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When you forget to hit “publish.”

All these pundits predicting the NFL postseason. And somehow none of them has as Super Bowl MVP George Santos?

CNN commented that these classified document issues didn’t happen with either of the Bush Presidents or Obama. Two words “wanna bet?” Wonder if staff for W, Barack, Dick Cheney and Dan Quayle are doing a little frantic office and house cleaning right now?-

Well, at least Mike Pence probably doesn’t have any classified documents at his home. Velveeta Voldemort probably never even let Pence see them.

As many in GOP try to ban all “drag shows”- what’s next? Banning “Some Like it Hot?” – “Tootsie?” “Twelfth Night?”

As anti-vax crazies now claim Lisa Marie Presley’s cardiac arrest was caused by COVID vaccine, a responsible former & would-be future President would make a statement that the vaccine – which he took credit for – saves lives. The monster got too big for Dr. Frankenstein too..

Sadly due to the media’s love of train wrecks, guessing more people can name the loser of the Arizona gubernatorial race than can name the new governor of Arizona: Katie Hobbs won. That’s the tweet.

If we needed more proof that George Santos was unable to utter a sentence without lying, there’s this today: “I’ve lived an honest life.”

Dear aspiring investigative journalists: George Santos story is pretty low-hanging fruit right now. Want to make a name for yourself and help our country? Start looking into announced candidates for 2023 elections, and start early, especially for unknowns, in 2024.

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