A really big numbers game.

68,328 in the Alamodome tonight to see the Golden State Warriors vs the San Antonio Spurs. A new NBA record.

68.328? That’s probably the Oakland A’s attendance for a month.

Appparently Seahawks fans donated $20,000 to Lions’ charity after the Detroit Lions won last weekend ousted the Green Bay Packers. Of course, you don’t have to be a Seahawks fan to be thankful to the Lions we don’t have to watch Aaron Rodgers (and the announcers who salivate over him) any more this season.

Kevin McCarthy says “George Santos has a long way to go to earn trust.” That’s like saying Twinkies have a long way to go to become health food.

What does one do with $1.35 billion in Maine? Many fantasize about winning MegaMillions, I’m having a brief fantasy that Susan Collins won, she retires tomorrow, and Democratic Governor Janet Mills appoints her replacement.

NBA says officials made 7 incorrect calls during last 2 minutes & 2 overtimes of Dallas Mavericks -Los Angeles Lakers game yesterday night. 7 missed calls? We can top that this weekend – said NFL referees.

US could default on its debt limit next week, California is flooding, and Alabama was hit by deadly tornadoes. And media’s #1 story is admittedly “a small number” of Biden’s documents from his VP days?

So in one week of governing GOP House has gone from acting like election issues were inflation, crime and immigration to Hunter Biden’s laptop, gas stoves and protecting tax cheats.

Oh please oh please can someone with computer skills put together a video montage of Republicans clutching their pearls over Biden documents… and overlay Trump’s name in all their concerned statements?

Or, has anyone asked Republicans who have claimed Velveeta Voldemort deliberately taking classified documents home is a nothing burger – why they are acting like Joe Biden’s old VP documents are the crime of the century?

The Virginia school district where a 6-year old shot his teacher is putting metal detectors in all elementary schools. It’s the guns, stupid.

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