Bon voyage.

So Aaron Judge returns to NY Yankees as a Captain, and SF Giants have lost their Captain, Brandon Belt to the Blue Jays. Forget about whether or not the team can make it to the posteason, this 2023 season is already feeling fun-challenged.

Unhappiest people who aren’t TCU alums and bettors with Monday’s College Football championship are advertisers who booked slots in the second half of the game.

Silver lining for the Super Bowl Champion LA Rams, who didn’t even make the playoffs this season, TCU made sure they were no longer the most embarrassing football story this year at So-Fi Field.

He didn’t do it for photo-op.

But just read in Ann Killion’s SF Chronicle sports article on Damar Hamlin that Biden quietly visited Hamlin’s family in Cincinnati when Joe was in town last week talking about bridge repairs.

Our President’s every verbal flub and every working weekend away from the White House makes major headlines. Why not this?

Meanwhile – WTAF? CNN chyron “WH defends Biden border visit that didn’t include seeing migrants.” Uh, the Former Guy NEVER met with migrants. He just demonized them. Do better, CNN

For anyone who thinks “maybe 6 yr-old kid didn’t REALLY mean to hurt his teacher.” Police – Responding officers found a school employee physically restraining the 6-yr-old in the classroom, child allegedly hit the school employee before police took him into custody.”

RIP Diamond of Trump-supporting vaccine-deniers Diamond and Silk, who had been ill with COVID. Will her death certificate read “Hoax?”

Rep. Anna Paulina Luna on Newsmax: “Barack Obama was also half white, but he was considered the first Black president.”

Do these Republicans actually READ? If so can i suggest Annette Gordon-Reed’s “The Hemings of Monticello?” Sally Hemings, the mother of some of Jefferson’s children was 3/4 white. But black enough to be a slave.

In 4 of the 6 years between 2015 and 2020, Velveeta Voldemort paid either $750 or ZERO in federal taxes. And you’re wondering why his GOP House cult members are trying to keep the IRS from getting additional funding….

And no, the additional funding is NOT to hire 87,000 more agents. But to modernize an aging system, replace retirees and for the agency to go after, not average Americans, but corporate and high-income after tax cheats?

Biden lawyers found 10-12 documents from VP days in locked safe, immediately notified National Archives & turned them over. Sure, that’s same as taking BOXES of Presidential documents to Mar-A-Lago & lying that they even existed until FBI found them w/ search warrant. #sarcasm

All you need to know about MAGA cult members: Many of them falsely claimed on social media Damar Hamlin’s heart attack was caused by COVID vaccine. Now they’re ignoring that Diamond, hospitalized in late Nov 2022 with COVID, probably died because she DIDN’T get vaccine.

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