Pending a physical?

And after a month of drama with Carlos Correa between the SF Giants and NY Mets, looks like the Minnesota Twins have swooped in and gotten a deal on the “as-is clearance” rack.

SF Giants indicated they were still interested in working something out with Carlos Correa after his physical, but Scott Boras didn’t wait & immediately made deal with Mets. Now Correa has 6 yr deal with Twins – how much money might Boras have cost his client by his impatience?

As the Carlos Correa saga continues, maybe it’s a shame Democrats didn’t demand that Kevin McCarthy be elected Speaker of the House “pending a physical.”

Fox News for some reason hasn’t covered the death of Diamond from Diamond and Silk, which was apparently from COVID. They have, however, found time to make it a top headline that Pete Buttigieg used a government jet last year for a last minute White House meeting.

Allen Weisselberg, former CFO of Trump Organization, sentenced to only 5 months in jail for tax fraud in exchange for his testimony against company. NY Times reports he’s on paid leave, still received his annual bonus & will receive severance package. And his boss still skates.

Virginia police say charges against parents of the 6-year old who shot his teacher with his mom’s gun are “certainly possible.” Good. The child needs help. The parents need accountability.

Joe Biden on classified documents his lawyers found cleaning out his Penn office: “They did what they should have done, immediately called archives & turned them over. Don’t know what’s in documents, we’re cooperating fully with the review.” An adult response. what a concept.

“Between when the news of classified documents found at the former Biden office broke and 11 p.m yesterday,, CNN spent 107 minutes on the story, trumping MSNBC’s 14 minutes and Fox News’ 29 minutes.”

Clickbait News Network

Sens. Patty Murray and Susan Collins, who will be chair & ranking member on Senate Appropriations Committee, today issued a joint statement pledging to work in a bipartisan fashion. And of course this won’t even make news cycle. While the circus in the House is nonstop headlines.

White Lotus creator Mike White confessed to drinking a lot at tonight’s Golden Globes so didn’t make much of a speech.

But most travel agents & hotel people know were hoping he might thank whoever in industry advised him on the show.. He put way too much truth in those clients for an amateur.

Is it too late to get Jennifer Coolidge to be at least a co-host for the Academy Awards?

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One Comment on “Pending a physical?”

  1. Marc L Ragovin Says:

    The Georgia Bulldogs winning the National Championship with quarterback Stetson Bennett is beginning to become old hat

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