toll is at least 7 in Half Moon Bay…. apparently mostly Chinese and Mexican farmworkers. WTF is wrong with this country? It’s the guns, stupid.

And then there were four.

January 23, 2023

At this point rooting for an Eagles Bengals Super Bowl.

But I must confess that I love the idea of Cowboys fan Ted Cruz tears tonight.

Dak Prescott with the short passes very late in the game doing a great Kirk Cousins imitation.

Dallas and Dak Prescott signed a a four-year, $160 million contract in 2021, with $126 million guaranteed..

San Francisco and Brock Purdy signed a $4 year, $3,737,000 contract this year, with $77,008 guaranteed.

Just looked it up. Although we think of Joe Burrow as an LSU quarterback, he was born in Ames, Iowa, and lived in Iowa, North Dakota and Ohio until he transferred to LSU in 2018. He’s used to snow.

But CBS announcers saying the snowstorm in Buffalo means Bengals-Bills “looks like a playoff game.” More like it looks like they should be starting the Iditarod.

Kansas City Chiefs fans aren’t reviled as much as the Atlanta Braves fans for their Tomahawk Chop. But they should be.

Meanwhile after Saturday’s games. So on behalf of Vikings fans, have to ask…. how did this NY Giants team ever beat Minnesota?

Heard on NFL pre-game, “this is the first time since 2009 that divisional NFL playoff games have not had either Tom Brady nor Aaron Rodgers.” No punchline. I just like writing that.

Tony Dungy has now apologized twice for his cat litter tweet. As he should. But if Dungy is really sorry, he should take some time, perhaps between the conference championships and the Super Bowl, sit down with some LGTBQ youth, and listen.

Kevin McCarthy compares Congress raising the debt ceiling to a child with a credit card. Democrats REALLY need to debunk this lie: If you decide to get your finances in order you don’t start by refusing to pay the credit card bills you’ve already incurred. Period.

Also Kevin McCarthy is from Bakersfield, about a two hour drive from Monterey Park. And crickets about the mass shooting and lives lost last night. Is the “Speaker” not just afraid of his MAGA colleagues but also the GOP’s NRA overlords?

George Santos now says his drag photo is authentic: “I had fun at a festival.” Same GOP that wants to make drag shows illegal just shrugs. Logic has a liberal bias.

Suggestion for reporters when some Republican politicians and pundits rail against COVID vaccines. Ask a simple question first “Have YOU been vaccinated?”

Yes, President Biden as VP probably was too casual with a relatively small number of classified documents. But 34 (!) people admit printing out the drafts of leaked SCOTUS Dobbs decision, some more than one copy. Others say they don’t remember. And that was barely a one day story?

As much as it’s fun to trash George Santos, we need to remember Robert Zimmerman. Zimmerman’s a decent man who was a fine Democratic candidate in November against George Santos. Maybe more Democratic energy & effort then and Santos would be back in Brazil practicing his dance moves.

So if the media is going to make their number one obsession be classified documents, isn’t it about time someone calls for investigations of Jared and Ivanka’s residences? (Remember, the Former Guy had to overrule his own security advisors for them to have clearances.)

Prosecutors say Elizabeth Holmes booked 1-way ticket to Mexico scheduled to depart weeks after her fraud conviction. As travel agent now appalled by her stupidity. If plan was try to flee without arousing suspicion why didn’t she book roundtrip ticket & plan to no-show return?

Suspect in the Monterey Park, California mass shooting is dead from a self-inflicted gunshot. These murder-suicide a**holes always do things in the wrong order.

Two mass shootings last night in the headlines. Monterey Park and Baton Rouge.

Across the world no one needs to ask in which country this happened.

It’s the guns, stupid.

Good and bad bets?

January 21, 2023

At FedEx Field, Washington Commanders now have NFL’s first sportsbook inside a stadium. Fans can bet on a variety of sports, but not when Commanders are playing at home. Which means for forseeable future the new sportsbook should be a fine place to bet on NFL playoffs.

Gail Curley, the SCOTUS marshall who ran the investigation into the leaked Dobbs draft said “I did not believe it was necessary to ask the Justices to sign sworn affidavits.”

Forget SCOTUS’s marshall, this is a job for Benoit Blanc.

“Knives Out – The Glass Court?”

Two years since inaugural day 2021. And so many things are better with Biden in the White House. An underappreciated small thing is that we can all go to bed at night and then wake up in the morning without going “Now WTF did POTUS tweet?

With George Santos now on the House Science Space and Technology Committee, wlll committee chair Frank Lucas put Santos on the subcommittee for “Jew-ish Space Lasers?”

Headline from San Antonio Express-News “Mike Pence set for Cornerstone Church appearance The former vice president will attend the San Antonio megachurch’s Sunday service and is expected to talk about his faith and his recent book.” A book tour for Jesus!?!!!

MAGAs are losing their collective minds over Pink Floyd’s commemoration of 50th year of “Dark Side of the Moon,” which like original featured a rainbow. Does this mean they’ll call for boycott the next time a network airs “Wizard of Oz” if they don’t block Judy Garland’s song?

CNN reporting hospitality and leisure represents 11% of the US labor market and they’re still having trouble hiring. Yet another reason we NEED immigration reform.

Has any prominent Republican condemned the alleged shootings in Democratic politicians’ homes in New Mexico by failed GOP candidate and election denier Solomon Pena? I’ll wait.

Chris Wallace talking to Nancy Pelosi about Kevin McCarthy & speaker vote circus.

Nancy “It was sad.”

Wallace asked, “What would you have done if you didn’t have the votes.”

Nancy “I would have had the votes.”

Whoever said “never meet your heroes” was very wrong in this case. Amy Klobuchar was fantastic.

No playoffs for old men.

January 20, 2023

As we move to the 2nd round of the NFL playoffs, who’d have predicted the oldest QB still playing, by a few years, would be 29 years old?

(Dak Prescott.)

The parents of the six-year old who shot his teacher said in a statement that the gun he brought from home “was secured.” Uh, I’d say we have pretty emperical evidence that it wasn’t.

Open note to anyone who cares: “

The “Woke mob” didn’t get Kyle Rittenhouse’s appearance at Venetian hotel in Las Vegas canceled.

Management of the Venetian, even in Las Vegas, hardly the most “woke” place in the country figured they would lose more business than they gained by having him there.

GOP’s favorite – free market economics.

Kevin McCarthy has ended proxy voting in the House. “Effective immediately, Members of Congress have to show up to work if they want their vote to count.” This could put a crimp in GOP attendance at some future CPAC events.. #unintendedconsequences

SCOTUS announces it cannot identify who leaked the draft opinion overturning Roe v. Wade. Probable translation – if they’ve eliminated staff etc, it was a justice. Or maybe the wife of one.

SCOTUS has investigation of leaked draft Dobbs decision but doesn’t allow investigators to interview justices themselves. Kind of like if a billionaire invited a detective to solve a murder on his private island, but then said “you can interview everyone but me.”

Struck by how many have commented how it made their day when David Crosby liked or responded to one of their tweets.

Wonder if he knew how much it meant. For all the problems with the bird app, ability to connect, even briefly, with people we admire has been at times magical.

A day late…

January 20, 2023

Dodgers paying $32 million luxury tax this year, Mets, Phillies, Yankees, Padres & Red Sox will also pay. Together six teams will pay $78 million in luxury tax alone.

(More than payroll of at least few teams in 2023.)

And these are owners the GOP thinks need to keep tax cuts.

Ex-Colts coach Tony Dungy tweeted then later deleted the lie: “Some school districts putting litter boxes in bathrooms for students who identify as cats. Very important to address every student’s needs.” Is it wrong to say Dungy is a piece of something that goes in litter boxes?

Ron Deathsantis wants to eliminate COVID rules in the state, including forbidding businesses in Florida from requiring masks. This would presumably include businesses run by or employing immuno-compromised people, along with nursing homes. Four words again “Pro Life My A**

The latest allegation on George Santos – that he took $3k meant for a veteran and his dying dog. One of the scariest things: No one doubts this story could be true.

As we look ahead to 2024, a reminder, it’s going to be a tough Senate map for Democrats: Which means a heavy dose of pragmatism may be called for. Example, would never call myself a Kyrsten Sinema fan. But if she ends up running against Kari Lake.

Ron DeSantis claims that COVID & Mask Mandates are “medical authoritarianism.” Florida law requires that all school children receive vaccines protecting against diphtheria, tetanus, polio, measles, mumps, rubella, etc. Is Deathsantis going to ban those mandates too?

Wonder how many Republicans who are planning to vote against raising the debt ceiling could EXPLAIN the debt ceiling?

Old man take a look at my life…

January 18, 2023

Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, now Rafael Nadal… Clearly professional athletes are not respecting their elders.

At this point seems like only thing George Santos could do to get himself kicked out of Congress by GOP leadership is to say that he would have voted to impeach Donald Tr*mp.

Stephen Colbert on George Santos saying he hated looking at today’s youth “sitting on their behinds.. and acting like this is so hard.” “Yeah, you lazy youth, how many accomplishments did you make up today. 1, 2??? George Santos tells 10 lies before breakfast.”

Some in GOP want to impeach DHS Secretary Mayorkas for not solving immigration issues. As opposed to Former Guy, whose people did so well… John Kelly, Kirstjen Nielsen and Chad Wolf? Hint, if GOP & Trump had fixed problem, why was the border one of their top election issues?

Kevin McCarthy is comparing the United States of America defaulting on their debt and causing a global recession to a child overspending on their credit card

1. To quote Bugs Bunny, “what a maroon.”

2. I really miss Speaker Pelosi.

Some people never miss chance to be a jerk. Eric Swalwell tweeted to Ted Cruz “If the Dallas Cowboys beat the SF 49ers, I won’t tweet for the rest of January. If the 49ers win, you can’t tweet for the rest of January? How Texan are you, Ted? Deal??

Ted responded “How about Chinese dinner instead?

Eric should suggest Mexican food, or tequila shots.

So with Marjorie Three Names on House Homeland Security committee how long before she tries to impeach President Biden for not doing enough to protect us from Jewish Space Lasers?

The Republican accused of orchestrating the shootings at Democratic officials in New Mexico lost his state House challenge to incumbent Miguel Garcia – 5,679 to 2,033. And he’s been challenging the election results ever since. It’s a cult. A dangerous cult.

So yeah, no one should be casual with classified documents. But a simple question: But if President Biden were really trying to commit a crime by having documents at home or in his office, why would his OWN lawyers have alerted the Archives they had found them?



January 17, 2023

Gisele Bündchen might have been forgiven for giggling tonight.

For those of us who dislike both the Cowboys and Tom Brady, the only good thing about Dallas playing Tampa Bay Buccaneers in playoffs is that it’s a Monday night game so we had Rachel Maddow as an alternative.

After missing four extra points in a row, Cowboys place kicker Brett Maher made the 5th. 1 for 5 .200

My funny friend Dwight Perry says “If nothing else, Brett Maher has introduced the baseball term “Mendoza line” to the NFL.”

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh says he will return in 2023. Wonder if the roasting his brother John is getting in the press and from his own Ravens players has anything to do with that decision.

Look, I get that being competitive means never giving up, even when the game is out of reach. But Buccaneers WR Russell Gage was injured and unable to leave the field on his own after a tackle trying to catch a pass thrown by Tom Brady on a crossing rout into coverage with Dallas having a 25 point lead and less than three minutes left in 4th quarter. (Gage has a concussion and neck injury.)

Can’t imagine Brady really needs to pad stats for a future long term contract..

If Dr. Martin Luther King Jr were alive he’d only be 94 years old. I say only because 94 is younger than Chuck Grassley will be if he finishes his current Senate term.

Guess we should have known that if any state was crazy enough to try to ban electric cars it would be the state that decided Liz Cheney wasn’t conservative enough. #Wyoming

Rachel Maddow has breaking news tonight about shootings in December & January at homes of six New Mexico Democrats. Today suspect arrested. Solomon Pena, GOP nominee in 2022 for New Mexico state legislature seat. (He lost.) “Siri, tell me a story we won’t hear on Fox News.”

If ou don’t already know who Brian Schatz is.. (from Hawaii) or just don’t follow him yet, Senator Schatz is quite underrated. On negotiating on the debt ceiling with GOP: “In exchange for not crashing the United States economy, you get nothing. You don’t get a cookie.”

Donald Trump overruled experts to give Jared and Ivanka security clearances. So why isn’t anyone demanding THEIR residences be checked for classified documents.

Assume most GOP members of Congress aren’t asking George Santos to resign because they don’t want to lose a seat. But have to wonder if any of them don’t want to say he should resign because their own resumes might have “issues”?

Maybe it’s just me but seems like “US to hit debt limit this week, could default by June” should be a bigger story than if President Biden keeps visitor logs for anyone who visits his home in Delaware.

Weather or not

January 16, 2023

Game time was a balmy” 27 degrees and sunny for the Dolphins-Bills game today. Who’d a thunk Buffalo would have better January weather than soggy California?

Ravens lost by a TD against the Bengals when Baltimore back up QB Tyler Huntley’s goal line sneak attempt resulted in the the ball being knocked out of his hands and run back for a Cincinnati DE Sam Hubbard.

That play worked well over the years for the New Orleans Saints and Drew Brees.

Except not even Lamar Jackson is Drew Brees.

Know many great Minnesota Vikings fans.

But won’t miss anti-vaxxer Kirk Cousins in postseason. “If I get it, gonna ride it out, gonna let nature do its course. Survival-of-the-fittest kind of approach. If it knocks me out, it knocks me out. If I die, I die. Kind of have peace about that.”

Cousins has admitted to having COVID twice. When he threw a three yard pass on fourth and eight, will he blame COVID brain fog?

From Yahoo News, House does have ability to expel member with 2/3 majorty, but it’s more common for lawmakers to resign when facing such widespread condemnation. Uh, does anyone actually think George “No shame” Santos would resign for any reason?

Got to love how the same GOP leaders who have shrugged off Velveeta Voldemort’s taking classified documents to Mar-A-Lago (and who knows where else) have decided Biden’s documents are the crime of the century.

GOP Rep. James Comer, chair of House Oversight & Accountability Committee wants President Biden to release visitor logs from his Delaware residence. So then the Former Guy should release visitor logs from Mar-A-Lago too? Works for me.

New Republican game show. “Truth or No Consequences?”

If media really wants to “both sides” things on MLK day maybe some reporters should quote some of King’s less famous words to GOP politicians and ask what they think? This would be a good start. “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?”

Not over until it’s over.

January 15, 2023

One thing for sure – If either the Minnesota Vikings or the Jacksonville Jaguars are in the Super Bowl, NOBODY will turn the game off at halftime, no matter what the score.

Didn’t really care who won tonight’s Chargers Jaguars game but seeing former Jags coach Urban Meyer getting dragged all over Twitter is definitely making me a Jacksonsville fan.

There are four quarters in a football game – but Minnesota Vikings and now Jacksonville Jaguars are proving you sometimes only need to show up in the last two.

When networks introduce players and they name their colleges, with the new transfer portal rules some of these guys are going to need a few minutes.

(If they can remember all their colleges.)

Velveeta Voldemort fundraising email today “My phone call(s) to Georgia Officials were PERFECT, perhaps even more so than my PERFECT call to the President of Ukraine.” He keeps using that word “perfect,” I do not think it means what he thinks it means.

GOP trying to blame Pete Buttigieg for FAA & Southwest meltdowns

Can’t wait then for GOP to enthusiastically support Democratic efforts to increase funding for FAA to modernize their system,

and for more airline oversight, especially relating to mergers that reduce competition.

If GOP didn’t have the newly discovered classified documents to salivate however how would they be blaming President Biden for the avian flu which is jacking up egg prices?

And we’re now at the point where Republicans care less about women than they do about gas stoves.

A really big numbers game.

January 14, 2023

68,328 in the Alamodome tonight to see the Golden State Warriors vs the San Antonio Spurs. A new NBA record.

68.328? That’s probably the Oakland A’s attendance for a month.

Appparently Seahawks fans donated $20,000 to Lions’ charity after the Detroit Lions won last weekend ousted the Green Bay Packers. Of course, you don’t have to be a Seahawks fan to be thankful to the Lions we don’t have to watch Aaron Rodgers (and the announcers who salivate over him) any more this season.

Kevin McCarthy says “George Santos has a long way to go to earn trust.” That’s like saying Twinkies have a long way to go to become health food.

What does one do with $1.35 billion in Maine? Many fantasize about winning MegaMillions, I’m having a brief fantasy that Susan Collins won, she retires tomorrow, and Democratic Governor Janet Mills appoints her replacement.

NBA says officials made 7 incorrect calls during last 2 minutes & 2 overtimes of Dallas Mavericks -Los Angeles Lakers game yesterday night. 7 missed calls? We can top that this weekend – said NFL referees.

US could default on its debt limit next week, California is flooding, and Alabama was hit by deadly tornadoes. And media’s #1 story is admittedly “a small number” of Biden’s documents from his VP days?

So in one week of governing GOP House has gone from acting like election issues were inflation, crime and immigration to Hunter Biden’s laptop, gas stoves and protecting tax cheats.

Oh please oh please can someone with computer skills put together a video montage of Republicans clutching their pearls over Biden documents… and overlay Trump’s name in all their concerned statements?

Or, has anyone asked Republicans who have claimed Velveeta Voldemort deliberately taking classified documents home is a nothing burger – why they are acting like Joe Biden’s old VP documents are the crime of the century?

The Virginia school district where a 6-year old shot his teacher is putting metal detectors in all elementary schools. It’s the guns, stupid.

Back to back

January 13, 2023

When you forget to hit “publish.”

All these pundits predicting the NFL postseason. And somehow none of them has as Super Bowl MVP George Santos?

CNN commented that these classified document issues didn’t happen with either of the Bush Presidents or Obama. Two words “wanna bet?” Wonder if staff for W, Barack, Dick Cheney and Dan Quayle are doing a little frantic office and house cleaning right now?-

Well, at least Mike Pence probably doesn’t have any classified documents at his home. Velveeta Voldemort probably never even let Pence see them.

As many in GOP try to ban all “drag shows”- what’s next? Banning “Some Like it Hot?” – “Tootsie?” “Twelfth Night?”

As anti-vax crazies now claim Lisa Marie Presley’s cardiac arrest was caused by COVID vaccine, a responsible former & would-be future President would make a statement that the vaccine – which he took credit for – saves lives. The monster got too big for Dr. Frankenstein too..

Sadly due to the media’s love of train wrecks, guessing more people can name the loser of the Arizona gubernatorial race than can name the new governor of Arizona: Katie Hobbs won. That’s the tweet.

If we needed more proof that George Santos was unable to utter a sentence without lying, there’s this today: “I’ve lived an honest life.”

Dear aspiring investigative journalists: George Santos story is pretty low-hanging fruit right now. Want to make a name for yourself and help our country? Start looking into announced candidates for 2023 elections, and start early, especially for unknowns, in 2024.

After hours

January 13, 2023

RIP Charles White, USC’s 1979 Heisman trophy winner. Remember that USC was top-ranked when they came to play Stanford that year, and one of Stanford band tuba players, expecting a blowout like the rest of us, had taped on his tuba in big letters – “But we’re smarter.”

Somehow Stanford Cardinal managed to tie the Trojans that day -21-21.

After the game his tuba read “AND we’re smarter.”

Wonder if Scott Boras had been willing to be just a little patient and work with the SF Giants.

There’s a big difference between 6 years $200 million and 10 years $315 million

Happy for Minnesota Twins fans but how much did he lose Correa with his NY Mets – Cohen stunt?

Meanwhile Nelson Cruz, 42, has signed a one year contract with the San Diego Padres for $1 million. Could be a real bargain for the Padres, especially as Cruz’s health insurance will be covered by Medicare.

So when George Santos plays that party game “Two truths and a lie” how does he possibly come up with two truths?

Governor Tate Reeves says he is running for re-election and “wants Mississippi to join those nine states that have no income tax.”

As if residents of other states who rank low in various rankings don’t already say often enough “Thank God for Mississippi.”

The difference between George Santos and other politicians: Almost everyone lies about something. George Santos lies about almost everything.

CNN spending more time on documents found in Biden’s office from his VP days than almost any other story today, including floods in Calif, FAA meltdown & House GOP’s attacking abortion & other rights. Note to CNN, Fox News viewers won’t switch, and you’re losing other viewers.

Fine, have a special counsel for the Biden documents.

While special counsel Jack Smith continues to investigate Velveeta Voldemort.

Will make it even more obvious who has nothing to hide.

For my day job, I’m very busy travel agent who books a lot of airline travel.

Although sometimes I’ve had the question “why do people still book flights through a travel agent?”

Today was not one of those days.

Pending a physical?

January 11, 2023

And after a month of drama with Carlos Correa between the SF Giants and NY Mets, looks like the Minnesota Twins have swooped in and gotten a deal on the “as-is clearance” rack.

SF Giants indicated they were still interested in working something out with Carlos Correa after his physical, but Scott Boras didn’t wait & immediately made deal with Mets. Now Correa has 6 yr deal with Twins – how much money might Boras have cost his client by his impatience?

As the Carlos Correa saga continues, maybe it’s a shame Democrats didn’t demand that Kevin McCarthy be elected Speaker of the House “pending a physical.”

Fox News for some reason hasn’t covered the death of Diamond from Diamond and Silk, which was apparently from COVID. They have, however, found time to make it a top headline that Pete Buttigieg used a government jet last year for a last minute White House meeting.

Allen Weisselberg, former CFO of Trump Organization, sentenced to only 5 months in jail for tax fraud in exchange for his testimony against company. NY Times reports he’s on paid leave, still received his annual bonus & will receive severance package. And his boss still skates.

Virginia police say charges against parents of the 6-year old who shot his teacher with his mom’s gun are “certainly possible.” Good. The child needs help. The parents need accountability.

Joe Biden on classified documents his lawyers found cleaning out his Penn office: “They did what they should have done, immediately called archives & turned them over. Don’t know what’s in documents, we’re cooperating fully with the review.” An adult response. what a concept.

“Between when the news of classified documents found at the former Biden office broke and 11 p.m yesterday,, CNN spent 107 minutes on the story, trumping MSNBC’s 14 minutes and Fox News’ 29 minutes.”

Clickbait News Network

Sens. Patty Murray and Susan Collins, who will be chair & ranking member on Senate Appropriations Committee, today issued a joint statement pledging to work in a bipartisan fashion. And of course this won’t even make news cycle. While the circus in the House is nonstop headlines.

White Lotus creator Mike White confessed to drinking a lot at tonight’s Golden Globes so didn’t make much of a speech.

But most travel agents & hotel people know were hoping he might thank whoever in industry advised him on the show.. He put way too much truth in those clients for an amateur.

Is it too late to get Jennifer Coolidge to be at least a co-host for the Academy Awards?

Bon voyage.

January 10, 2023

So Aaron Judge returns to NY Yankees as a Captain, and SF Giants have lost their Captain, Brandon Belt to the Blue Jays. Forget about whether or not the team can make it to the posteason, this 2023 season is already feeling fun-challenged.

Unhappiest people who aren’t TCU alums and bettors with Monday’s College Football championship are advertisers who booked slots in the second half of the game.

Silver lining for the Super Bowl Champion LA Rams, who didn’t even make the playoffs this season, TCU made sure they were no longer the most embarrassing football story this year at So-Fi Field.

He didn’t do it for photo-op.

But just read in Ann Killion’s SF Chronicle sports article on Damar Hamlin that Biden quietly visited Hamlin’s family in Cincinnati when Joe was in town last week talking about bridge repairs.

Our President’s every verbal flub and every working weekend away from the White House makes major headlines. Why not this?

Meanwhile – WTAF? CNN chyron “WH defends Biden border visit that didn’t include seeing migrants.” Uh, the Former Guy NEVER met with migrants. He just demonized them. Do better, CNN

For anyone who thinks “maybe 6 yr-old kid didn’t REALLY mean to hurt his teacher.” Police – Responding officers found a school employee physically restraining the 6-yr-old in the classroom, child allegedly hit the school employee before police took him into custody.”

RIP Diamond of Trump-supporting vaccine-deniers Diamond and Silk, who had been ill with COVID. Will her death certificate read “Hoax?”

Rep. Anna Paulina Luna on Newsmax: “Barack Obama was also half white, but he was considered the first Black president.”

Do these Republicans actually READ? If so can i suggest Annette Gordon-Reed’s “The Hemings of Monticello?” Sally Hemings, the mother of some of Jefferson’s children was 3/4 white. But black enough to be a slave.

In 4 of the 6 years between 2015 and 2020, Velveeta Voldemort paid either $750 or ZERO in federal taxes. And you’re wondering why his GOP House cult members are trying to keep the IRS from getting additional funding….

And no, the additional funding is NOT to hire 87,000 more agents. But to modernize an aging system, replace retirees and for the agency to go after, not average Americans, but corporate and high-income after tax cheats?

Biden lawyers found 10-12 documents from VP days in locked safe, immediately notified National Archives & turned them over. Sure, that’s same as taking BOXES of Presidential documents to Mar-A-Lago & lying that they even existed until FBI found them w/ search warrant. #sarcasm

All you need to know about MAGA cult members: Many of them falsely claimed on social media Damar Hamlin’s heart attack was caused by COVID vaccine. Now they’re ignoring that Diamond, hospitalized in late Nov 2022 with COVID, probably died because she DIDN’T get vaccine.